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I've noticed it a lot that anti-Islam people and extremist Muslims have basically the same, singular interpretation of the Quran. And each side uses the other to prove that their side is under attack. Extremists need extremists.

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And they are both equally autistic.

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Excellent article. The last link about abrogation was really enlightening.


The concept abrogation has never sat right with me, and the explanations in the link above makes perfect sense. Are there counterpoints to this?

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    That explains the downvotes...

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    Are there any articles or books that dispute abrogation, while not being progressive-y. The concept has always troubled me a bit.

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    Same, this is the first time I've read something on the subject that makes sense to me. Was wondering if there was more on the subject that rebuts this article.

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    Yes... I agree. Apart from being a gift-horse to anyone who wants to rewrite whatever they want there's a deeper theological problem: If abrogation was in fact something that Allah permits then from the pov of a believer then how does he know that at some future point some other 'abrogation' could occur?

    Someone could claim to be a prophet for example with a new book which abrogates Qur'an and/or the promise that Muhammad is the last prophet. I don't think we would be exposed to such confusion. It's kind of the point of right guidance really.

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    Abrogation ended when the revelation to Muhammad (SAW) ended

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    Well, the article explains that the verse about abrogation referring to the Quran and the Bible. I would assume this type of abrogation ends with the prophet, as the other brother mentioned.

    What troubles me more is verses of the Quran abrogating other verses, which doesn't completely make sense to me. This article does a great job explaining what is meant by abrogation, and that it does not apply within the Quran, but are there any rebuttals to this that we should be aware of?