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The Rising Tide in Germany of Islamophobia and Anti-Immigration Views


As IBTimes reported The Bavaria’s ruling party, Christian Social Union (CSU),  has put forward a proposal saying that immigrants should speak German not only in public but in the home as well.

The draft law has sparked outrage with dozens taking to social media to voice their dissent. Twitter users are commenting on the issue using the hashtag #YallaCSU. Yalla is an Arabic word that can be translated as “let’s go” and “hurry up”.” writes Ludovica Iaccino.

In German City Rich With History and Tragedy, Tide Rises Against Immigration


More refugees are seeking asylum in Germany than in any other country, straining Germans’ tolerance for foreigners and taxing the government’s ability to find housing for them.

DRESDEN, Germany — As it does every Advent, this history-laden city has erected the gift stalls, the glühwein stands and the Ferris wheel of Germany’s oldest Christmas market, around the Frauenkirche, the 18th-century church that was magnificently rebuilt after the Allies’ catastrophic bombing in 1945. But this year, there is tension behind the seasonal jollity.

For the past seven Mondays, people have taken up the battle cry of East Germans protesting their Communist government 25 years ago — “Wir sind das Volk!� (“We are the people!�) — and fashioned it into a lament about being overlooked by political leaders of the present.

Dresden’s demonstrators, echoing the populist fears coursing around Europe, are a motley mix of far right-wingers in the National Democratic Party, or N.P.D., young hooligans and ordinary folk who feel ignored as foreigners pour into Germany — at least 200,000 this year alone — seeking jobs or asylum.

Ahmad Mahayni, a Syrian refugee, had to leave his exiled family in Jordan in August so that he could fly to Berlin to seek asylum.

First hundreds, now thousands have responded to the summons from a previously unknown activist, Lutz Bachmann, 41, and an organization called Pegida, a German acronym for a title that translates roughly as Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West.
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On Monday, a record 7,500 showed up despite teeth-chattering cold, for an hour long march through Dresden’s center, a mix of grim Socialist architecture and gems of the pre-1945 past. National flags were flown. One placard said, “We miss our country,� while another demanded, “Protection of the Heimat,� or homeland, “not Islamization.�

Carefully kept at shouting distance by the police, several hundred opponents yelled their disagreement. “Refugees are welcome here!� they chanted in English before blocking the Pegida crowd from reaching Dresden’s famed Theater Square, bordered by the beautiful Semperoper opera house and the Zwinger museum, home to one of the finest European art collections.

Despite its rich culture and its present-day prosperity, Dresden is no stranger to right-wingers or hatred of foreigners. But as dissatisfaction simmers throughout Europe over the arrival of migrants, events in this city of 530,000 people have come as a surprise.

“They are clearly Nazis,� said Kathi Wetzel, 50, when asked at her food stall about the demonstrators, though, she added, the marches also swept up “simple hangers-on who don’t really know why they are going along.�

Martin Landseck, 32, pouring beer at another stand, took a far less definite attitude. “Let’s wait and see,� he said, about which side has the better case.

Clearly, Pegida has touched a nerve. In Germany, where the economy is still growing and more people have jobs than ever before, no equivalent has emerged to France’s Marine LePen and her populist National Front, and no leaders have ridden discontent to power like Prime Minister Victor Orban in Hungary.

The Islamization evoked by Pegida is hardly imminent, with only about 2 percent of the population in the Saxony region foreign, and only a fraction of those Muslim.

But right-wingers and soccer hooligans banded together in Cologne this fall and overran police officers in violent protests they said were aimed at Islamic extremism. Dresden is almost the anti-Cologne — determinedly antiviolent and careful in its fliers and patriotic placards to stay on the right side of laws banning hate speech — yet focused on many of the same targets.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Statement by German Islamophobes (in:; comment no. 13)
    “I can understand, tolerate, accept or ignore a faith that is not mine. But to expect of me that I take it as positive is the expectancy of conversion, of mission. A questionable position.”
    Maybe so. My answer is: I do not demand of anybody that he becomes like me. However they do demand of me to become like them.
    I demand that I be treated with respect. I do not demand to be loved for what I am. If I come across an enemy of Islam, on the street, in a theater or a shop, as long as he behaves himself and treats and addresses me with the same respect, no more and no less, with which he himself demands that other people address him, I have no right to slap his face, exactly as little as he has the right to slap mine.
    But who thinks that he can just walk all over me because I am what I am, who refuses to listen to reason and to let go of his preconceived notions when addressing me, I would like to beat him into the ground. If there is one thing I regret it’s that I’m not 210 cm tall and 1 meter across my shoulders, and not slightly built with it but with arms like most other peoples’ legs, hands the size of dustbin covers, 120 kilograms all solid muscle, with the fourth Dan in Karate and a master’s degree in dirty fighting, a big stick (with a concealed blade in it), a Fairbairn-Sykes dagger, a .44 Magnum and/or a 12-gauge shotgun with me all the time. Not that I’d like to intimidate anyone but as Will Rogers said of the heavyweight world champion of his time, “I’ve never seen anybody ever insult Jack Dempsey.”

    Second part:
    “Who tries to equalize the situation of Muslims in Europe with the suffering of millions of Jews in Europe even before the Holocaust, trivializes and disparages the antisemitism of the 19th and 20th centuries and in the end relativizes the Holocaust, and insults its victims.”
    That’s the most unfair and evil diversionary lie i’ve ever heard. So if I say the Serbs committed genocide against the Bosniaks I’m trivializing the Holocaust and insulting the victims of Nazism, eh? In other words, what the Serbs did to the Bosniaks in WWII and again 50 years later is really nothing, eh??? So the Jews and the Serbs, and the Armenians have a monopoly of victimization, while the Balkan Muslims who were murdered and expelled after 1804, in the Balkan Wars of 1912-13, by the communist Todor Zivkov regime of Bulgaria and in the Bosnian War, the Rohingya who are being treated already as bad by the Burmese as the Jews were by the Nazis (OK, no gas chambers but as in Rwanda, clubs, knives, handguns, broken bottles suffice as weapons of mass murder and genocide), that they had it all coming and are only themselves to blame, and if one calls what was done to them genocide one is disparaging the victims of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide, eh? Even though in all those cases it was the same thing?!? Really, I’d love to give anybody who tells me such bullcrap the thrashing of a lifetime!!! One that would make the worst beating he ever got before seem like a loving girl’s caresses in comparison!

    Third part:
    Another thing I absolutely hate is when somebody says “I have nothing against foreigners(or Muslims, or Bosniaks) but…” or “the crimes committed against Bosniaks were terrible, but…” There is no “But” in such things. Either you are for genocide or against it. Who says “but…” in this context can only be described as genocidal. Because there are no mitigating circumstances about genocide. Just like there isn’t “a bit pregnant”. True, there were horrible crimes committed by Serbns against Bosniaks, however these are no mitigation nor exoneration for the extermination of Bosniaks planned in advance by the Serb leadership to appropriate those Bosniaks’ belongings and their land. The Bosniaks never did commit genocide against the Serbs, even if the Serbs constantly keep invoking the Jasenovac concentration camp, or what the Ottomans did ceto Serbs centuries past as a justification. There were more Bosniak inmates than Bosniak guards in Jasenovac. A lot of the Ottoman soldiers in both sieges of Vienna were Orthodox, and they even had their priests along to bless them before battle. And the Serbofascists know this full well but conveniently sweep it under the rug because the truth doesn’t serve them. They also call the Bosniaks “islamicized Serbs/converts” and “Turks” at their convenience.
    I also hate it beyond words when the islamophobes pretend that their genocidal hate speech against Muslims is just quaint “Criticism of Islam!”
    Generally I do not approve of the anti-Muslim cartoons which somehow remind me of the antisemitic cartoons in “Der Stürmer”. Even so, killing those French cartoonists is NOT justifiable, it’s as evil an act as anything the cetniks did. Actually one of those cartoons is very good. It depicts that the IS fiends (who are not a bit better than the cetniks) would not even respect our Prophet saws if it pleased Allah swt to resurrect him so that he might try to reason with such people. Only for this one drawing I could forgive the man who did it all his other drawings which may be construed as offensive to Muslims, and if he is among the ones killed yesterday, yes, then I grieve for him.
    Besides that, the enemies of Islam have insulted our Prophet for centuries, and Muslims of past times seem to have just shrugged it off. What can one expect of his enemies? During WWII the Americans published very offensive, downright racist cartoons about the Japanese, and likewise did the Germans about their enemies and no doubt the Japanese too. The cartoons of WWI (of all sides) too were anything but nice. And today? What do they matter today? Nothing. Just historic interest. Not only that, there are some very offensive ccartoons about Muslims around from the 1970s or earlier and ther never was such an outrage. So what? Who cares about them today?
    OK there have been so far no conspicuous acts of violence against Muslims in Germany as a consequence of the so-called Pegida “Movement” (in German, “Bewegung”; note that this is already Nazi vocabulary). But they have shouted “Deutschland erwache!” (Awake Germany). The Nazis used the very same words.
    Also: When I talk about Christians doing evil things to Muslims and considering themselves as true and good Christiands, they could not be more wrong. Whoever thinks that it is a good Christian and meritorious act to rape, murder, rob, expel Muslims and to destroy their places of worship or their houses is actually NOT a good Christian but a servant of Satan. Even during the Bosnian War there were quite a few Bosnian Serbs who stood by their Bosniak friends, who even gave their LIVES for their Bosniak friends. They did that not out of “Dhimmitude” but because it was the right thing to do and because that is what the Messiah pbuh taught them. Those are true Christians, I see them as my brothers and sisters, and they merit my respect, from the bottom of my heart.
    And I’m looking forward to the usual anti-Muslim / anti-Bosniak trolls and neighborhood bullies’ disparaging and insulting comments. Disparaging to the Muslims in general, to the Bosniak people, to my person. Shove them where they belong. The more I hear of genocidal anti-Bosniak hate speech the more I am convinced that people who hold such convictions do not merit to walk this earth. There can be no peace with them, they refuse to listen to reason, to accept peaceful coexistence, to unclench their fist when one tries to shake their hand. They have forfeited all their rights, resigned from the human race, their abode is Hell, and it is the duty of every decent human being to send them there as fast as possible. But like I have said countless times before (but they keep ignoring it) this does not refer to Serbs, or Christians, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists or whatever, in general. I’m only deeply mistrustful of atheists (the Communists are that, after all) but as long as they respect me I will respect them. Of course they aren’t willing to do that, and look down on me instead. But if they step over the line with me then they will have only themselves to blame for the consequences.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    It’s in any case good to know that this, ah, initiative seems to have met with little echo elsewhere in Germany. It’s still better to know that the German Jewish Council is backing the Muslims. Which is as it should be, as there are Zionists and there are Jews, and both are not necessarily the same; for the Muslims and Jews got along with each other quite fine most of the time and it’s good that sometimes they do; It shows they can; when they realize that the other ones aren’t going away, people learn to respect each other; and that’s how it should be. Makes me wish the same for other parts of he world too.
    But with the declared enemies of my people that’s absolutely impossible.

    I find it so totally unfair that people take out their fears about employment, social security and so on being at risk not on those who are resposible for it but on those who can’t defend themselves.
    It’s the same fears that made it possibe for the Nazis to grab power in Germany in the first place, it’s the same fears that made teh Serbs in Bosia attack their Bosniak neighbors, it’s the same everywhere else, and people seem to have leaned nothing from history. So, even though right now this, ah, novement may seem rather small and insignificant (after all it has had success only in one city and even there almost as many people show themselves to be against it) but watch out nevertheless.

  • Trimmercastle42

    Man loosen that tin-foil hat, its blocking the oxygen to your brain (or whats left of it)

  • Trimmercastle42

    “Does your superior western education not teach you about such things?”

    I doubt he even completed his education, racists and white nationalist hate education since it goes against their ideals.

  • Tighe McCandless

    “And then this website, being the pathetic echo-chamber that it is, will applaud you for saying that and repeat it over and over again until your ears rupture from the thundering sound of your own applause.”

    Then you surely must like the sound of the echo, because otherwise, I can’t imagine why you’d bother posting here.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    They were being sarcastic, you turd. Does your superior western education not teach you about such things?

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    Your societies were made richer, “freer”, “fairer” and more peaceful on mostly the blood, sweat and tears of the ancestors of the migrants in question. Never forget that. You can shove your head up your backside as much as you want but it won’t change much.

  • OldBoris

    That’s what I said. They come because their own countries, rightfully guided by Allah, are sickening hellholes with infant mortality rates that are through the roof, rebel factions tearing parts of the country apart, a government that has all of its political opponents skillfully removed from public life and a population that isn’t nearly as healthy, wealthy or free as any European.

    Our civilization is superior, and so they seek to come and enjoy its benefits.

  • OldBoris

    This is why arguing with Muslims is extremely difficult. I never once said that it was a conspiracy, and yet you people will deliberately misrepresent my point of view to make it seem as though I did say something like that. And then this website, being the pathetic echo-chamber that it is, will applaud you for saying that and repeat it over and over again until your ears rupture from the thundering sound of your own applause.

    Deus Vult.

  • OldBoris

    The most beautiful works of art in the world can be destroyed if you simply smear human excrement all over them. Quantity is not quality, and to be overwhelmed by a vast quantity of migrants does not make our society inferior. If anything, it makes our society superior, because people who don’t like western freedoms and hate our cultures still want to come here because they see that our society is richer, freer, fairer and more peaceful than their own.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    If a culture, religion and the existence of a people is threatened by not only uneducated but also unintelligent men then was does that tell you about the culture, religion and people in question? Let them be eradicated. Clearly, they’re not worth much.

  • Trimmercastle42
  • Friend of Bosnia

    A 100% lunatic.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Unfortunately we are all descendants of Cain.
    It is not noted whether Abel had any children who survived him. Therefore it is a safe assumption.
    Now on the other hand I believe that man is born good. It’s society that turns him evil. Some more, some less so.
    I reject the Christian notion of the “Lamb of God that taketh away the world’s sins”. In other words, that Man is redeemed of his sins through baptism, is therefore born evil and made good no matter what he does. Back when I was a kid I was taught that and I remember thinking “what nonsense. There is so much evil in the world, and Jesus is not taking away any of it.”
    Over time I came to the conclusion that people who see themselves as good Christians yet commit horrible atrocities and crimes do so with the conviction that God has already pardoned them through the crucification of Christ (alleged) and/or that it’s all right to murder, rape and rob “enemies of the faith” as it was all right during the crusades, the Reconquista and the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
    Now if someone asks me what a good Christian is then, I can only say “What did the Messiah, peace be upon him, teach you all with the parable of the Good Samaritan?” That’s a good Christian for me. needless to say also a good Muslim.

    Unfortunately in this world evil outweighs good. Otherwise such an abomination and aberration as IS can’t be explained.
    Of course I have never said that Muslims hare perfect or that they are all good. But it is zeitgeist approved to single them out and make them collectively responsible for all the evils in the world. That is collectivism and I am 100% against that. And every decent human being should be too. Who does not reject collectivism can only be evil.
    On the other hand, only a small peoporton of people are true fascists, genocidals, Nazis. But in the Third Reich, among the Serbs, among the Hutu, that small proportion was enough.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Because some conservative politicians are just plain stupid or at least lazy thinkers.

  • sasboy

    I have always had a very poor opinion of German attitudes and treatments of minorities, immigrants and other nationalities in general.

    This article confirms that opinion is warranted.

    As for the proposed law requiring immigrants to speak German while they are at home, it goes to show the country has not progressed since the days of the anti Jewish laws of the 1930s.

  • mindy1 if people can stop fighting in the middle of a war, why not now? :((

  • mindy1

    That Navy man did not take his oath seriously at all.

  • mindy1

    argh >:(

  • JD

    (CAIR-WA) will hold a news conference to call on state and federal
    law enforcement authorities to investigate an attack on a Muslim taxi
    driver in Seattle as a hate crime.

    The driver, who is an American Muslim of Somali heritage, says
    he was punched repeatedly in the face while driving, causing him
    to lose consciousness and hit two parked cars and crash into an
    apartment building. A local television station says 26-year old Jesse
    Fleming, a member of the U.S. Navy who is stationed in Everett and who
    was one of the three alleged perpetrators, reportedly called the Muslim
    driver a “terrorist.”

  • JD

    U.S. citizen indicted in Israel on weapons charges

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – A U.S. citizen has been indicted in Israel on weapons charges and told investigators he had been weighing the possibility of attacking Muslim holy sites, the Israeli domestic security service Shin Bet said on

    The man’s lawyer told reporters that the Shin Bet was exaggerating the
    security implications of the case, which coincides with high Arab-Jewish
    tensions in Jerusalem over access to a holy site where the al-Aqsa
    mosque now stands and biblical Jewish temples once stood.

    The Israeli
    authorities said an undercover police agent discovered the alleged plot
    and that ammunition and weapons material stolen from the army were found
    in Livvix’s possession.

    A gag order on details of the case, being heard in a court in
    the central Israeli city of Netanya, was lifted on Tuesday.

    “Under questioning, Livvix admitted … he had weighed
    various ideas about committing terrorist attacks at different venues and
    even gave preliminary thought to the possibility of attacking venues
    (of) Islamic holy places in Israel,” the Shin Bet said, without
    identifying them.

    The Justice Ministry said the court has ordered Livvix to undergo a
    psychiatric examination prior to entering a plea.

    Israeli authorities said Livvix is a Christian and that he
    arrived in the region in 2013, living first in the Palestinian cities
    of Hebron and Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank and then residing
    illegally in Israel.

    Livvix’s lawyer could not be reached for further comment.

  • Heinz Catsup

    I can understand them wanting them (the immigrants) to learn & speak German &/or any language which happens to be the main one of the land you immigrate to for usage in public & strongly feel that it should be a requirement but why should they be forced to speak it in the comfort of their own homes?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    What a shame! Just a few days ago, there was a survey that shows that immigrants in Germany have paid more into the social security and welfare than they have received from them.Yet the evil stupid wilful islamophobic ignoramuses still claim that “immigrants want to take our jobs and profit of our social security”. And amear all Muslims as “terrorists, backwards, violent”: The worst kind are those who smear ME as primitive and violent because they KNOW that I actually support liberal and humanist values, that I strive to be humane and just. But of course, the truth does not serve them; it’s the same kind of people who smear the late Alika Izetbegovic as “islamist and Nazi”.
    I have knowledge of many immigrants, Turks, Bosniaks, Moroccans, Algerians, etc. who have prospered in Germany, Britain, Canada, Australia. Who have built ub businesses and given other people work, who pay taxes, who contribute to their communities and have become inextricable parts of the communities they live in.
    My own daughter is, except by her name and her looks, indistinguishable from her classmates, and as far as I know, nobody has yet posed her the very offensive question they always ask children of immigrants, “where do you come from?”
    And where is there more xenophobia? In places where there are few foreigners, hence in Dresden more than in Berlin, in Thuringia more than in the Ruhr. Poor benighted stupid ignoramuses.
    I don’t suffer fools gladly. That’s why I find comments by islamophobes who come here tro offend, infuriate and provoke, particularly offensive and insulting. Such fools deserve to be slappped in the face, kicked in the behind, dumped on the street, for their evil and stupidity like that guy “zoroaster”. All he ever did was infuriate me and then whine that I might turn “violent” against him and he’d have me indicted. That poor stupid evil clown, what a puerile, infantile, childish thing to attempt. I generally try to stay away from such types, but if I had the misfortune of coming across him in the real world he could indeed try to do that, but live to see it and to derive any pleasure from it, I have my doubts.

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