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China bans wearing burqa in biggest Muslim city


China continues to link Islamic practices to political violence, specifically targeting Muslim Uyghurs in an attempt to control and subjugate the populace in resource rich Xinjiang.

China bans wearing burqa in biggest Muslim city

Beijing (CNN)Legislators in China’s far-western Xinjiang province have passed a law to prohibit residents from wearing burqas in public, state media reported, in a continued campaign against what authorities view as religious extremism.

The new ban in Urumqi was approved by local legislators last month, and given the greenlight by the regional legislature at the weekend.

The ordinance name suggests it targets outer garments covering someone’s full body including the face, which is called a burqa in some Islamic traditions.

A spate of recent violent incidents has rocked Xinjiang, a resource-rich region long inhabited by the Turkic-speaking, largely Muslim Uyghurs.

The arrival of waves of Han Chinese, the country’s predominant ethnic group, over the past decades has fueled ethnic tensions.

Chinese officials have blamed the recent attacks on Uyghur separatists — whom they also label “religious extremists” seeking to establish an independent state.

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Al Jazeera Stream did a realy good show on the recent tension with Uyghurs in China.

What’s at the heart of mounting tensions between the Chinese government and ethnic Uyghurs?

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