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Stop the Islamization of Germany: AKA The Doner Kebab Threat to Judeo-Christian Values

Angela Merkel joined a rally to show solidarity against anti-Mooslamic-Islamization freedom fighters, PEGIDA–I wonder why?


via. CBS News, By Mark Phillips

DRESDEN, Germany — Long before the terror attacks in Paris, anti-Muslim prejudice was on the rise in Europe. It was underscored Thursday during an anti-Islamic rally in Dresden, Germany.

“We are the people,” they chant. But this isn’t a chant about a society being united. This is a chant of exclusion.

They’re part of a movement protesting what they see as the threat to German culture from rising numbers of Muslim immigrants to their country. Chancellor Angela Merkel may have said Islam is part of Germany now, but not to these people.

They point to the events in France as justification. Felix Menzel runs a right-wing magazine that supports the anti-immigrant cause.

“Is there an ‘I told you so’ quality to this?” I asked.

“Yes that’s the scenario that they spoke about in the last weeks,” Menzel answered.

The weekly demonstrations have grown over the past months from a few hundred to somewhere around 20,000. But so has opposition to them. Other demonstrators tried to block the path of the anti-immigrant marchers, saying Germany should welcome Muslim refugees.

“Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here,” they chanted. But the marchers simply moved around them.

There were calls for this demonstration to be cancelled out of deference to the victims in France and to let passions cool. But it went ahead anyway and it was big.

Werner Patzelt of Dresden University says the marchers’ sentiments are misguided.

“They stir up un-delicious opinions and feelings,” Patzelt told me. “Ugly is maybe the proper expression for what can be seen and felt.”

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Did someone say PEGIDA stirs up “un-delicious opinions and feelings”? They are only defending Western values! Islamization means delicious feelings from donor kebab and we can’t have that, no, we just cannot have delicious feelings!

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    As I see it, Germany still looks very much like Germany to me; the towns and the landscapes look the same, they still celebrate the same feasts, in part hear the same music, go the same places, eat the same foods, all that which I have seen long ago when I was little, 30 and 20 years ago, and today. That includes dining or having lunch Turkish style as well, and there are places in town that have a little bit of the atmosphere in Turkey. It’s been like that all my life, the times I’ve been there.
    In any case I think it will surely take more than 100 years for Muslims to become a siuzable plurality or even the majority; refugees from the war in Syria or Afghanistsn notwithstanding, because compared to the autochthonous population their numbers are rather small.
    The second generation descendants of immigrants aren’t having more children than the average German family either. I have calculated that in fact it may take several centuries for a majority of people in Germany to be Muslims. And who knows what a country, not to say the world, will look in several centuries. Better still, who cares?
    The Germans aren’t dying out anyway. the Japanese have more to worry about. And even so, I have seen Japanese emigrants in Latin America. They sure don’t have the same lifestyle as back home but those I could see were doing very well.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    It may seem out of context but for some reason I was reminded of an old Jewish anecdote that I have adapted a little. I would like to share it with you. It goes like this:

    A Bosniak hodža was once travelling on a train. At one station a Bosnian Serb Orthodox priest comes into his compartment and sits opposite to him. The journey is long and boring (these are not the fastest trains around, you know) and as there’s nobody else around they start talking. At one moment the priest says “Do you know, I had a drem last night where some angels took me to visit the Muslim paradise.” – “And what is it like?” asks the hodža. “It’s a dirty, filthy place full of unwashed people.” The hodža replies, “What a coincidence, I too had a dream last nightwhere the angels took me to Heaven, but they showed me the Christian paradise. A wonderful garden, full of blossoms and fruits, fresh clear springs, birdsong and the scents of flowers – but not one single human being in it!”
    What do you think?

    Btw, I really can only recommend those Jewish anecdotes (I mean the old traditional ones, not the ones portraying the Israelis as superheroes). Maybe if more people read them they would understand how wrong and objectionable it is to have genocidal supremacist ideas. And how important it is to keep your sense of humor, in face of such horrible times as we are having.

    The problem with fascists, racists, bigots, fundamentalists and extremists is that they completely lack any sense of humor. For example, under Hitler and Stalin you could be killed for telling jokes or making fun at the regime and I doubt that IS is any better. Surely in Putin’s realm they won’t take it in stride either if you try to be funny about the regime.

    As far as I know, our Prophet saws did have a sense of humor. At least I’m not aware that he forbade laughter, or that the Holy Qur’an forbids laughter.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Hmmm, I love kebabs. Can’t get enough of ’em. One could say it’s always the same stuff, but why stop now that I’m enjoying it?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Maybe that’s why some of them are pro-Putin.

    Ironically when you come into Dresden you will notice a huge mosque-like building with a large minaret. It’s not actually a mosque, it’s an old tobacco factory but still it has been designated a historical landmark. Hope those idiots won’t burn it down.

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  • The greenmantle
  • That was a well-nuanced observation.
    Somepony needed to say it. Thanks.

  • Trimmercastle42

    Shawarma Jihad…run for your lives!!!!

  • downwithpants

    Heil leluya

  • downwithpants


  • 1DrM

    Their “culture” must be pretty damn weak if kebabs and shawerma are considered a threat. Anyone who has a problem with kebabs is an uncivilized savage.

  • Guest

    Exposes how bad some people are at alternate history. Poiters was just a large raid and never the last stand as the propaganda would have it. The Muslims never had any real capacity to invade further as they became divided and thought amongst themselves. The Mongols

    had no interest in Western Europe to many trees not optimal for their style of warfare and they would in reality have been defeated by the western Europeans who where masters of that terrain.

  • HSkol

    I shall use that utterance with frequency from here forward! First time, right here. I happen to be having some Undelicious Feelings in regards to PEGIDA and their limited, closed-minded agenda!

  • sasboy

    What does it say about the supposedly “Judeo Christian” values of Germany to think they can be undermined by pieces of meat on a spit ?

    Besides, isn’t there an irony in Germany emphasizing the Judeo Christian values of the continent considering it was the Germans responsible for the genocide of European Jewry ?

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Hilarious, “undelicious feelings!”

  • Friend of Bosnia

    But most Muslims living in Germany are really well integrated. I guess that eventually a specifically German form of Islam / of Muslims will arise. Don’t forget, Germans of Catholic and of Protestant religious backgrounds are still the majority in Germany. Ands this will stay so for a long time. The children of immigrants don’t usually have as many children as did first-generation immigrants. Of course things change. If there were no change this would be stagnation and death. Besides that we can’t know where the borders will be 100 years from npow. Why should we care? Anyway, Germany and the Germans has been around for over 1000 years, it will not go away just like this.
    I have read a book where alternative history is described. There is a chapter in it which goes like this: the Arabs overwhelm Charles martel at Tours and Poitiers, and most of Europe becomes an extended Al Andalus, except for England until Emir Abdelmalik of Normandy invaded it in 1066. But then the Mongol invasion destroys it almost completely. Of course that’s pure speculation. The same book describes a Japanese victory in the Pacific – but when the Japanese attack Hawaii, the Panama Canal, the West Coast they are soundly defeated and rolled back eventually. Which means even if history had went another way its course, given geopolitic and strategic circumstances would have followed more or less the path we know. So I don’t see Germany becomiong an Islamic state anytime soon
    But I think they must let the Muslims who are among them live.Oh sure, not to give in to extremiszts but here are laws and tehy must be appolied. be a better example than those intolerant Saudis Don’t misunderstand me, I mean their government, not the people, most of the people I think are all right.

  • mindy1

    Aww :'(

  • cmyfe .

    I’d go there and just shout HEIL! HEIL!! HEIL!!!

  • JD

    Jeremy Scahill Blasts CNN’s ‘Terrorism Expert Industrial Complex’ Live On CNN

  • JD

    Are All Terrorists Muslims? It’s Not Even Close

    Dean Obeidallah

    Whatpercentage of terror attacks in the United States and Europe are
    committed by Muslims? Guess. Nope. Guess again. And again…

    all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.” How many
    times have you heard that one? Sure, we heard Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade say it,
    but to me, that was simply part of the Fox News plan to make their
    viewers dumber, as we saw again this past weekend when its terrorism
    “expert” Steve Emerson was caught fabricating the story
    that Birmingham, England, is closed to non-Muslims. But more
    alarmingly, even some reasonable people have uttered this statement.

    And that comment is often followed up by the question: Why don’t we see Christian, Buddhist, or Jewish terrorists?

    Obviously, there are people who sincerely view themselves as Muslims
    who have committed horrible acts in the name of Islam. We Muslims can
    make the case that their actions are not based on any part of the faith
    but on their own political agenda. But they are Muslims, no denying

    However, and this will probably shock many, so you might want to take
    a breath: Overwhelmingly, those who have committed terrorist attacks in
    the United States and Europe aren’t Muslims. Let’s give that a moment
    to sink in.

    Now, it’s not your fault if you aren’t aware of that fact. You can
    blame the media. (Yes, Sarah Palin and I actually agree on one thing:
    The mainstream media sucks.)

    So here are some statistics for those interested. Let’s start with
    Europe. Want to guess what percent of the terrorist attacks there were
    committed by Muslims over the past five years? Wrong. That is, unless
    you said less than 2 percent.

    As Europol, the European Union’s law-enforcement agency, noted in its
    report released last year, the vast majority of terror attacks in
    Europe were perpetrated by separatist groups.
    For example, in 2013, there were 152 terror attacks in Europe. Only two
    of them were “religiously motivated,” while 84 were predicated upon
    ethno-nationalist or separatist beliefs.

  • JD

    Brave man laid to rest today below is video media covrage of the event

    Ahmed Merabet, Muslim Police Officer Killed In Charlie Hebdo Attack, Laid To Rest

    Ahmed Merabet, the 40-year-old Muslim police officer who died trying to stop the

    Charlie Hebdo terrorists, was buried by his family Tuesday after
    receiving France’s highest honor.

    French President Francois
    Hollande placed a police hat and a blue Legion d’honneur badge on
    Merabet’s casket, saying that the slain officer showed the “diversity of
    France’s forces of law and order,” The Guardian reports.

    “He was very proud to represent the French republic,” Hollande said during an official ceremony in Paris.

    was one of two police officers killed in the Jan. 7 terrorist attack on
    the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. He had been patrolling the
    streets near the magazine’s office for about eight years. On that
    fateful Wednesday, Merabet spotted suspected attackers Said and Cherif
    Kouachi fleeing the scene. He was taken down by gunfire and then shot
    point blank on the street. Officer Franck Brinsolaro had already been
    killed inside the magazine’s office.

    The next day, a third officer, Clarissa Jean-Philippe, was killed. The gunmen would not be stopped until the third day.

    the course of those three days, a total of 17 people died at the hands
    of three attackers, leaving many Muslims in France fearful of a
    backlash. In fact, 16 Muslim places of worship around the country were
    reportedly attacked in the 48 hours after Wednesday’s massacre, the Associated Press reports.

    Merabet has become a symbol of the sacrifices that French Muslims are
    willing to make for their country. His story spread quickly on social
    media, with thousands all over the world tweeting #JeSuisAhmed in his honor.

  • Yes, given that “Islamisation” is a myth that is not happening or occurring…

  • JD

    What if they were muslim ? would FixNew say anything about it being a small religious paper or paint it as a majority opinion of the group

    Small religious paper in Israel cuts German chancellor from Paris march photo for modesty

  • The greenmantle

    Its not like they the Germans have any history of this sort of stuff …… …
    What was that chaps name who lead the country to ruin ?

    Sir David

  • mindy1

    Dammit that meat looks good I wanna kebob now D: as for the hate trend, I really thought this stupid crap would have been played out by now…

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