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Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Convert To White Supremacy


Original guest post

By Hakeem Muhammad

In Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s recent op-ed, From Selma to Tunis: When Will We March Against the Segregation of Our Own Time, the Somalian ex-Muslim activist posits that segregation within Western liberal states is a phenomenon of the past. She asserts that racism impacting African-Americans has lessened, and that “a different group is [now] the victim of comparable legal discrimination that imposes segregation on them”: women in the Muslim majority world.

Ali’s entire political thought uses every tool in the arsenal of the White supremacist power structure: the myth of a post-racial America and the myth of American exceptionalism (i.e. “America treats women well; the problem is ‘over there’ in the Middle East”).

Ali’s celebration of the end to legal discrimination in the liberal Western world and promotion of the narrative of American exceptionalism obscures and conceals the systemic anti-black, anti-women violence that is structurally, physically, and psychologically present throughout the USA and further allows for its perpetuation.

Oppression of Women in “Liberal” States

When Black American women (such as Assata Shakur, Sister Souljah, Tynetta Muhammad), including converts to Islam discuss through speeches and books their oppression in living within a classic liberal state, they challenge the post-racial myth promoted by the likes of Ali.

In marked comparison to the royal treatment Ali receives, for these Black American women, the classic sapphire trope emerges, a narrative portrayal of the “angry Black woman” (in which Black women are seen as always complaining, with their issues never being taken seriously) is reinforced.

Black scholar Bell Hooks identifies capitalism, White supremacy, and patriarchy as three interlocking systems of oppression. Indeed, it is this oppressive paradigm which controls the narratives of women’s oppression that people listen to, sympathize with, and gain support for, and which is abandoned and neglected.

An illustrative example is when Black activist, political prisoner and exile, Assata Shakur states,”I am more concerned about the rise of the prison industrial complex that is turning our people into slaves again,” it hardly breaks through to the mainstream. Stories such as her’s, highlighting oppression under “enlightened” secular Neo-Liberal law garner minimal, if any, media attention.

In contrast, Ali’s story of oppression (exposed as filled with deception and lies) gets enough attention that she is lauded as a hero precisely because the values that she promotes are in line with the dominant White power structure.

It’s no wonder Ali’s demographic consists largely of New Atheists like Sam Harris, Bill Maher and Richard Dawkins whose racist views emanate from the very “enlightenment” that Ali constantly promotes with blind zeal.

Ali’s conclusion reiterates her claim that racial discrimination in Western liberal states has been significantly rolled back and then posits “liberal enlightenment” as the antidote to structural violence against Muslim women. A narrative that completely contradicts the reality of many Black women.

The reality of racial discrimination is not limited to Blacks but is also witnessed in the contemporary experience of long marginalized and oppressed Native-American women.

Native American women on reservations have been raped and receive no justice.

“We have serial rapists on the reservation — that are non-Indian — because they know they can get away with it,” …  Asetoyer was talking about the loophole that prevents tribal authorities, who have jurisdiction over crimes committed on Indian territory by Indians, from having any authority over non-Indian male abusers. That’s despite the fact that non-Indian men account for an estimated 80 percent of rapes of Indian women … the astronomical rate of abuse of Indian women is well documented by the federal government.

Charon Asetoyer, executive director of the Native American Women’s Health Resource Center has stated, “It’s immoral that the Congress of the United States would stand there and say that Indian women are less than their White counterparts.” Native American victims of rape have been given little, if any, justice in the supposedly enlightened judicial system of the United States.

While Ali seeks to portray the liberal West as a role model for women’s rights—opposing the “backwards” Islamic world—such a portrayal is, as we can see, vastly inaccurate. Though the oppression of women, especially minority women is a systemic social problem in the US, less media attention has been given to it than to the stories of oppression of Middle Eastern women.

Not only have Native Americans throughout history been systematically dehumanized, raped, tortured, killed, and herded into reservations—with White settlers taking away their basic rights to land, voting, etc.—but this behavior still exists under the liberal law that Ali extols as a panacea for all the world’s ills.

In fact, some Native American women scholars such as Sandy Grande consider the modern-day attempts to assimilate Native Americans to liberalism as a continuation of the cultural genocide that began because of the differences between the worldviews and cosmology held by White settlers (not to mention sheer greed for land and “glory”).

Selma to Soweto: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Post Racial/Post-Apartheid Myth

Ali asserts that the number of individuals oppressed by Islam “is vastly larger than the number that was affected 50 years ago by segregation and apartheid.” Despite Ali’s dogmatic New Atheism (which is purportedly based on rationality and empiricism), no credible evidence for her claim is given.

Ali portrays apartheid as a problem of the past, in reality, the Whites in South Africa still control the majority of the land, wealth, and other South African resources, while the much greater population of Blacks continue to be disproportionately impoverished and incarcerated.

The Native Law Act passed in South Africa confined the Native Black population to 7% of the land. In a 2013 study, Cherryl Walker and Alex Dubb determined that, “Whites as a social category still own most of the country’s land.” Thus, the end of de’jure racism has not signaled the end of structural racism.

Concerning America, Ayaan Hirsi Ali states: “the president was right to push back against the idea that nothing has changed since 1965.”

Instead of citing a politician with an agenda, Barack Obama, Ayaan Hirsi Ali would do better to look into the works of Obama’s professor at Harvard University, Derick Bell, who highlighted that while the legal system of racism may have changed, structural racism merely changed its modus operandi.

Even after the Fair Housing Act and Brown Vs. Board of Education, African-Americans continue to face racism from housing realtors and continue to be confined to impoverished and segregated schools. In a study on the impact of the Fair Housing Act passed in Chicago to outlaw racial discrimination, sociologist Douglass S. Massey notes that, due to practices such as redlining, racial steering, and block-busting that developed in the Post-Jim Crow era, “the level of Black-White segregation has hardly changed.”

In an empirical study titled, “The Prison Boom & Lack of Black Progress,” University of Chicago economists Derek Neal and Armin Rick examined Black and White income inequality, unemployment rates, and the increasing number of Black men in Chicago who are in prison. Neal and Rick concluded that: “the Great Recession has left most black men in a position relative to White men that is really no better than the position they occupied only a few years after the Civil Rights Act of 1965.”

The Raw truth

Yet, rather than addressing the de facto racism that has emerged as White supremacy hidden under a different guise, Ali prefers to focus on the “new segregation” of Islam. In her sloppy quoting of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., she cynically seeks to co-opt the African-American freedom struggle which is on-going and continuing, exclusively for her own Islamophobic ends.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is not a hero following in the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement as she pretends. The raw truth is that Ali left Islam and effectively converted to White supremacy. Ali’s entire political thought uses every tool in the arsenal of the White supremacist power structure: the myth of a post-racial America and the myth of American exceptionalism.

As self-professed vanguards of “modern liberalism” turn their sights on Islam as the new big enemy, such actions only lead to more racism against Muslims (especially Muslim sisters) and cover up for deep structural and societal problems, rendering them invisible and/or trivial.

About the Author: Hakeem Muhammad is a 20-year old African-American Muslim who currently studies political science at West Georgia University. God willing, in the future he plans to study Islamic theology and be a positive force for social change. You can find him at his website and on twitter at @hakeemtheroots.

-Ali, Ayaan. “From Selma to Tunis: When Will We March Against the Segregation of Our Own Time?” The Huffington Post. Accessed March 28, 2015.

-Hooks, Bell. Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics. London: Pluto Press, 2000.

-Johannes G Hoovegeen et al. “Not Separate, Not Equal: Poverty and Inequality in Post-Apartheid South Africa,” William Davidson Institute (2005).

[1] Dissel & Kollapen. “Racism and Discrimination in the South African Penal System” – Accessed February 21, 2015.

Edited 3/30/15

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  • No more American boots on the ground in the
    Middle East.

    Six American soldiers killed and two wounded in Afghanistan, December 20, 2015.

    I again ask the media and others to not let the continuing killings of American soldiers to go unnoticed and not to act as if the soldier’s life deserve less attention then the killings in France or San Bernardino, CA. But please do not over react and use the deaths as a motivation to send more soldiers to the Middle East to die for what? Protecting Oil and America’s military

    Let us not forget US Army commanders conspired to cover up Pat Tillman’s death and attempted to use Tillman as a propaganda tool. Tillman’s mother fought to bring the cover-up to the
    attention of the media and together they forced the military to admit their cover-up attempt and show again the sickening aspects of America’s leaders. A war brought about by political lies in order to support America’s war machine.

    Google, Pat Tillman and conspired attempt to use Tillman’s death as a propaganda tool

    Google, America’s war machine

    Now the Republican talk is AGAIN about the need for more boots on the ground
    because a few are killed in San Bernardino, CA. Sure it’s bad and so are the many others, no longer even shocking, gang murders of Americans in San Bernardino every month. I lived there.

    Let us not get pulled into another ground war just because America’s war machine is at work again in the United Nations. Remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction never happened and over 5,000 of Americas finest are now dead because of deliberate lies by our then U.N. representative Colin Powell. Lie after Lie.

    Google, U.N. representative Colin Powell. Lieafter Lie.


    Carl G. Mueller, Vietnam 1968,

  • syed ali

    I agree, if these white westerners care about Muslim women why not Execute soldiers who raped Muslim women like the killers of Abeer Qasim Hamza, I plead for you to look it up.

  • syed ali

    I agree and what about the poor in America and europe why are they forgotten, on another note I know ALOT of religious Muslim women past and present who were well off.

  • The greenmantle
  • B.D.S

    Says the moron harassing people on a two month old thread. If you’re so itching to exercise your savior complex, go and save your own women from objectification and exploitation.

  • AJ

    Ahhh….that would be the Christ i.e. 2000 years ago…..are you calling him a fraud?

  • moraka

    Bahahah!!! Another moron who spout irrational nonsensical claims without any other proofs other than claims pulled out of his or her ass. You can’t even get the date right! What else to expect from an idiot who calls Hirsi honest.

  • moraka

    Bahahahah!!! Honesty?! Bravery?! Apparently you haven’t heard that she was exposed as a fraud long ago

  • Capt. JB Hennessy

    Gateway Pundit and Fox News banned me. At least you can still post here, boyo.

  • Awesome

    Hirsi Ali tells the truth about the foul socio-policital system known as

    The only truth in what Hirsi Ali tells, is in what she does not say. What comes out of her mouth is the same as what comes out of the mouth of virtually every anti-Islam polemicist; lies, half-truths and sensationalism, and there is nothing “foul” about Islam.

    The sooner it is eradicated, the sooner the world can live in
    peace and decency.

    The world was not living in peace and decency before Islam, is not experiencing it while Islam is a major religion of its population, and is unlikely to have it if Islam is abandoned by it, and any attempted “eradication” of Islam would be as futile as any attempted “eradication” of Christianity or any other major religion.

    Your ISIS brethren illustrate pure Islam in action. I
    am not “phobic”, I just think you stink.

    The only thing ISIS illustrates is what a Kharijite state might look like if there were one. The spirit of the Kharijites seems to live on through ISIS, with their lawlessness, treachery and extremism, which has nothing to do with Islam. ISIS is a violent, militant group composed of mercenaries and privateers (i.e. rent-a-terrorists), as well as their patsies, acting like phony, pretentious extremists, who, in reality, only represent themselves and the interests of their clients. Their clientele are the US, Israel, and certain regional governments who are allied with both, who not-so-covertly provide them with financial and military support. For them, Islam is only a formality.

  • HSkol

    B.D.S, thank you for your kind words.

  • B.D.S

    Why impose ourselves upon other lands? They are not imposing themselves upon us.

    As far as I’ve noticed, for the most part at least the anti-imperialistic sentiments often spoken here are generally of the nature you mentioned above, that is my perception at least, but I could be missing something. Excellent reply by the way, although I doubt “sandra” is ready to hear those wise words :).

  • HSkol

    Sorry, I followed you well until –

    It is intellectually shallow to refute her ideas by calling her a hypocrite or claiming spuriously that she is a convert to the straw man of white supremacy.

    Would you mind expanding? I get thrown now and again – and, I have been thrown (likely not by you, but by myself).


  • HSkol

    How do you suggest that the world might live without our Muslim brothers and sisters – simply by living without our Muslim brothers and sisters, a great many of whom contribute toward a better world (science, medicine, poetry, you-name-it) – end of story? Git ‘er done? Git ‘er done real good?

    ISIS is only as much brethren to Muslims as the KKK is to Christians. Is the KKK pure Christianity in action?

    On this site you will see a fair amount of mention of Imperialism. I, as a visitor here, and a Westerner, do not agree with all sentiments spoken; however, I do certainly agree with some. Honestly, I don’t often reflect on Imperialism; however, I find your thought process to be quite imposing, quite Imperialistic. Why impose ourselves upon other lands? They are not imposing themselves upon us. Or, is that simply our in Western nature to impose Note: It’s not in my nature. To each his own.

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