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Hindus have faced quite a lot of discrimination and hate crimes in Pakistan over the past few years. The National Student’s Federation (NSF) organized a symbolic show of support for the beleagured Hindu community to be able to celebrate the festival of Holi.

Hopefully these acts of solidarity will lead to greater openness and tolerance and also end discrimination and hate crimes.

KARACHI: The National Student’s Federation (NSF) organised the formation of a human shield at the Holi celebrations at Swami Narayan Temple today to show solidarity with and protect Hindus in attendance.

The demonstration is an attempt to promote interfaith coexistence and cooperation among different religious and ethnic groups in Pakistan. The NSF leveraged social media to spread information about the event, extending e-vitations to others who share their outlook on religious tolerance and wish to participate in the demonstration.

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A member of the NSF describes it as a “progressive leftist organisation� dating back to the NSF of the Ayub Khan era. The organisation experienced a revival in 2006 – 2008.

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The NSF recently organised a Progressive Day School in Karachi ─ a series of one-day workshops to educate guests about issues like religious extremism and terrorist ideologies.

Earlier this year, the NSF also organised a show of solidarity with Shias at the Shah-i-Najaf Imambargah in conjunction with the Pakistan Youth Alliance (PYA). The event was attended by notable individuals including Dr. Jaipaal Chhabria, President of the Pak Hindu Forum, and Mohammad Jibran Nasir, lawyer and political activist.

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  • B.D.S

    Busted… again! A while back I said to you ‘I would have bet you were better at detecting than me’? that was at least forgivable, not this time.

  • Wow, you’re incredibly observant.

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    I’ve only just realised that you’re Guess. XD XD XD

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    Fancy seeing you here.

  • B.D.S

    A long subject. Wish I could expand a bit but feels one of those annoying migraines I’ve been suffering lately coming up, so many for another time. In short the West fascination with the veiled Muslim woman did not started but resurfaced on “9/11” using the same discourse it did in other periods of confrontation with Islam. Which makes this memorable words still relevant vis-à-vis the current debate on the veil…

    This woman, who sees without being seen, frustrates the colonizer. – Frantz Fanon.

    And since you don’t mind long articles this is an interesting read.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    It’s very good that people can meet in mutual respect.
    But if Pakistan is to advance in any way it would implement laws that protect minorities and guarantee them full citizens’ rights.
    I know how important this is because Bosniaks were a small minority in Yugoslavia and discriminated against (then when Milosevic proclaimd Serbo-Slavia they were threatened with destruction, just like the Crimean Tatars are being threatened today.)
    It would also be very important to have such laws in BiH; then the Bosnian Serbs would no longer feel discriminated by Bosniaks and have no motive to oppose them. Besides that I believe that all people are created equal and thus are entitled to equal rights.
    But some think that equal rights do not apply to Muslims and that it’s all right to discriminate them. I couldn’t be friends with such people.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan
  • I will guess that they find a thrill within some supposed “taboo” or something. WNs are like that at times with non-white women. Seems odd to me.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    With all due respect to our lovely female Co religionists, but what exactly is so special about Muslim women that non muslims have an almost feral, perverted fascination over them?

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    The first one is the actual debate.

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    I voted in the second link. Couldn’t figure the first one.

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    Looks like his posting his whole book. And the #isis in his every tweet sure will magically convince millions they’re rooted in Islam. So many Islamophobic books they’re even invading small libraries. I come from a small city yet our local library is starting to look almost as bad as this.

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    Yeah… a lot of the people in the comments seem to have already made their minds up. But then again, I had already made my mind up too.

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    Could be they’re voting anonymous. Two days ago it was 37% Chameleon. But its also true the guy is out-campaigning him. Have you visited his TL, a virulent Islamophobe, to be honest I see no point even arguing let alone debating such an individual.

  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan

    I’m surprised by the low percentage of Muslims.

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    Its you El Cid ! isnt it ?
    Or another false flag hasbara nut case
    Sir David

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  • Guess – BDS

    Its been going on for months. He did publish a very good rebuttal here back in December. He told me yesterday his opponent is robot-campaigning every hour for votes, I think why his troupes mostly anonymous males are outvoting.

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    I wasn’t sure where to put this but Chameleon X has been debating a guy called Peter Townsend on the issue of Domestic Violence and is requesting people to read the debate and vote for him.

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