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PEGIDA Expands Into Quebec


National Post

In January, with little fanfare and even less media coverage, PEGIDA landed in Quebec.

A Facebook page set up by the group, featuring photos from PEGIDA demonstrations around the world, had attracted just under 600 “likes” as of Wednesday, and their first official rally is set to take place on March 28 in St-Léonard. The Montreal Gazette reached out to the organizers behind the page on Wednesday, but they did not respond to a request for comment.

While small, the group is not alone. PEGIDA Quebec’s appearance came only two months after members of another group, dubbed Québec Identitaire, appeared to take credit for vandalizing four mosques in the Quebec City region. A Facebook group bearing the Québec Identitaire name had 502 members as of Wednesday, with the group’s description making it clear “we are not a radical extremist group,” but that “we firmly believe a native Quebecer has the right to refuse to have cultures and religious rituals imposed by ‘adopted Quebecers’ without being demonized.”

In February, the Jewish Defence League — a group that the FBI has branded “a violent extremist organization” — resurfaced in Montreal and attempted to form an organized chapter, claiming that someone needed to properly monitor the city’s Muslim extremism “problem.” They were quickly rebuffed by Jewish community leaders and Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, who tweeted that the JDL was “not welcome” in his city.

That frosty reception did not surprise Frank Chalk, director of Concordia University’s Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights. While right-wing, anti-Islamic groups have recently found a strong foothold in countries where multiculturalism is not the norm, he said, they are unlikely to gain widespread support in Quebec.

Even if they are not drawing thousands into the streets, the Canadian government is apparently watching right-wing groups like PEGIDA, Québec Identitaire and the JDL closely. The Canadian Press reported on Tuesday that Canada’s spy agency (CSIS) recently advised the office of Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney of its concerns during a secret September briefing, noting that Canada’s burgeoning anti-Islam movement poses an “ongoing risk, particularly as its proponents advocate violence.”

CSIS did not respond to a request for additional comment about the briefing.

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  • Capt. JB Hennessy

    Lets not get the Sun angry at us. Last time that happened it rained frogs on Egypt for 40 days and nights. Or perhaps it was Libya. I can’t remember the Earth was flat then.

  • Trimmercastle42

    Fuck no
    I don’t want these subhuman vermin anywhere near my country.
    A better option is to send them to the Sun, they say its pretty warm there this time of year

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    Aw, man, and I thought they’re on the decline in Old Europe, so they’re spreading to the New World, preferably again in regions with little to no Muslims, where the oppression through Muslims is henceforth the greatest?

  • Capt. JB Hennessy

    Not to worry the Saudis will come to the rescue by ordering $10 billion worth of choo choo trains and these PEGIDA members can go back to being gainfully employed once more.

  • Cengiz_K

    According to their very own definition, these people are the real “islamists”..

  • Trimmercastle42

    Oh great
    The vermin are breeding, just what we need.
    More idiots to waste oxygen

  • mindy1

    Oh jeez :/

  • HSkol

    Apparently they’ll be packing up and leaving. It’ll be good to see the Cree as the proper stewards of the land once again.

  • Razainc_aka_BigBoss

    Great as if Harper and his neo-cons weren’t bad enough

  • LiesYouTell

    “we firmly believe a native Quebecer has the right to refuse to have cultures and religious rituals imposed by ‘adopted Quebecers’ without being demonized.”

    Native Quebecers? Last time I check, French people weren’t indigenous to Quebec or the rest of Canada.

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