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Record number of anti-Muslim acts in France



Abdallah Zekri, head of the Observatory said in a statement that anti-Muslim acts rose by 500 percent, compared to the same period in 2011.

” Never since the establishment of the Observatory in 2011 have Islamophobic acts known such an implosion of actions or threats, especially on social networks,” Zekri said on Thursday.

Zekri stated there were 222 anti-Muslims acts during the 1st quarter of 2015, (56 attacks and 166 threats) against a total of 37 acts in 2014 – ” An increase of 500 percent,” said Zekri.

Zekri added that the number of anti-Muslims acts in January 2015 reached 178.

He explained that this “burst” was mainly due to the deadly attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo on Jan. 7, followed by a hostage situation in a kosher supermarket two days later, leaving a total 17 people dead.

“However, those horrific and terrifying crimes cannot justify under any circumstances the steep rise of hatred or revenge against Muslims in France,” stressed Zekri.

“They (Muslims of France) are not responsible or guilty of committing these terrorist acts that devastated the country,” he added.

Zekri said the assaults targeted men and women, generally in public places and transportation, and in some instances pregnant women.

He also said that in certain cases, targeting mainly places of worship , grenades and firearms had been used.

“This is simply racism and rejection of men and women who aspire to just be respected,” said Zekri.

“Does the motto of the Republic ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ make any sense? Unfortunately, the question (must be asked),” added Zekri.

Zekri went on to accuse political leaders of remaining silent in the face of such an increase of anti-Muslim acts.

“All this happens without any reaction from politicians, who, instead of denouncing, try to find excuses,” he said.

Zekri said that the political silence fed radicalization and pushed youths to leave to join extremist and terrorist groups.

“Fundamentalism feeds fundamentalism and it is not surprising that young people, who feel excluded, marginalized and accused of all evils, are radicalized and leave to be killed for free, considering that they have no future in this country,” Zekri concluded.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    So what? Was the Muslim man who on the day of Charlie Hebdo helped save teh lives of several Jews an apostate?
    Fortunately I have never had any dealings with IS. They are scum and I don’t see how their doings are relevant to me or to what Serbs did to Bosniaks in 1992-95.
    KKK Is irelevant to you? Aren’t you perchance white, or what’s more, a redneck Then of course it’s relevant to you. You say just because I am what I am I am guilty of all IS wrongdoings and should apostasize and come kiss your backside? then by your same logic you are KKK and you are guilty of all anti-Afroamerican wrongdoings, like that cop putting a 14-year old girl in a half-nelson and threatening to shoot her friends, just because they aren’t whites. It’s as if you had done that yourself.

    Get out of here you genocidal fiend. Come over to BiH next time the genocidal anti-Bosniak crusade resumes. Come with what you want and with whom you want. I’ll give you a very warm welcome indeed and I will make you pay for all the wrong that was done to the Bosniak people, since 1804.
    I see you just come here to provoke, infuriate and insult, to get an enraged response from such as me so you can “prove” that “Muslims are all violent and evil.” Well, the Pope himself said that insulting one’s religion is like insulting one’s mother, and that he himself would respond to such an insult in the most appropriate way, so I think my reaction to your provocation is perfectly natural and understandable. You come and insult my mother, then its very natural that I clobber you. You try to justify genocide, then I can’t have any sympathies for you.
    But actually I am convinced that like all the other keyboard warrions and crusader war propagandists who come here to spew hate speech and insult, you are a coward at heart. There is so much anger and fear in the posts by those of your ilk, I can see the mile-wide yellow streak behind you all from here.
    I may quote you a response from another feriend of this site, which I think is most appropriate for evil little f##ks, pr$cks and twerps like you:

    As for wishing that any religious, ethnic, national, or other similar group would drop dead and claiming that they don’t have any right to exist, perhaps all I can say is that such claims are a form of intellectual environmental pollution and it’s just natural that people get annoyed by such nauseating emetic utterances.
    I [just know] that your goal is to engender some equally nasty hateful response to prove how hateful Muslims and their supporters are. Well, you haven’t caused me to hate you so much as to pity you. You see, once you grow tired of this site (and you may already have), I won’t have to read your comments or hear your thoughts anymore. You, sadly, will have to endure your own hatred and stupidity for the rest of your life.
    Not to forget your cowardice.

    Wish you all the best, not.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    You say “rightly or wrongly” So you thonk you have the divine right? Muslims do condemn IS, but you fiends refuse to acknowledge it. Because it doesnt serve your purposes. Which we have seen in 1992-95 in Bosnia, and continue to see in Burma to this very day.
    I have expressed elsewhere, and more than once, that I would wish to see the IS leaders from the equivalent rank of major up summarily shot, with no more legal hubbub, because they give Islam a basd name, but you just pretend not to have read it. Why don’t YOU condemn the doings of the Ku Klux Klan? The Jim Crow laws? That US Southern whites enjoyeds lynchings as a punblic spectacle into the 1950s? Ha? What Whites did t the Australian aborigines. And you dare to give yourself “civil rights” as a nick?
    Besides that, many of those cartoons do look like the guy of “Der Stürmer” drew them.
    “Criticismn of Islam” What you say is genocidal. That’s no criticism.
    If you piss me off then I can, using YOUR logic “rightly or wrongly” take a swing at you. How would you like that? After all, those niggers too pissed off the rednecks, how did they dare to claim equal rights, so rightly or wrongly they had it coming. If they had gone on kissing the rednecks’ as…, er, hems of their skirts, nobody would have done them anything, right?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    With such statements as yours you have proved yourself as unworthy. What you say is exactly the same things the genocidal instigators and perpetrators of the genocidal Serb crusade said about Bosniaks in 1992. It’s the same thing teh genocidal “969” say about teh Rohingya.
    And yes, people with such evil ideas and such evil conduct deserve damnatio memoriae.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I’M NOT MISSING THE POINT AT ALL! That IS exacxtly the point!!!
    You are saying effectively that I should apopogize for 9/11 and all the rest and that I can be held accountable for it, just for being what I am, in the exactly samew way the cetnik s and Greater serbofascists blameteh Bosniaks for 500 years of Turkish occupation of Serbia.
    ” Do I believe that there should be repercussions on innocent muslims?
    Absolutely not. ” you say.
    Oh yes you do. I would not trust you as far as I could shove a building. Proof? Next you say “However, muslims are going to have to admit that they
    become aggressors everywhere they go. If not, there will be
    repercussions rightly or wrongly.”
    In other words the Bosniaks who defended themselves against Serb genocidal crusade are the agressors, hah? and if they want their homeland back they are the aggressor??? Don’t give me that.
    Go on. Try to take “repercussions rightly or wrongly” against me. And if you do, then may your name cease to exist.
    Civil rights you call yourself. For whites only you mean. And because the ancestors of Bosniaks became Muslims 400 years ago, in your eyes they have become “brown.” Don’t try to convince me of the righteousness of your cause. I have heard that kind of talk before. In 1992. I have seen what those of our ilk who talked that talk did next. So don’t try to present yourself as the good guy here. Indeed , if we had to face each other on the front line I expect no quarter from you and would show you no mercy.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Why should I, of all people, be accountable and responsible for 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, Madrid, IS, the Taliban, Al Qaida and all the rest, just because I am what I am?!?
    Why should I have to answer for all that, just because the people who did all that claim to be Muslims, or were raised as such?
    Why should I be killed or driven out of my house and my hometown because a long time back in the 17th century the Turks put down some Serb uprising, or somebody from my village or even a relative was an ustasha back in 1941?
    No, that’s not the reason., The reason is just to have a pretext and not feel so bad about robbing me of my possessions, my homeland, my house, my dignity and my life; about raping and killing my wife and daughter. THAT is what it’s really all about.
    By your logic I can hold you personally, and by association your wife and children, for what teh Serbs did all over BiH in 1992-95. And about Anders Behring Breivik, even though teh peopel he shot weren’t mostly Muslims, but that was his aim.
    And yes, I hold all people who share such ideas and who in any which ever way try to justify, deny or belittle them as equally guilty as Breivik, Mladic, the Greater Serb ideologues and every Serb or other thug who was on site, who killed or raped with their own hands. Those are unworthy human beings, unworthy of walking this earth, unworthy of being remembered. For me it would not suffice just to kill them, any physical evidence of their existence must be destroyed as well. Damnatio memoriae. And their souls too if this could somehow be done.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Logic, truth and common sense do not serve bigots, racists, fascists, xenophobes, genocidals and other such evil and stupid scum.

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  • Tanveer ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Khan


  • downwithpants

    Or the story of the 9 year old yazidi girl

  • Laurent Weppe

    Zekri said the assaults targeted men and women, generally in public places and transportation, and in some instances pregnant women.

    Most victims of islamophobic attacks were women, and France post Charlie’s slaughter is not a specific case: frankly, one has to “admire” what passes for logic among the racists: “Islam is an evil religion that oppresses women, therefore we will assault muslim women in order to demonstrate our pro-gender-equality chops

  • mindy1


  • Yausari

    Zekri said the assaults targeted men and women, generally in public places and transportation, and in some instances pregnant women.

    How low can you get?

    He also said that in certain cases, targeting mainly places of worship , grenades and firearms had been used.

    Oh… That’s terrorism, isn’t it?

  • HerrSkolly

    Holy crap does the last paragraph ever ring true. I shall repeat –

    “Fundamentalism feeds fundamentalism and it is not surprising that young people, who feel excluded, marginalized and accused of all evils, are radicalized and leave to be killed for free, considering that they have no future in this country,” Zekri concluded.

    May I add that young people are often enough inherently rebellious and antiestablishmentarian in their ownmost nature, insecure, and so very unseasoned where differences present themselves that without constant tutoring/guidance, especially in this day-and-age, best case scenarios are becoming far too much an oddity?

  • mindy1

    Pathetic, but not surprising. This will continue for a while. An Italian ship with migrants on it had Muslims throwing non Muslims overboard , so be prepared for the haters to jump on that story

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