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Germany: Four Arrested Over Plot To Attack Muslims And Asylum Seekers



Prosecutors said that three men and one woman were accused of founding a far-right group and procuring explosives.

They added that a previously unknown group, the “Old Schools Society”, had been planning to attack mosques and hostels for asylum seekers.

The suspects were arrested in raids across five German states involving some 250 investigators.

“In the search, pyrotechnics with large explosive power and further pieces of evidence were confiscated,” said the prosecutor’s office in a statement.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, at the bottom line things look better than worse.
    I mean, even Squidward Tentacles ended up hating living only among his own kind…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    But of course. About Srebrenica these yokels say, “it wasn’t genocide. Things just got out of hand. Such things happen.” Or as they say over there, “The wolf ate the donkey.” What will they will say when the tables are turned. Well, they will cry wolf. They’re so predictable. So pathetic. It’s always the same. Nothing new under the sun.

  • ShunTheRightWhale
  • Laurent Weppe

    Indeed: and now, you can find a great many european far-rightists bitterly saying “They didn’t let us rule them over there! How dare they come here and demand equal rights and pay!?

  • George Carty

    Yes, but colonialism was abou subjugating them over there

  • Laurent Weppe

    Well, given that the european far-right has a lot of colonial empires nostalgics, the desire to subjugate minorities like during the “good old days” is still alive and well within their ranks

  • George Carty

    People like this don’t want to enslave Muslims, they want to expel them so they can’t infect the indigenous population with their mind-virus.

  • ShunTheRightWhale

    Germany is a relatively young nation, founded 1871 (albeit Germans are a older people, first unification being the Holy Roman Empire under Otto I. anno 962 (with Northern Italy!). The Germans have a long history of Antijudaism (German Crusade of 1096 in the Rhinelands, Luther, the founder of a Protestant denomination (Evangelisch-Lutherisch), still highly revered in today’s Protestant Germany), the militaristic expansion of the Teutonic Order is the only medieval example I know of as an example of systematic conquest of Non-German lands (today the Baltic countries), but the Partitions of Poland in the second half of the 18th century are also noteworthy. You shouldn’t forget that Germans murdered themselves on religious und political reasons in the Thirty Years’ War… Racism is a phenomenon of Modernity, so Antijudaism transformed in the 19th century to Antisemitism, but it wasn’t popular in the Prussian Empire. Pan-Germanism didn’t lead to a Großdeutsche Lösung, instead Prussia and Austria waged war on each other. The Polish minority was systematically discriminated in Prussia, but they had a political representation in the Reichstag.
    The first real German genocide didn’t happen in Europe but in Africa: colonial troops slaughtered Herero and Nama (killed about 150,000 of 180,000).The other real genocides were the Holocaust and the Porajmos (genocide of Roma) in WWII. Many Slavic people suffered too: Poles, Russians, Czechs, but for example Slovakia was a German vassal…
    After WWII the so called Brown Babies (children of Back American soldiers and German women) in West Germany were often transferred to the States because they were seen as unfit for German society, but in these days the political divisions (Socialist One-Party-Rule vs. Capitalist Democracy) were more likely to cause enmities.
    In Western Germany immigration and the Student movement of 1968 led to a slow melting of social prejudices, in the East there were even good relations to some African Socialist countries, but with the end of the GDR (East Germany) in the new federal states a ideological and economical vacuum led to a resurgence of Right-wing extremism. Most ugly examples are the Rostock-Lichtenhagen riots of 1992 (in which a mob tried to storm a refugee shelter with 115 Vietnamese) and later on the killing spree of the NSU…
    You should not forget that Germany today is a country with a relatively high tolcerance in sum, especially in larger cities. I grew up from kindergarden on with Turks, Philippinos, Serbs, Croats, in some cities younger generations are already a migrant majority (that causes some problems of integration too, but change is inevitable). Look at the whole picture, Germany’s future looks more ethnically diverse than its past…

  • The greenmantle

    oooOOOOOOOOOOOO -scaremongering.
    Its very sad and not Funny
    nor true either

    Sir David

  • Khanage

    A bit below the belt don’t you think?

  • HerrSkolly

    It may have as well been stated, “Oh, ya know, these German folks were just a bit upset. It happens.” Well, I may have overstated media bias to a degree; but, you know what I mean, eh.

  • Laurent Weppe

    When you fantasize yourself as the vanguard of the übermenschkeit out to teach uppity metics their subservient place, no you don’t have anything better to do than planning remorseless acts of wanton violence.

  • Capt. J.B. Hennessy

    Then there is the case of Abby Martin being threatened with death and other acts of violence which isn’t being reported because it hurts the sensitivities of those doing the threatening.

    “Ugly America: Abby Martin Stunt Triggers Death, Rape Threats From Chris Kyle Followers”

  • “‘terror’ plot”
    in quotes..

  • Oh, but this isn’t “terrorism.” It’s just a hate crime. Think of the stabbing of Lee Rigby versus Mohammed Saleem. Terrorism is something only Muslims do…

    Also – these accused in Germany are not ‘radicalized.” Again, “radicalization” is something that only happens to Muslims …

  • sasboy

    Germany has a long history of racist violence, not counting their genocide of their minorities and neighbours.

  • mindy1

    Oh FFS, do these people have NOTHING else to do?!

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