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Spokane Bosnian Center Vandalized With “Death To Islam” Message

What the heck is going on? Are “Death to Islam” signs all the rage these days? First you had a bar in Pennsylvania putting up such signs and now you have a Bosnian Muslim community center vandalized in Spokane, Washington with the same hate message. Coincidentally, this also comes on the heels of the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica in which 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men and boys were killed. When are Islamophobes going to get more creative and change up the hate message?

#‎CAIR‬-WA: Interfaith Leaders to Seek Federal Hate Crime Probe of ‘Death to Islam’ Vandalism Targeting Spokane Muslim Community Center

Leaders say incident is part of nationwide rise in hate crimes targeting American Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim

(SPOKANE, WA, 7/8/2015) – On Thursday, July 9, the Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-WA), along with local Muslim, interfaith and community leaders, will hold a news conference to call on state law enforcement authorities and the FBI to investigate apparently bias-motivated vandalism targeting the Bosnia Herzegovina Heritage Association of Spokane.

The phrase “Death to Islam” was spray-painted on the exterior of the center, which is being used for Muslim prayers during the month-long fast of Ramadan, possibly while congregants were performing the evening prayers on Saturday, July 4. Worshipers saw the graffiti when they exited the center.

WHAT: Interfaith and Community Leaders to Seek Federal Hate Crime Investigation of Vandalism Targeting Spokane Muslim Community Center
WHEN: Thursday, July 9, 10:45 a.m.
WHERE: Bosnia Herzegovina Heritage Association of Spokane, 2110 East Broadway Avenue, Suite B, Spokane, WA 99202
CONTACT: CAIR-WA Executive Director Arsalan Bukhari, 206-931-3655,

The incident appears to fit a pattern of increased hate-motivated crimes nationwide targeting persons and property associated, or perceived to be associated, with Islam and the American Muslim community.

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  • Cengiz_K

    he actually said something of the sort “shut down”.. I haven”t had the feeling he is a daesh-defender.. my two cents..

  • Friend of Bosnia

    We will only know when the criminal is caught.

  • AJ

    I have refuted that argument of yours before but you keep on bringing it up with new posters. That is quite disingenuous of you. Once again:

    Kaaba was built by Ibrahim to worship one God. It was never supposed to be filled with idols. The pagans had hijacked it. Muhammad (pbuh) reclaimed Kaaba by removing the idols.

    I am sure now you will bring up some tangent argument.

  • AJ

    Excellent reply!

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yeah, yeah, nothing will satisfy you unless I say that Islam is a hateful, destructive ideology that should be exterminated. I will never say that, even if you put a pistol to my head.
    “Never argue with fools, they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” How very true. I’Ve wasted enough time arguing with you and you keep diverting and changing teh subject, you keep playing that lousy game of saying “Islam is terror” I will no longer argue with fools. Only when a fool comes at me with murderous intent I will shoot first and ask questions later.
    And Vucic never distanced himself of what he said shortly after the Srebrenica genocide: “For each killed Serb we will kill 100 Muslims.” He has NEVER distanced himself from that. He came and said, “Oh, some individualsd did this, not the Serb nation or government. All sides are equally guilty.” Even at that place where the Serbs committed the most egregious crime, he came not to ask for forgiveness but to WHITEWASH his side. As the saying goes, “The wolf may change his coat but not his nature.” So, he got it coming.
    But if as you admit you are largely ignorant of Bosnia-Herzegovina and its history, then you have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to judge its people and its history!

    And don’t bother writing back again. Pope Francis said that he would not tolerate an insult to his faith, not as much as he would tolerate an insult to his mother. And so do I. If he would slap the face of someone who insults his mother so do I. I would very well advise anyone never to talk like you do to my face.

  • Mehdi

    Technically not possible to upvote twice but I contributed there 🙂

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Only one problem with this comment: I can only upvote it once.

  • adc714

    you’re right, its just another in a long line of fairy tales

  • Friend of Bosnia

    The Assyrian statues and teh Buddhass of Bamiyan were just works of art.Nt gods. The Taliban know that. Wahhbi ideology has proven itself too be totally destructive to ancient cultural heritage. They are just primitive barbarians. A majority of Muslims are not.
    I’m not a Wahhabi, I condemn such acts but to people like you it’s just the same, you hate and despise us just for what we are.

    And here we are again at that lousy game where you try to smear all Muslims as terrorists and Islam as a terrorist ideology and I try to talk you out of it, but it’s no good. I could as well try to teacha guineaa pig to fly.

    You deliberately lied about WWII. The destruction of Dresden, Nuremberg, Lübeck etc was not “collateral damage”, was not “accidental”. It was revenge for the Germans’ destroying Coventry, and it was intentional, because destruction of cultural heritage is an important element of psychological warfare, as it serves to demoralize the enemy. Do you think the Serbs destroyed over 2/3 of the mosques in BiH by “accident”? No, they did it on purpose. Teh purpose was to demoralize the enemy. The Westerners are no better at destroying cultural heritage than the Muslims are.
    What IS does is the same as the cetniks did at Srebrenica: antagonize the enemy so much that any reconciliation becomes impossible. That’s the reason behind such egregious crimes. That you imply I’m liek that is an insult.

    But to you it’s all the saqme. Why don’t you go to some islamophobic web site where you will be among friends? You love to provoke asnd insult. You are a hateful, despicable individual. Go to Hell.

  • AJ

    I used to engage with the poster only to realize that once his argument is refuted, he changes his goal posts. No revision or abandonment here.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    I know that I probably should let Mike flounder, and I am enjoying this intellectual thrashing immensely, but let me, umm, not try to defend him but put his views in context and improve his presentation to move this along. (And if I am presupposing I know his views or ruling that he has been thrashed and that pisses him off, I can live with that!)

    Suppose that rather than vandalizing a mosque with “Death to Islam”, the people (and I use that term a bit loosely here) had chanted “Death to Political Islam” because they found Political Islam to be the ideology behind 9/11 and al-Qaeda. Then suppose that the Iranians were changing “Death to Imperialism.” I think now we have more of a symmetry of chants about political ideologies, putting aside ties between “Political Islam” and “Religious Islam” and between “Imperialism” and understanding that football involves moving an oblong ball mostly by throwing and carrying rather than use of one’s foot.

    The question is then would people insist on putting one chant “into context” while decrying the other as clear bigotry. I admit that the connection between my semi-invented term of Political Islam (meant to be whatever is driving political activities by groups like Daesh and al-Qaeda) and my other semi-invented term of Religious Islam (five pillars, etc.) is stronger than between Imperialism (as an ideology driving foreign policy) and non-political activities by citizens of Imperialist countries. But, if you forgive my inability to come up with a better analogy, then I think we have a better set of questions of whether there is a double standard: (1) should there be a double standard in my example (especially if made better) and (2) should there be in the real world because it does deviate from my example?

    Finally, we could ask the questions of whether each chant in the real world is as pure as in our discussions. Clearly, when one vandalizes a mosque, as is the case in this story, the perpetrators have gone well beyond chanting into criminality. They have also targeted specific individuals who presumably are practicing “Religious Islam” but as far as I know have made no attempt to practice “Political Islam” as I discussed above. So, those vandals are just wrong and even if we had good answers to my hypotheticals above, they are out of bounds. As for those chanting “Death to America” I guess it’s not clear if that is just a convenient slogan or if sometimes they mean more, in their minds going beyond the verbal targeting of a specific political entity to the unspoken verbal targeting of individuals (and I know you well enough to know your objections to the third part of the Houthi rebel slogan).

    Again, not supporting Mike’s position. Just putting it into context and trying to give you more of an intellectual challenge! 🙂

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