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Central African Republic: Muslims Being Forced To Convert To Christianity By Christian Militias


What if they were Muslim?


Muslims in the western part of Central African Republic are being forced to hide their religion or convert to Christianity under threat of death, Amnesty International said Friday.

Central African Republic has been rocked by violence since the mostly Muslim Seleka rebel coalition toppled the longtime president in 2013.

Widespread human rights abuses committed by Seleka led to the formation of a Christian militia known as the anti-Balaka, who have targeted Muslims and sent tens of thousands fleeing to neighboring countries.

Muslims told Amnesty International they’ve been forced to convert or hide practices.

“We had no choice but to join the Catholic Church. The anti-balaka swore they’d kill us if we didn’t,” said a 23-year-old man in the Sangha-Mbaere prefecture, whose name was not given to protect his security.

A Muslim trader said it was effectively illegal to pray.

“We have to hide, do it quickly, and do it by ourselves,” he said.

Amnesty International said the bans are happening outside areas under the protection of United Nations peacekeepers and renewed efforts must be made to protect Muslims under threat and bring back those who have fled.

“Many of the tens of thousands of Muslim refugees who were expelled from the country in 2014 would one day like to return home, but are waiting until they can do so in a safe and sustainable manner,” the report said.

A transitional government was put into place in January 2014. Presidential and legislative elections are slated for Oct. 18.

Last Update: Friday, 31 July 2015 KSA 22:42 – GMT 19:42

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  • JamalSalam

    Thanks for your reply. It would seem that religion and politics do not and should not go together. Even the most peaceful of religions can be subverted and twisted by politics.

  • salam zaid aliraqi

    “& that my friends is what Taqiya truly is”

  • Friend of Bosnia

    You mean let’s hope it does not come to genocide. Don’t we all.
    As I see it in the Central African Republic the so-called anti-Balaka are the genocidals (by the way, have you noticed the derogatory epithet they have for Muslims? “Balaka” sound like “Balije”, the honorific the cetniks use for Bosniaks) and a lot of civilians joins them, because genocide is a great opportunity for thieves; and it’s the opportunity that makes the thief.
    However, as I see it, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) have prevented widespread acts of revenge and gratuitous violence. They have created field tribunals to judge theh war criminals; they have avoided widespread application of the death penalty and they strive for reconciliation. All the way seeing to it that never again can genocide be committed against the Tutsi people. As I see it they have been most merciful in victory. Which has made Rwanda one of the most orderly and progressive countries in Africa. I would love to see a similar solution for BiH too. Really, if there were true patriots among the leaders of (or in) BiH they could learn more than one thing from the RPF. Following on that example they should establish the Bosnian Patriotic Front and get rid of the kleptocrats and crooks they have today.
    You see, there is a difference between war and genocide. War is the
    application of violence to enforce a political decision that can’t be
    achieved other than through violence. Genocide is the partial or total
    extermination of teh enemy to appropriate their land. While the line
    between the two is a thin one, it is there. Compare the objectives of
    the Allied (at leasdt of the USA and Great Britain) and of the Axis
    forces in WW II. ANd with this I refute the Serbo facist notion that “all sides were equally guilty of war crimes in the Bosnian War” with which they still try to whitewash themselves. While at first glance this may seem true, the Bosniaks have no genocidal intentions towards teh serbs and didf not commit acts of genoicide liek the Serbs did at Foca, Prijedor, Kozarac, Visegrad and Srebrenica. And Jasenovac does not count as a pretext forf Srebrenica. Because it was not the Bosiaks who committed Jasenovac, it was the Ustasha.But to these malevolent bastards it’s all the same. Just a few days ago one of those evil puerile bastards said that “NATO and IS will ally against Serbia as they did in the 1990s”. There was no IS in the 1990s, it simply did not exist. But the truth never has served the fascists, Unfortunately the only valid arguments against fascists are made not of words but of lead and steel.

  • HerrSkolly

    You may have missed the point. Herr Catsup has provided a great example of Taqiyya.

    Taqiyya, in fact, inherently involves “hiding” one’s Self to protect one’s Self and one’s loved ones should that become a necessity – as prescribed/allowed by Islam. Taqiyya, as going to the bar to get good and loaded is but a joke – if that’s what you might think it is. Taqiyya, as disguising one’s Self to mislead the “infidel” is but a joke …

  • Heinz Catsup

    “Muslims in the western part of Central African Republic are being forced
    to hide their religion or convert to Christianity under threat of

    & that my friends is what Taqiya truly is, NOT what Islamophobes would have you believe.

  • mindy1

    ðŸ™? let’s hope it does not come to that :((

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, like the Tutsi did in Rwanda. There uis no other way.

  • mindy1

    � this is so sad

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