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USA: 207 Mass Shootings In 2015 Alone, Only 1 Committed By A Muslim



On Aug. 5, a man armed with a hatchet, pepper spray and a pellet gun was killed by police in Antioch, Tennessee, after trying to attack people inside a movie theater.

Some news outlets are claiming it could’ve been yet another mass shooting – almost two weeks after the massacre at a cinema in Louisiana. However, there’s no back-to-back media coverage of the incident as was seen when a similar tragedy occurred in Chattanooga at the hands of a Muslim attacker.

The only information available about the gunman is his name and mental health issues.

Vincente David Montano was a 29-year-old white man who, according to Metropolitan Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson, had “significant psychiatric or psychological issues” and “had been committed four times for psychiatric treatment.”

Unlike what was seen in the case of Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, nowhere has the media mentioned Montano’s religious affiliation (as yet).

In fact, even as the authorities were still investigating the Chattanooga shooting and no Islamic extremism links had been established, several news organizations began a discussion on Abdulazeez’s “radicalization” and Muslim heritage.

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This discriminatory approach in reporting facts when it comes to Muslims and acts of violence is a well-documented fact now.

But here’s one more problem: If radical Islam is of so much consequence when it comes to mass murder, why isn’t the media reporting on the number of Muslim perpetrators involved in mass public shootings that have become more commonplace in the United States, especially this year?

That’s probably because there were no “perpetrators” involved. There was just one – Abdulazeez. And even in his case, the FBI wasn’t able to find any links to Islamic terrorism.

According to Shooting Tracker, “the only crowdsourced mass shooting tracker in the world,”  there have been 207 mass shootings in 2015 so far and only one, the July 16, 2015, Chattanooga massacre, was committed by a Muslim.

But you won’t see these figures on cable news.

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  • I’d be glad to see this article updated with more recent statistics.

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  • Hassan Nasrallah

    Islamophobes enable all of the Western wars of aggression against the islamic world.

  • First of all, the fact that someone claims authority does not make it so. I can say I am the supreme authority of the Western Hemisphere all I like, but that doesn’t mean that all inhabitants of the Western Hemisphere agree with me, or that I even have the power to do things in the name of the Western Hemisphere, although I was most certainly born here.
    Any approval I might show of actions performed by others also does not equal approval by the Western Hemisphere or its inhabitants.
    This goes especially for something like al-Islam which, unlike Roman Catholicism, has neither a central authority nor a hierarchy.
    Second, the tweet in question was not cheering anything; it was pretending to predict the shooting.
    Third, it has never even been determined that the Twitter account which sent the tweet was in any way linked to Daesh.
    All of which you might know had you bothered to educate yourself about the subject prior to posting.

  • 786 They are not my favorite. But that does not automatically mean that what is being said is false. The CAIR spokespony is also not the only person featured in the clip. He isn’t even responsible for the majority of what is being said here.
    What confuses me is the fact that their lips do not match the words. It looks like something filmed in another language and dubbed into English. Combined with my natural distrust of media outlets–ALL media outlets–it makes my hackles rise.

  • Your inability to comprehend–and write–my mother tongue is breathtaking.
    Take some ESL courses before you embarrass yourself further.

  • On Earth, we call them assholes.
    I knew MMA fighters were assholes already.

  • cmyfe .

    Next time when I try to be sarcastic I’ll add in a hint….

  • Jekyll


  • Solid Snake

    I would love to learn a martial art. What do you recommend? Something that is practical and effective anywhere. I was thinking krav maga (spelling?) Or muy Thai.

  • Alejandro RodrĂ­guez

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that the man in the photo looks like Jeff Goldblum’s lost twin brother.

  • JD

    Iowa man to plead guilty to online threats against Boston mosque

    An Iowa man
    arrested in June and charged with threatening to shoot and kill Muslims
    at a Boston mosque plans to plead guilty, according to court papers.

    Wayne Ledford, 57, of Clinton, Iowa, was arrested after making
    threatening posts on the Facebook page of the Islamic Society of Boston
    Cultural Center, including “we will destroy you” and a photo of a person
    carrying a gun.

    In a filing in
    U.S. District Court in Boston on Tuesday, he said he intended to plead
    guilty and wanted to have his sentencing handled in federal court in
    Iowa, a request to which federal prosecutors in both states consented.

  • JD

  • moraka

    Sarcasm not an easy thing to do well, but i admit my fault.

  • mindy1

    Either way I hope they end up in hell

  • RealSuperSand
  • moraka

    Another sick lying degenerate trying to justify genocide while sympathizing with murderess and psychopaths. Why don’t we instead eliminated keyboard Hitlers like you.

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  • cmyfe .

    So 206 mentally ill poor souls who probably need your help and sympathy and 1 INTRINSICALLY CORRUPT DEVIL WORSHIPPER WHOSE ENTIRE CREED NEEDS TO BE SUBJUGATED OR ELIMINATED!!!

  • Yea, I already warned them not to use this source or anything based on it–the most obvious danger being that the loons will simply conclude that the “unknown” perpetrators must all be Muslims–but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Not that I really enjoy mentioning this, but the whole premise of the article is just wrong. Of the 207 mass shootings, in 169 cases in the database, the Alleged Shooter is “Unknown.” (Sort by the Alleged Shooter column to make the counting easier.)

    That leaves just 38 cases where we could possibly identify the religion of the attacker. The fact that it is just one case means that the percentage is pretty much chance and I don’t think it means much one way or the other, but if you had to report a reasonably fair figure, it wouldn’t be one out of 207. Otherwise, we could say that males committed at most 38 out of 207 mass shootings, as did females! (I’m too lazy to break either figure down, but you obviously could.)

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