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Donald Trump To Supporter: We’re Going To Look Into Getting Rid of Muslims



Was this insane questioner in the video below who asked, “when are we going to get rid of them [i.e.Muslims]?” at the New Hampshire, Donald Trump rally for real? He fills the whole genocidal, White racist, Islamophobic discourse so extraordinarily well — too well.

In any case, yes, Michael from White Plains is real. His mind has been infected by devils, and the devils names are: Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and everyone else, including politicians, who give succor to rants about “training camps” and “stealth Jihad” in the little echo chamber of internet anti-Muslim hate.

Trump’s response was no surprise, typical of this slice of Americana we are witnessing, he replied to Michael by saying, “we’re going to be looking at that.” It’s his base after all that feeds the Trump ego-machine and of course he’s no stranger to expressing these sentiments himself.

Liberals also need to check themselves for a moment before they pat themselves on the back. The likes of Bill Maher and Sam Harris say the same sort of thing but couch it often in much more insidious language.

“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims,” an unidentified man who spoke at a question-and-answer town hall event in Rochester, New Hampshire asked the mogul at a rally Thursday night. “You know our current president is one. You know he’s not even an American.”

A seemingly bewildered Trump interrupted the man, chuckling, “We need this question. This is the first question.”

“Anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us,” the man, wearing a “Trump” T-shirt, continued. “That’s my question: When can we get rid of them?”

“We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things,” Trump replied. “You know, a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening. We’re going to be looking at that and many other things.” via. CNN

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  • TheSyndicate2006

    Hey I got banned from newsbusters, welcome to the club. Anyway, I find it funny the only time these right wing nut jobs give a rats ass about women and gays is only when they are bashing Muslims.

  • TheSyndicate2006

    Why hasn’t loonwatch posted anything on this story? They’ve been slow lately, not even posting about some stories lately.

  • JD

    New Poll Finds Anti-Muslim Sentiment Frighteningly
    SEPTEMBER 29, 2015

    Call it Trumpism, an ad-hoc term for the cresting wave of white Republican resentment that Donald Trump has been surfing like Duke Kahanamoku. Some find it fascinating. Late-night comics like Stephen Colbert have been treating it like it’s hilarious.

    But a lot of people take Mr. Trump completely seriously, and support him fervently. So when do we start being frightened for this country?

    A poll came out today. It’s just one poll in one Southern state, North Carolina, by one polling outfit (Public Policy Polling, or PPP) with Democratic Party ties, asking questions of a few hundred Republican primary voters.

    But still, these results:

    “Do you think a Muslim should ever be allowed to be President of the United States, or not?

    A Muslim should be allowed to be President of the United States: 16 percent

    A Muslim should not be allowed to be President of the United States: 72 percent

    Not sure: 12 percent”


    “Do you think the religion of Islam should be legal or illegal in the United States?

    Islam should be legal in the United States: 40 percent

    Islam should be illegal in the United States: 40 percent

    Not sure: 20 percent”

    Do these people know what it means to outlaw Muslim worship? Do they teach history in the North Carolina schools? Do they know what would happen if we closed mosques, arrested worshipers and prayer leaders, imposed religious tests for public office? Are these overwrought questions, or do the ugly answers in this poll portend something seriously wrong: an outbreak of a deadly fever this country has seen many times before?

  • HeGG

    Now, from Ben Carson:

    “But right now, when you have something that is against the rights of women, against the rights of gays, subjugates other religions, and a host of things that are not compatible with our Constitution, why, in fact, would you take that chance?”

    I completely agree.

    He’s talking about Republicans, right?

    (Sorry. I finally got banned from Breitbart, so I lost my outlet)

  • Mifeng86

    I don’t think a man who is known to have ties to the Russian mafia is a good choice for Commander in Chief. Just sayin’…

  • Reynardine

    Not quite that, but…

  • Yausari

    “Not a race” card. Ahh classic. It’s the only thing that permits you to be a bigot, no? Well, whatever your excuses are; why stop your honesty there? Because those “screaming, beheading, backwards, stone-age deniers of progress and modern society; you don’t give a damn about it. In fact, you would love to hear more of it. As long as you have excuse to hate and slander. You don’t even care any of them are true. You will take it as truth.
    I’m no denier of modern society and I certainly have not even commit a crime. But you better stop being pretentious as if you “care” about these things. Because if you look deeply, you’re no different.
    For once, I’m gonna pretend to be a bigot. How is death sentence beheading is better than drone bombing? How is executing people of “suspected terrorist” without a trial is better than stoning? More importantly, to another country? They do it more effectively with better technology? Is that why you call them deniers of modern society? How many people screaming in outrage after 9/11? How many people joined the army out of revenge?
    Let’s one thing clear. Barbarians wearing suits is still barbarians.
    I’m sure you don’t fall in any of those categories. No, you’re the type does fear mongering.
    That’s one thing we don’t have in common. We don’t pass around illigitimate education to fuel hatred and create bigoted views.

  • The Radiant Princess Erika

    i understand that they wanted to get someone slightly less evil than Twump but Satan was too busy.

  • Jekyll

    are you back now? Heard you got deported to the Paganland?

  • Joey Sanders

    The Republicans do not seem to realize that such rhetoric cannot win them national elections. They have alienated almost everyone who is a non-white male over the age of 55. Latinos are all illegals. Blacks are criminals. Muslims are terrorists. Women cannot get abortions under any circumstance.

    What is good is the fact that there are enough white people who are turned off by such hateful language. It is too bad the Republicans fail to realize that, if they are to win a national election, they need to be more welcoming to other groups. Sadly, they are probably not smart enough to understand that. The good part is many of there brethren are getting old and will not be around a few years from now.

  • Reynardine

    And now, for poops and giggles, this serial polygamist who has expressed a desire to sleep with his own daughter (but it’s all right, because of his “wine and little cracker”) is a featured speaker at the Values Voters summit.

  • Yausari

    See his comment history. Everything against trump is “yellow journalism”. Not biased, right?

  • HSkol

    Taking pride in your inner hatred and fear is hardly constructive and does seem to have already taken something of a toll on your psyche. Sit back and talk to the folks here. You’ll find out that they’re not bad at all … tired of limited minds boxing them in … but, good people.

  • HSkol
  • The Radiant Princess Erika

    don’t you have some cars to chase, dog?

  • The Radiant Princess Erika

    i didn’t know that weasels did that.

  • The Radiant Princess Erika

    that sounds absolutely horrific

    but i’m also picturing puppies playing lutes which actually sounds kind of adorable

  • Reynardine

    Now the commenters are even arguing over whether he was a monocot or a dicot.

  • Reynardine


  • Reynardine

    Ermagerd was a Wagnerian soprano of (in every sense of the word) impressive volume, but, as she was at the peak of her art from 1898 to 1911, I’m surprised even so cultured a youth as you has heard of her.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    Ermagerd, I’m terrified.

  • JD

    If your proud be a hateful bigot idiot good for you but..Quote Zakariya Ali Sher

    professional Islamophobes like David Whoreowitz, Robert Spencer,
    Pamella Geller, Geert Wilders and their vocal internet followers have
    carefully distanced themselves from allegations of ‘racism’ by repeating
    the mantra that “Islam isn’t a race”… all while they attack Arabs,
    Iranians, Pakistanis and pretty much anyone with brown skin and a “funny
    sounding” name.

    Of course, anyone with eyes and even a modicum of common sense could
    see that they were simply using “Muslim” as if it were a racial
    category. There are no shortage of quotes from the various luminaries of
    the hate movement that said as much. Indeed, the entire Eurabia
    movement is based on the premise of Arab/Muslim immigrants overtaking
    and outbreeding white European Christians. Naturally, their less clever
    (or at least, less subtle) followers have taken the same path. They will
    continue to single out Muslims for attack.

    We already saw this in the US, where that woman pushed Sunando Sen to his death in New York. And while we all saw the Islamophobia in her
    rants, nobody mentioned that she also conflated Hindus and Muslims,
    claiming she hated us both and lumped us together. I wasn’t aware any of
    the 9-11 hijackers were Hindu. That quote went under the radar, but it
    shows how all ‘brown’ people are conflated in their minds. Its not just
    skin color, it’s culture, religion… but the end result is the same. We
    are hated because we aren’t part of the majority. I truly feel sorry
    for the Copts, Assyrians and other Oriental Christians. I can only
    imagine the crap they will endure.

    Of course, this sort of thing isn’t new to Germany either. And no,
    I’m not referring to the Shoah. That would be a low shot even for me.
    I’m referring to the murder of Marwa Sherbini. She and her unborn child
    were stabbed to death in court, in front of the judge, in front of her
    husband (who, incidentally, was shot when he tried to intervene). The
    German police then went out of their way to protect her killer and his
    identity. Funny thing is, they apparently couldn’t have been bothered to
    check him for a knife before he went into court…

    And it’s happened with the neo-Nazi cell that was killing immigrants.
    Not a one time killing spree either, but a killing spree that spanned
    several years. Indeed, it was not until they shot a German police woman
    that their crimes came to public attention. And ironically, it was about
    the same time Merkel was decrying how Muslim immigrants “didn’t
    immigrate” or some such crap. As Eslaporte said, Europol, the German
    authorities and even the media have downplayed the threat posed by right
    wing terrorist groups, and that was true with the immigrant murder cell
    too. I can’t speak much for the domestic market, but they were barely a
    blip on the international media.

    The thing that all of both of these killers have in common is the
    fact that they targetted Muslims specifically. Almost as if Islam were
    synonymous with being “brown.” As if all Muslims were immigrants (and
    vice versa).

    Perhaps equally insidious, looking back at Spencer, Geller and the
    rest of Team Hatred©, you’ll notice that they very rarely concern
    themselves with what we might call “non-stereotypical” Muslims. You
    know, Muslims from other backgrounds. East Asian Muslims, black African
    Muslims, white Muslims… oh sure, you’ll get an occasional mention when
    someone gets killed by terrorists in Indonesia or Nigeria, or when an
    Albanian immigrants are convicted of a crime, or when some white
    Euro-American convert tries to join al-Qaeda, but for the most part they
    are overshadowed by Middle Eastern, North African and/or South Asian
    Muslims (and sometimes non-Muslims like Hindus, Sikhs, even the
    occasional Christian).

    The fact that there are sizable minorities of white Euro-American
    converts to Islam in the US, Britain, Germany and just about every other
    Western nation seems lost on them, as does the fact that the
    overwhelming majority of our Brothers and Sisters in faith are law
    abiding. Or mostly law abiding, barring a few mp3 downloads here or
    there. 😀 But then, white Muslims converts (or reverts if you prefer)
    are a lot harder to profile. Many don’t have “Muslim sounding names.” Oh
    sure, you get a few conservatives who sport full on crazy ass beards,
    but most blend in with Euro-American society. And still have non-Muslim
    family members. They aren’t nearly so scary or foreign… or perhaps
    they are too close for comfort. Either way, they aren’t good for Geller
    and her ilk.

    Likewise, the very sizable and historically noteworthy black Muslim
    community here in the US, both Nation of Islam (and its various
    offshoots) and more traditional Sunni Muslims. I’ve noticed a very
    distinct lack of coverage on them since 9-11. And again, it makes sense.
    While its easy to denounce that homogenous brown mass of “A-rab”,
    Iranian and “Paki” villains and ne’er-do-wells, its much harder for
    Geller and other US-based Islamophobes to attack blacks, particularly
    well organized, politicized groups like the NOI. At least, not without
    being accused of racism, and that can be a career ending allegation here
    in the US. Especially in politics. If Peter King, for example, were to
    be accused of racism, particularly anti-black racism, in freaking New
    York, you’d never hear from him again. Public apology and then a
    complete disappearance from the political landscape.

    Oh, it certainly crops up from time to time. Geller has claimed that
    Obama, the “secret Muslim,” was also Malcolm X’s “secret love child,”
    and I believe Debbie Schlussel (Pamella’s less controlled, more
    psychotic Midwestern counterpart) has spewed something about the NOI as
    well. But then, Schlussel is pretty stupid even by Islamophobe
    standards. How she passed the bar, I’ll never know. Even blatant racists
    like David Yerushelami are carefully kept out of the public eye

  • HSkol

    And, everyone who passes him by thinks there’s a big used car sales event.

  • HSkol

    Well, the Christian Squad (KKK) hasn’t quite let go of violence – certainly they’ve not let go of their violence inciting rhetoric. Thankfully, they’re not as strong as they were at one time; and, I do hope that their cause dies out sooner than later.

  • Reynardine

    You know, when you play a flute, his hair stands up and wiggles.

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