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Pamela Geller Captures Latest Stealth Jihad in Progress

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Photo by Junaid Ahmed, National Geographic


by Ilisha

It’s happening in Los Angeles.

It’s happening in Washington, D.C.

It’s happening in Moscow, New York City, Paris, Rome, Milan, London, Budapest and beyond.

It’s happening everywhere, and Pamela Geller has the photographic evidence to prove it.

What is this worldwide atrocity that has Ms. Geller convinced Islamic Sharia is poised to take over Western cities, all across the globe?

Friday prayers.

That’s right. Muslims are gathering for congregational prayers in public spaces all over the world. Right out in the open. Stealth jihad is hiding in plain sight.

If there’s one thing Geller dislikes more than Muslims praying in public spaces, it’s Muslims building mosques–especially “mega mosques” that would presumably be large enough to accommodate congregational prayers.

Park51 Entrance Photo by Ilisha, 2013

Park51 Entrance Photo by Ilisha, 2013

Last month Geller and her friends all across the looniverse celebrated their belated victory over the “Ground Zero Mosque.” Though it was neither at ground zero nor a mosque, a heated national debate erupted with some help from Geller and her fellow outrage peddlers in 2009. By late summer of 2010, after a series of media appearances and protests, polls showed a majority of the American public opposed the plan for a 15-story community center with a prayer space called Park51. 

Despite opposition, the city approved the project. For a few years, Park51 was open to the public in the original space, but the grand plans that has sparked the controversy never materialized. Last month, Sharif El-Gamal, the chairman and CEO of Soho Properties, announced a new plan to turn the property into a 70-story residental tower offering luxury condos. 

In a post with the tag “Ground Zero Mega Mosque: Takbir!,” Geller celebrated victory:

We did it! We the people. President Obama pushed for it, then-Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg supported it, the media actively campaigned for it — the elites in their increasingly fragile ivory towers stumped for the mosque.

But the people stood up and fought it and won.

Hey Obama, YES. WE. CAN. – Pamela Geller

It’s difficult to see how anti-Muslim agitators can take credit for this development. El-Gamal decided to build condos instead of the cultural center not because of pressure from Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and their ilk, but to take advantage of New York City’s luxury condo boom.

Nevertheless, it is a “victory” in the sense the “Ground Zero Mosque” was scrapped. One down, hundreds more to go.

In another recent article, Geller decries the “Obama Justice Department” suing an Illinois town for denying a rezoning application. If the application is approved, it will allow an existing office building to be converted into a what Geller describes as an “Islamic temple.” A move which she views, somehow, as a triumph of Islamic law over American law, as well as a step in the wrong direction:

…Obama’s lawless administration is imposing the Shariah nationwide, allowing the rampant construction of rabats and jihad recruitment centers at a time when we should be monitoring the mosques and restricting construction of Muslim Brotherhood beachheads and Islamic State madrassas. – Pamela Geller

Apparenlty Muslims shouldn’t pray outside in public spaces, and Muslims shouldn’t build mosques to pray inside either. Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t seem like a reasonable stance.

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  • Just_Stopping_By

    Are you calling Pamela a cannibal? 😀

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    But doesn’t she eat stuff like that anyway?

  • JD

    Today, the Ohio State House Judiciary Committee Will
    Consider an Islamophobic, Anti-Foreign Law Bill

    CAIR Asks NJ Sheriff to Reject Training by
    Islamophobe Who Calls Islam ‘the Devil’

    PLAINFIELD, NJ, 10/27/15) – The New Jersey chapter of the Council on
    American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NJ) today announced that it has asked a
    sheriff in that state to disassociate his department from a November 2 training program
    featuring notorious Islamophobe Walid
    Shoebat, who has called Islam “the devil.”

  • Reynardine

    Jews aren’t supposed to eat that either.

  • Reynardine

    Bacon is a carcinogen because of the nitrites they put in it to preserve it and make it taste smoked. Black cardamom, I note, gives an enticing smoked flavor to bean or pea soups without either pork or nitrites, an especially nice thing to know if you want to make an authentic-tasting hoppin’ John with blackeye peas for New Year’s Day.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    You know, if what the news says about bacon being carcinogenic is true and not just another example of bad science reporting by the media, then we should surely be encouraging Geller and the like to eat as much bacon as possible?

  • Hasan karim

    This people are crazy! WHO has announced a few days ago about Baccon that it’s carcinogeni and what do the right-wingers say? It’s a muslim conspiracy!


    Muslims get the blame for everything nowadays. I don’t actually blame the right-wingers or the crazy people who support them I blame the media who has been spreading nonsense for the past 14 years starting from the year 2001. The problem with propaganda media is you won’t get the result just in 1 day it will take years before you see the outcome of your propaganda. The media has been brainwashing the people for years now.

    As a muslim I get questions like so you want to turn us all muslims? So you want to turn Europe into the next Caliphate and all that nonsense questions. Seriously I stoped responding to it, doesn’t matter what reply you give them, they won’t listen to reason.

  • samlebon23

    She’s in a terminal state, nothing can be done.

  • samlebon23

    The pictures are fake. I think they are Pamela’s volunteers.

  • The greenmantle

    Thanks Pam for pointing out the World Health Organisation is promoting Sharia Law I dont know how we would all cope without you . The world would be a sadder place that is for sure ,you are indeed a complete nutter …er sorry that should read a shining bacon for freedom……–ZJLDa_0B_l

    Tally ho!

    Sir David

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    It is a shame that Gamal and Rauf didn’t go ahead with the building of the mosque there after all the ruckus that was caused in 2010. I am sure Hannity will have Geller on to spew this nonsense about a “victory,” which only makes sense in the right-wing bubble.

  • Yausari

    Her mental disorder has gotten worse.

  • mindy1


  • Reynardine

    Putting brick chips and Wesson oil in our driveways.

  • moraka
  • moraka
  • HSkol

    Geller is, without doubt, unintentional comedy personified – at times. Quite scary in her reach to her readers though.

    Oh, and the door being blue, reminds me of cool, clear, refreshing water. How very sinister.

  • Ilisha

    Here she is again on WND, making prayer sound sinister:

    They were always praying in the Burlington Coat Factory building that was partially destroyed in the September 11 attacks, the same building that houses “Park51″ now. Look at the story at my website back in December 2009, when I first took up the fight. They were praying there then. It was never about that. They pray everywhere. They pray in the streets at Ground Zero – facing Mecca, of course. So what else is new?


    Evil Muslims, with all this praying all over the place, and–GASP!–facing Mecca! I find her unintentionally comical. She is still taking credit for this development too, even though the plan was scrapped half a decade later:

    And Americans prevented that mosque from being built – no thanks to the enemedia, which is still claiming victory even as their narrative crashes to the ground all around them. There has been, and will not be, any media mea culpa

    I’m not sure what mea culpa Geller is expecting from the “enemedia.” LOL

    Did you notice the picture I took of the door? Notice the door has “Fajr Entrance” written in what appears to be magic marker, on a very shabby looking door. Three or four years after the hysteria of a “mega mosque” built with mega bucks–this big fanciful monument that was supposedly a tribute to “Islamic Supremacy”–and that’s the entrance? Not very grand. :)

    I showed up when I was in NYC to visit this place and see the object of all this fuss. It wasn’t open at the time, but from what I could see it looked quite modest. Geller keeps saying the place was never opened to the public, but they had some public events going on during the period when I was there in 2013–even though I didn’t get to come in an ask for further details for check out the interior.

    Anyway, I saw nothing there that seemed worth all the fuss. On another trip to NYC, I contacted Park51 and asked for an interview. They politely refused, saying they didn’t want to spur further controversy.

  • Laurent Weppe

    To be precise: she scored high on the evil scale, but her score was abysmal in the look like a cute harmless furry critter to anesthetize the bipedal food dispensers’ suspicions department

  • Lazer-Lion

    Funny how people like her don’t say Catholic churches should be closed down after every scandal, or any other place of worship in fears of “harbouring radicals”

  • Reynardine

    Yes, and she flunked.

  • Reynardine

    Time to do it again.

  • mindy1

    I do wonder where she wants all of those Muslims to go……I still wonder if she has ever gotten a cat scan.

  • HSkol

    Holy moly! So many people up to … prayers! This is such an issue … because.

  • The greenmantle

    Dear Pam
    I am in danger of being radicalised only you and your money can save me . Please can you post a cheque to

    The David Livingston buy a new car fund .

    70 av République
    94700 Maisons Alfort
    Paris .

    Thank you
    My thoughts are with you and I hope the therapy begins to work soon
    Toodle pip

    Sir David

    PS one of these would be nice

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