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Hate Attack on New York Muslim Part of Rise in Islamophobia


Donald Trump says if he wins the election he will ban Muslims from entering the country.

By Emperor

I am sure somewhere someone is meticulously compiling the shameful list of hate attacks, incidents and rhetoci that has inundated our news feeds and timelines. Myself, I can’t keep up with all the attacks and hate rhetoric, punctuated by Donald Trump’s call for Muslims to be banned from entering the USA, that have exploded since the San Bernardino attacks.

As the title states, in one such instance a Muslim man was attacked by Piro Kolvani who decided he had to drive from Florida to New York to beat on a Muslim (Kolvani was inspired by the NY Post front covers). Kolvani viciously attacked Sarker Haque, who stated, “I never saw a situation like that. Not even after 9/11.”

The insane way America responds to attacks by Muslims versus attacks by others, (particularly White males who have committed the greatest and most significant numbers of mass shootings) highlights the hypocrisy inherent in significant sectors of Americana.

What Trump said shocked the system, before that point Islamophobia was rampant as well but many of those in positions of influence were asleep to its decadent and corrosive effects on the body politic. And lets be real, “Islamophobia” is a massive problem on the left! New Atheists such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Bill Maher are no better than Trump and the rest of the Republican field and they get feted by Hollywood, politicians and others who feel no shame when they break out in thunderous applause after every hate-filled comment.

American politicians have salivated at the opportunity to vote in support of war, occupation, invasion, and drone attacks that have destroyed countless Muslims for years now; that has barely registered a peep of condemnation.

Of course there are wonderful Americans who have been pushing back against this ugly hate but there are still some who are stuck on semantic hang-ups, debating whether “Islamophobia” is the right term, which is really another way to deflect and undermine the struggle against Islamophobia.

I share here a public post by Evergreen State College Professor Sarah Eltantawi that captures some of what I want to say. For those who yammer on and on about how great and better “our culture” is than “theirs,” no, you are horridly wrong, you are not better.

This is a very disturbing country. I have traveled around and lived in the Middle East extensively. A sentence like, “…

Posted by Sarah Eltantawi on Friday, December 11, 2015

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  • The greenmantle

    depends what you define as truth ? I suspect its all opinion as opposed to facts 🙂
    Land of the free ?
    You are free to starve , die due to lack of medication , free to be shot . Yup you have lots of freedoms I dont need or want 😉

    Sir DAvid

  • The greenmantle
  • The greenmantle

    I would arrest someone for spreading hate and encouraging violence yup Guilty every time .
    The UK even banned that quiet moderate human rights activist * ,Pam Geller Donald Trump is equally insane and hate filled .

    Sir David

    * her description of herself , I have another description of here available free on request

  • JEFF

    You say that we’re “sliding into fascism”, yet you would arrest someone for speaking freely? You are a hypocrite!

  • Reynardine

    I have Bre’er Shotgun, but I never fired him. I also have kept big dogs most of the time, and they’re a bit more explosive.

  • Jekyll

    One da best blogs smacking the cough out of these progressive Mozlems. Lovely really.

  • Jekyll

    Tarek ‘I did for da Rock’ futu lol

  • Joey Sanders

    Your Honest Interviews were always a fun read. I loved your “Top 10 pro-regressive Muslim idiots” list. Also, I will always remember the big laugh I had when I saw that picture of T-Fat with the caption, “I did it for the biryani.”

    The importance of your blog was showing these Muslims for what they were. They were not coming to help the Muslim community. They were trying to discredit us and make us look like we are the ones needing to be changed. Their primary motto was, “Be more like white people.” They were the enemies of Muslims while being a friend to our enemies. In the case of Nomani, she would perpetrate stereotypes about Muslims to further her agenda.

    Her allies call her a Muslim reformer. Nomani has no credibility when it comes to trying to reform us. She is like a Bristol Palin going to Christians preaching abstinence. Actually, they are both very similar. Neither is very good at using a condom.

  • AJ

    I used to read your blog. I don’t know when I stopped reading that and started reading LW.

  • AJ

    A Hifz place in outskirts of DC that has some office in some mall (I am on their mailing list) are hiring a guard for $3800/month. These people barely make it from their students to pay the Quran memorization teachers. I wonder how they would be able to get $3800 extra per month to cover a guard. These are times for paranoia and actual risk and you can’t tell which is which.

  • AJ

    ‘Conspiracy Theories’ are not entertained in most ‘credible’ places. We need to accept whatever narrative the government tells us and refute that with verses from the Quran.

    Sarcasm aside did you note no one is claiming the lady killer body? Seems the actual Mrs. Farook is residing somewhere in Dubai like Mrs. Faisal Shahzad while whoever it is rots in the San Bernardino morgue.

  • Dr.S

    “Honest interview” are my absolute favorite. They are hilarious.!

  • Reynardine

    You can do it in three days with overnight stops, but a lot faster if you drive straight through with only wayside catnaps.

  • The greenmantle
  • Mohamed

    Hello Loonwatch the San Bernardino shooting was 2 weeks ago and the
    story is completely dead now. I have lately been thoroughly reading up
    on the incident and notice too many things not adding up.

    1.) The initial reports from witnesses were the shooters were three tall muscular white men in military apparel.

    It just doesn’t make sense to me why a center for people with
    developmental disabilities was the target and one of the victims of the
    shooting was muslim that Syed knew.

    3.) Of the interviews that
    they have of people that knew Syed described him to be an individual
    with forward ambition that was studying to get his masters and recently
    brought a new born baby into this world. Absolutely no one seen any
    signs that he would ever do this.

    4.) Of the most weirdest and
    chilling things I have seen come from this story was watching an
    interview with Anderson Cooper talking to one of the victims families,
    its weird enough for him to just ask how do you feel with the fact your
    mom is dead, but more so than that it was the girls response being
    completely unfazed by the whole thing even smiling throughout the entire

    We shouldn’t allow the media to just dictate the
    narrative, as people if we don’t require honest and critical journalism
    and discussion why should they give it.

    So I highly urge
    Loonwatch to take the initiative to thoroughly look at the story
    themselves and urge the readers of this site to message muslim and non
    muslim writers and media figures to come back and look at this story to
    ask the hard questions that need to be asked.

  • Joey Sanders

    I remember reading those articles you wrote years ago. I despised all those people you despised, especially the individuals associated with the Progressive Muslim Union. Having valid debates among Muslims about their religion I do not have a problem with. What I disliked was the fact that they wanted to change Islam in order to be liked by Western civilization. I thought the colonial mindset was too strong within them. That’s why I loved your blog. You called out these phonies and exposed them for the fools that they were.

    Asra was someone I collided with over the Mosque In Morgantown when the documentary on the topic was released. I have no problem if her fight was for women to have better facilities at a mosque, so they can listen to the Imans and such. My wife complains all the time about that as well. I always felt that Asra only cared about getting publicity for her book. If she was truly about changing certain cultural norms within the mosque, she did not need to involve outsiders. Getting CNN to cover her fight probably helped book sales. The problem is Muslims were not the ones buying her book. It was westerners. How does that help her cause?

    Also, I was at ICNA convention when Muhammad Ali Hasan had his Muslims for Bush booth. It did not last long. It got torn down. Aside from him, I don’t think anybody cared. There might be hope for him though. He left the Republican Party after realizing how bigoted members of the party were in Colorado. He became a Democrat and ran, unsuccessfully for office.

    I wish you had kept your blog going. It was very informative and it was not written by some loudmouth loser who did not know the facts. There are still people like Asra who need to be exposed for the kind of people they truly are.

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