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[VIDEO]: Forcing MUSLIMS to Wear Badges – Public Experiment

Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims has wide support among Republicans, even in erstwhile “blue states.”

In the public experiment below we are given a glimpse into how easy it is for fascist policies to be embraced when an incentive is added.

This isn’t meant to imply that everyone who would force Muslims to wear badges are Republicans, some of them may very well be liberals, since Islamophobia isn’t only a problem on the right.

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  • Amie

    Kristen, when one examines your writing it is clear how racist you are. The fact that you “voted” for Obama does not mean anything in that respect. For example, you write how Muslims come into government and change laws. Give me one example of a Muslim politician in Western nations who changed any of your laws? Just one example! There is none. Next, you go on blabbing about Muslim majority nations. Well, majority rules, right? In Western democracies the majorities make the laws and vote for the politicians. If the will of the people is to have Sharia in their land as the supreme law of the land, that that is their choice–the choice of their majority. Then you say : “Muslims have the highest reproduction rate, then Hispanics.” A clear racist statement that demonstrates how fearful you are of Muslims (that you probably think are only of Arab descent) and Hispanics procreate. What is so scary about Arab and Hispanic races? Please tell me. Are they not beautiful peoples? Perhaps they value life and family more than some of you who claim you do. As far as I remember, Muslim Brotherhood did not “take over” Egypt. In fact, Muhammad Morsi was VOTED into presidency. He was a legitimate president voted in by the people. Whether he is suitable to be a president, that might be debated, but he did not force himself into power. Regarding Sharia Law, what you and people who you parrot (e.g. Geller) preach is lack of knowledge about Sharia Law. Sharia actually is supposed to give minorities rights to practice their faiths/lack of faith freely, and 99% of its rules applies to Muslims only, meeting minorities in the common understood universal laws: do not kill, do not steal, etc. Sharia tells ordinary Muslims what the protocol is to divorce, what the responsibility is of the father toward his children, how to distribute wealth when one dies, how to practice religion of Islam as a Muslim, rules about charity, etc. Do some Muslim religious leaders embellish and add stuff to the Sharia? Perhaps. I think that Muslim majority nations wishing to apply religious law should have a more strict way of application of the Sharia, that the Qur’an should be the guide and take precedence of over any other Sharia source. If this were the case, there would not be abuses toward minorities or horrific practices like stoning for adultery that we sometimes hear about from Saudi Arabia or similar places. Stoning, for example, is Old Testament law NOT Qur’anic law. But, that is for Muslim majority nations to sort out. Have you heard of Lord’s Army? Yes, no? Even if you did, you would quickly absolve yourself from them saying they are not Christian. But that is exactly what they claim to be and they want to impose the Christian religion on everyone they come in contact with. They rape and pillage, believing that they are doing that for Jesus, whose blood they think makes them immune to any evil deed they commit. After all, Jesus supposedly promised that his shedding of his own blood helps make Christians pure and free of sins. So, there you go.

  • Awesome

    I write comments for the benefit of the general audience too sometimes. People will ask why I’m going round and round with someone who is obviously not likely to come around, and I say it’s partly because it’s an open forum. Others may get my point.

    People have asked me the same thing as well, while others say “don’t feed the trolls”. But the fact that it is an open forum is sometimes the only reason I bother responding at all. I think that lies, half-truths and hysteria/sensationalism that are promoted on a public forum, should always be debunked for the benefit of people’s understanding, even if the individual showcasing it has no interest in participating in a coherent discussion about it.

    Of course, when things start to go in circles, there is no point in crafting new responses to the same old rhetoric, to which the previous responses have not even been adequately addressed. It’s just a matter of copying & pasting then.

    For some reason, I can write comments for miles and miles effortlessly, but as soon as I try to write blog post, I freeze! I’ve even tried pretending it’s a comment but it doesn’t work. I think because in a comment I speak from my heart and say exactly what I want–there is no editor to please and not high standard to meet. It’s just me talking. A blog post on the other hand isn’t supposed to have typos, should be on mission, must be properly sourced, etc. I have dozens upon dozens of ideas for posts that have never–and probably will never–come to fruition!

    I think a lot of people have that problem. I probably do as well, but then I’m not sure as I have never tried to write a blog post before. Why not take an actual comment, and turn it into a blog post? Just change the words around so it isn’t directed at a specific individual, then add an introduction, a thesis, and a conclusion.

    So this is how I talk to people, and how I have my say, most places anyway. I find it funny my comments get deleted from Hatewatch, despite the fact I don’t actually insult or even criticize anyone. I didn’t mind as they have their niche and can post/delete comments at their discretion, just as we can. It’s kind of fun to switch hats and be moderated rather than moderating others’ comments for a change. But they do delete socially conservative comments wholesale—they even deleted a comment I wrote about liking sweet potatos. Very subversive. 🙂

    It is ironic that hatewatch can hate so much. As someone who has never been a moderator, I have no idea what it is like to moderate. In general, are there specific rules for deleting comments, or is the decision to delete entirely arbitrary, and/or varies from website to website?

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