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Peter Zieve: Anti-Mosque Crusader, Shocked By Negative Reaction To His Campaign

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Peter Zieve, sought to link a local mosque that was going to built to radicalization and terrorism. In what turned out to be a feel good story, the community responded negatively to his attempts.


Peter Zieve, president of Mukilteo-based Electroimpact, said he is throwing in the towel on his campaign to raise concerns about the mosque and what he says is a link between having a mosque in a community and breeding Islamic radicalization.

“Apparently I have no privacy, and I have no freedom of thought,” Zieve said Wednesday afternoon.

The negative response that he got via email and in local newspapers “just completely overwhelmed me,” he said. “I didn’t anticipate it.”

Zieve sent a bulk mailing of unsigned postcards to residents of Mukilteo, a city of 21,000 about 45 minutes north of Seattle, telling them that a mosque is planned for their town. He didn’t put his name on the postcards, but he confirmed to the Puget Sound Business Journal last week that he was the person behind them.

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  • It doesn’t matter if he’s “uncomfortable” with other people’s beliefs. Other people’s rights aren’t predicated on this guy’s feelings.

  • John John John

    Peter Zieve has an engineering degree from MIT and a doctorate in engineering from Washington. It is not at all surprising that someone with this level of advanced science education would be concerned about increasing levels of adherence to archaic and violent superstitious belief systems in his community. There are many scientists who are uncomfortable with religion and other superstitions, as history has shown these to be among the most potent intellectual poisons. It is ironic that “Loonwatch” is featuring a prominent scientist on its website when there are more than enough religious loons in this country to keep this website busy.

  • Jacob Peters

    What a whiner!!!

  • The greenmantle

    “Apparently I have no privacy, and I have no freedom of thought,”
    I enjoyed this comment too
    The idea of secretly sending your thoughts to everyone in the town and then complaining when folks found out 🙂

    Sir David

  • mindy1

    What a maroon, he says bad things about a group he is ignorant about, and is shocked he gets called out on it. 😛

  • Just_Stopping_By

    “Apparently I have no privacy, and I have no freedom of thought,” Zieve said Wednesday afternoon.

    And also apparently no sense of self-awareness.

    Complaining that you have no freedom of thought while objecting to others’ thoughts in prayer is like claiming to fight bigotry against one group on moral grounds while making bigoted statements about another group. Just admit that you’re acting for “your side” and not based on any actual principles.

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