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Buddhist Mob Rampage Against Muslim Villagers, Destroy Mosque


Hundreds of Myanmar Muslims have been displaced from their homes after a violent mob of Buddhist nationalists destroyed their mosque, and ransacked their businesses in the village of  Thuye Thamain.

This is a clear consequence of the violent Islamophobic atmosphere that has been nurtured by successive military regimes and which Suu Kyi’s “democractic” NLD party, which won national elections in 2015, has done nothing to stem or counter.

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Police reinforcements have been called in to help guard a village in central Myanmar where religious tensions are running high after a Buddhist mob destroyed a mosque.

Authorities said an angry mob of around 200 Buddhists rampaged through a Muslim area of a village in Bago province following an argument between neighbours over the building of a Muslim school.

It is the latest flare-up of anti-Muslim violence in Myanmar, which has seen sporadic bouts of religious bloodshed since 2012, with a surge of Buddhist nationalism presenting a key challenge for Aung San Suu Kyi’s new government.

Own Lwin, the local police chief, said the atmosphere remained tense with around 100 police officers deployed to keep the peace.

He said there had been rumours that there might be more unrest, adding that no arrests have been made over the destruction of the mosque.

Win Shwe, the mosque’s secretary, said Muslim residents feared for their safety and were planning to move to a nearby town until the tension cools.

“Our situation is not safe and now we are planning to leave the village … We still feel afraid,” he said.

Strident anti-Muslim sentiment has fomented across Myanmar in recent years, with outbreaks of violencethreatening to unravel democratic gains since the former junta stepped down in 2011.

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  • Friend of Bosnia

    True, but it wouldn’t be genocide and that’s what the serbo fascist try to convince the world of all the time.
    But they can’t make the truth untrue. The truth is that the war in BiH was/is a crusade, a Reconquista. The aims, methods and ends are the same as the Catholic Kings of Spain had in the 15th century: to get rid of all pewoplew in Spain who weren’t Christians.
    On the positive side, I have just seen in a report on teh Western Balkans that at teh segregated school in Travnik (a predominantly Bosniak town but with a sizabe Croat population). The high school there is divided into two halves, one very beautifully renovated for the Croats and the other half for the Bosniaks, totally dilapidated. There’s a fence between both parts, to keep Croats and Bosniaks apart. Looks liel Mississippi in the 1930s or Apartheid South Africa. Yet, Bosniak and Croat youngsters get together, become friends, party together, and don’t seem to hate each other. At a wedding in Skopje, there were Macedonians, Albanians, Serbs, Croats, Bosniaks. And they said that they were all human being. I sens e a certain nostalgy for the Yugoslavia of days gone by. But it was a communist dictatorship, that’s why it broke apart. Had it been a democratic country, it would still exist today, be in the EU (maybe not in NATO, as it was a founding member of the nonaligned states). And life would be, well, boring. Ah, but since June 24 of this year we live in interesting times.

  • George Carty

    Even if it had been just soldiers killed, it’s still a war crime to execute POWs.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Could be. It sounds plausible, but unless there’s some mole in the KGB, er, FSB and documentary evidence is exposed, how could this be proved? In any case, I’d love to see it proved.
    After all, the story of the 13-year old girl in Berlin allegedly “gang raped by Syrian refugees” was made up by the FSB and spread in Germany by well known pro-Putin war propagandists and AfD/Pegida fascists. I find disgusting that so many people believe it and quote it any time they want to bad-mouth Muslims. Like the made up story of the 3000 Serbs the Bosniaks allegedly killed around Srebrenica and that that was the reason for “things getting out of hand” and 8.347 Bosniaks being foully murdered. In the same breath the Greater Serbo fascist war propagandists say that these 8.347 people were ” soldiers killed in combat” and besides that teh Serbs let the women and children live “so it was no genocide”. Yeah. Some soldiers killed in battle. Bilndfolded, their hands tied with wire and shot in the back. And one should be so foolish to believe their lies. They add insult to injury and think we’re stupid, else they’d make up more clever lies, not so clumsy and transparent ones; essentially they say “we got away with it, and we can get away with it any time again.”
    And I should not feel hate and revulsion for such people. Indeed, I’d not be satisfied if just their lives were taken from them but also their immortal souls destroyed.

  • George Carty

    Do you think those gang-rapists in Cologne were shabiha posing as refugees, dispatched to Germany by Assad on Putin’s instructions? It would certainly be a very effective way of boosting far-right populism in Europe (which is after all what Putin wants), and their MO does seem to be a lot more “shabiha” than “Daesh”…

  • Friend of Bosnia

    I think I can understand them quite well. After all I too had to give up the place where I was raised and had a happy childhood. One of the saddest days in my life was when I left for the last time the house my father built (and he and I did quite a bit of work with our own hands on it) fortunately it was not because of war. But the girl I wanted to marry then, she had to flee her father’s house for her life in 1992, she lost all her male relatives, she came to my town only with her clothes on her backand she and her mother and sisters were very lucky to escape unhurt. Her home is in Eastern Bosnia (“repluka smrdska”) and I’m not sure they ever got it back … However I ‘ve been around the world for quite a time and I can adjust to such changes of hometown and environment much better. But I do understand those peoples’ feelings.
    But I don’t have any comprehension for those who take out their feelings of being wronged and cheated on people who can’t defend themselves, like the refugees. For those Serbs who felt bad because fo the economic crisis, and who went to Bosnia as weekend warriors to shoot themselves some Bosniaks and rape some Bosniak women, and rob some Bosniaks’ houses to sell their booty on the Belgrade flea market (well, they’d keep any jewelry they’d find) just so they’d feel better. For the Rakhine who commit the anti-Rohingya pogroms just to rob the Rohingya. For the Peggida idiots and Neonazis who burn down refugee homes and frighten refugees in Saxony. No, for people who compensate their feelings of inferiority by trampling those who are weaker, I can feel only hate and contempt. And for the manipulators, charlatans and demagogues who have misled the populace. All I hate and despise about mankind I see embodied in them, and believe me, if I must, if I have the chance, I will shoot first and ask questions later. If it ever comes to a 1992 again and I’m in the middle of it, I will not hesitate. Better that than being led like a lamb to the slaughter.
    With the Brexit an era has ended. The next era will certainly not be better. This is a great step, no, a giant leap backwards. We shall see, sooner than we want, what will come out of it. The people who instigated this, populists, fascists, Nazis, Putin friends, are just disruptive and destructive. They cannot build, only destroy. They are the spirit who ever negates (to quote from Goethe’s “Faust”). Chaos, disruption and disharmony are their means and their ends. Yugoslavia was just a prelude. Soon (in any case sooner as we’d like to) we might find ourselves back in 1933. Or 1914. One day my daughter will curse me for having fathered her so that she’d have to live in such “interesting times” …

  • George Carty

    I voted Remain in the June 23rd referendum, but I refuse to believe that all Leave voters were racists or Islamophobes.

    Many Leave votes (including I suspect most in my part of the country, which was strongly pro-Leave and has few immigrants) voted out of despair caused by three decades of deindustrialization.

    Maybe some of them believed (wrongly) that the Brexiteers were protectionists like the French Front National. And mass immigration of course symbolize an economic system where people are expected to “get on their bike and look for work” (in Norman Tebbit’s words) rather than having a right to make a decent living where they were born and bred.

  • George Carty

    Surprised that four of them were Turkish-Saudi dual citizens (perhaps they were born in Saudi Arabia and move to Turkey because they disagreed with the Saudi regime?)

    And what of the dirty green rows with no countries of origin – are those the terrorists?

  • George Carty

    AFAIK the only ones in Mexico who are killing by the thousands are drug cartels, not “terrorists” (people who commit violent crimes against the general public in furtherance of a political cause) and certainly not motivated by Catholicism!

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Interesting piece on the subject of ignoring Muslim victims of terror: (“So we’re too often indifferent to Muslim victims of terrorism not only because to be otherwise would force us to rethink our assumptions about Islam (that it is a violent religion), but that it would force us [Westerners] to accept some measure of culpability in the events so traumatizing the world.”)

  • Just_Stopping_By

    If sharia is clear on this, why do I find so many different opinions on that if I search the internet?

  • rookie
  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    “no one actually got hurt though”

    This is a blatant, stupid lie and also ironic coming from you whose avatar is a missile, an instrument of death and destruction used without consideration or care for innocent life by the US military.

    The truth that eludes you in your Islamophobic bubble is that while no one, thankfully, was killed, a Muslim man was severely beaten.
    Muslims in the village were driven from their homes, their mosque, school and many of their businesses were destroyed and ransacked. Trying to dismiss or deny these facts just makes you look dumb.

    Shall we call these attacks, or has anyone in the mainstream media, of those who covered it, called it Buddhist terrorist attacks?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Why, of course it’s not.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Try to discuss things reasonably with a fascist like that. You will never convince him. The only argument he’s undestands is a knuckle sandwich. What you say is true. But as you know, none more blind than he who refuses to see. That genocidal fascist moron is of the same kind as the cetniks in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the murderer of Jo Cox, and of other good people. Here, along with what’s happening in Great Britain (soon to become Little Britain) you have just yet another example of how evil and stupidity combined are the most destructive force in the world. I’ve just about had enough. From now on, I will judge them exactly as they judge us. Whoever expresses genocidal anti-Muslim and anti-Bosniak, anti-Rohingya hate speech people with such opoinions will, in my eyes, have blood on their hands. The same as if they actually had committed genocidal anti-Muslim violence with their own hands.
    Too bad I can’t read their minds. But I do happen to know that about 50% of people who consider themselves to be middle of the road, to share democratic values, actually share racist, islamophobic, even genocidal views.

  • minutemanIII

    So no one actually got hurt though.

    And today we had all kinds of innocent bystanders shot or blown up because of islamic terrorist attacks in turkey.

    I understand that in the last 23 days no less than 1200 have been killed in islamic terrorist attacks.

  • mindy1

    Sad, I am sure that this is NOT what the Buddha had in mind 🙁

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