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Islamophobes Terrorize Church In Bid To Fearmonger About “Muslim Invasion”


These Australian Trump devotees want to “Make Australia great again.” Does that mean giving the land that was stolen by White colonizers back to the aboriginals? It should be but that’s not what they mean. Instead they think it’s cute and funny to dress in what they think are “Muslim clothes” and make fake chants while interrupting a Church service. They stand on stolen land, where their ancestors killed, murdered, raped and forcibly converted true native Australians to Christianity, yet they want to warn about a fictitious “Muslim invasion.”

I also have to point out the irony of Islamophobes deluded enough to believe that protesting against an Anglican Church, “dressed up as Muslims” (whatever that means) is the way to go about “saving” Western civilization.

PS: The response by Father Bower of the Church was awesome!

via. Instanews

A group of far-right protesters dressed in mock-Islamic clothing has interrupted an Anglican church mass in Australia, chanting about a “Muslim invasion.” The church minister said he was appalled by the stunt, but said he supports people’s right to protest.

The group Party for Freedom gathered at Gosford Anglican Church in New South Wales on Sunday to stage a spectacle in which they pretended to pray while using a loudspeaker to blast out what sounded like a Muslim prayer. They then chanted slogans against Islam before leaving, ABC reports.

Later the group took Facebook photos at a pub in full Muslim garb while being questioned by police. They claimed on their page that the protest was against Father Bower, who preaches at the church. They say they are against his making friends with Islamic preachers and being favorable toward a multicultural Australia.

“It was … just out of the blue, some of the congregation were quite upset,” Father Bower told ABC, shocked that the disturbance had to happen halfway through his sermon.

“I recognized one of the participants and clearly they weren’t Muslims — it was mock attire,” he added. “I took a minute or so but I worked out who they were. I quietened the congregation down – they were a bit distressed.”

The group denies its behavior was inappropriate, its leader Nick Folkes telling the Australian broadcaster “I don’t have to apologize because we didn’t hurt anybody, it was only words and it was a protest sort of thing, it’s very different to going with the intention of physically hurting somebody.”

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  • Ali

    Well at least those pink and golden burkas are fashionable lol

  • Khizer

    ‘I don’t have to apologise because we didn’t hurt anybody…’, But you did go out of your way to cause disruption of a Church service. According to this man’s logic, if you are peacefully having lunch at home with your family and suddenly some asshole comes and stands outside of your house, yelling profanities about your family, screaming and just generally causing a disturbance throughout the neighbourhood, that asshole should not apologise for dickish actions.

    I wonder how this fool would react if, after suffering a kidney failur due to all that alcohol he drinks, he is saved in a hospital by surgeon named Mohammad.

  • Yausari

    Protest the invasion by being the “invader” and doing the actual invasion themselves? Sounds to me; someone wants something to happen when it’s not happening.

  • Joey Sanders

    In the article it states: “They recently held a ‘Trump Patriots BBQ’ and even used the slogan “Make Australia Great Again” – an altered version of the American Republican presidential candidate’s mantra.”

    Trump is on his way to losing this election. Unfortunately, the consequences of his rhetoric will last long after his presidential run is over.

  • mindy1

    God what a dumb way to protest

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