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Khalid Jabara Was Victim Of Hate Crime And Tulsa Police Failure


Vernon Majors, a 61 year-old White male had been violently harassing and intimidating his Christian Lebanese Arab neighbors, the Jabara family for years. He used racial epithets against them and also Islamophobic slurs consistently over this time period.

In fact, he intentionally struck the mother of the family, Haifa Jabara with his car causing grave bodily injuries to her person for which he was sent to prison. Eventually he bonded out and that’s when the nightmare for the Jabara family began all over again.

This story reflects the Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism rampant in America and a complete breakdown and failure on the part of the Tulsa Police Department to protect its citizens. The Jabara family did everything they could within the law to protect themselves but the Tulsa PD did not take them seriously. The question is why and how much did bias play a part?

Muslim civil rights activist Ahmed Rehab has called on those concerned by this brutal hate crime to go onto the Facebook page of the Tulsa Police Department and give them a “1 star review.”

Just rated Tulsa Police a “1 star” on their FB page, and let them know why. Please do the same. If you want more details on the murder of Khalid, see my last status. I am sure if they get a torrent of bad reviews, it will make it into the chief’s meeting. A good fast way to let them know how you feel.


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  • (((Reynardine)))

    I doubt there are “gay genes”, though there may be genes that determine if, and when, hormones are switched on and off. But the chemical disruptions are many times more intense. Probably, I was alive and eating food one or two generations before you first drank milk. I guarantee you that, even if it wasn’t always wholesome (Cheez Whizz, Hawaiian punch, and infinitely salty oil-packed canned tuna come to mind), it at least didn’t come from slaughter animals that had been fed synthetic hormones that (to quote a livestock catalogue) MAKES YOUR CALVES GAIN SEVEN POUNDS A DAY! If you caught a fish, it had either milt or roe. If you picked up a frog out of the stream, you could easily tell from your field guide if it was male or female. Turtles didn’t have tumors, and your canned tuna didn’t set off a Geiger. Your milk contained… milk, not cricket hormones. As for the young men and women of fifty or sixty years ago, when I myself was young… not only were far fewer obese, but (even if they were not as perfect as Alain or the ballerina) the backline of a young man, clearly a T or V, was readily distinguished from that of a young woman, as clearly an X, even when both were dressed in jeans and sweaters. What you see now, indifferently as to gender, is H or I. Something has clearly changed, and young men have now resorted to steroids, while young women starve themselves down and then supply the missing parts with silicones.

    I can’t answer as to whether there is more homosexual behavior, or whether more of it is out. I know that a friend of mine, who interpreted every token of affection between women as “dikey”, got drunk one day and threw herself on top of me. However, the only case of “transgenderism” (as opposed to disliking rigidly gender-assigned activities) was Christine Jorgenson. The increase in gender dysphoria I attribute at least in part to the metabolic pollutants being poured into our environment.

    Exact causation of either gender dysphoria or non-heterosexual orientation may not be determined for some length of time, but I doubt free choice in adulthood plays much part. I am glad I did not marry a Shell station, but, so long as the union remained platonic, I might have done well with a horse.

  • Joey Sanders

    Don’t let the facts get in the way.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    Emm… no. Since you are familiar with embryology, you are also aware that (a) there can be abnormal chromosomal constellations, and (b) even in the absence of these, any number of chemical disruptions can cause development of primary sex characteristics to proceed abnormally. Young men with apparent prostate problems have been found to have small uteri strangling their urethras; young women have been found to have streak gonads or internal testicular tissue; some apparently normal girls who did not manifest pubertal changes have been found to be chromosomal males who either never generated male hormones during gestation or who had these overridden by the diethylstilbesterol once given to curtail miscarriage. Our environment and our foodstuffs are increasingly full of hormones and hormone mimics, to the point where some watercourses cannot produce a functioning male fish or frog. Right now, I have an apparently normal hen who lays about five eggs a year, but, by Damn, she crows every morning. “Mistakes” in fetal development always occurred, but we now have an environment that is downright teratogenic, and anomalous sexual development is only part of it.

    I am appending dorsal surface anatomies from mid-Twentieth Century for comparison purposes. The male view is Alain Delon; the young woman, a practising ballerina, is otherwise unidentified. You tell me how often you see this kind of dimorphism in your practice now.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    Same reason, as I said, that misogynist Christocranks and neocons cite “women’s rights” as an excuse for invading mid-Eastern countries and taking their oil.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    I do not know if s/he will.

  • HSkol

    I’d like to try one more time. In quick-move mode – getting prepared for the day before me. 🙂

    Paragraphs 2 and 3: Absolutely.

    Paragraph 1: His personal perceptions as related to “Homosexuality versus Islam” or vice versa certainly played a role in this terrible course of events. He was driven by his own inadequate understanding of this very relationship and how to contend with it legally or rationally, but not by his homosexuality itself.

    We might agree. We might disagree. A person murdered another. A manner of living in the good ol’ USA – no matter how well understood or misunderstood by others – did not.

    Well, I wish I had more time right now as I’m not certain that provided enough clarity into my view.

  • I don’t know why it’s been so easy to convince so many people that gender is completely fluid, but sexual ‘orientation’ is fixed and immutable. It seems so obvioulsy agenda driven. Here is what the latest scientific research shows, which confirms what you’ve said in spades:

    Almost Everything the Media Tell You About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Is Wrong

  • Joey Sanders

    Progress will only be achieved if the prosecutor’s office attempts to seek the death penalty in this case.

  • Joey Sanders

    Of course his sexuality has something to do with it. If he was heterosexual, would he have been as willing to shed blood if gays were being thrown off the rooftops in another part of the world? I doubt it.

    But he is no freak. He is a coward and a bully. Ramming your car into a 60 plus year old woman is not a sign of bravery.

    One thing we can all agree upon is that the Tulsa Police Department and the court system failed to protect this young man. They deserve to hang their head in shame.

  • HSkol

    … because he’s a freak!

    Joey, I like you – please know that. You’re good by me; however, his sexuality played absolutely zero role in his actions. His having caved into social stigmatization as combined with his lack of personal value, strength and worth (as amplified by, again, social stigmatization) likely enough played a great role here – as a trigger, perhaps.

    I cannot understand this man’s rage, nor his action against an innocent other; however, stigmatizing an entire type of person from one person’s actions seems unreasonable to me. Please note here the thoughts of Islamophobes – same tactic.

    If you’d like me to clarify and/or justify my understanding or view, I will gladly and respectfully do so. Again, this SOB is a murderous freak – but, his sexuality itself has absolutely nothing to do with his murderous freakishness.

    Do take care.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    Unless you think he had the hots for the unfortunate Khalid, that justification for his actions are on a level with those right-wingers, actually misogynists all, who justify the invasion of largely Islamic countries as delivering women from oppression.

  • Joey Sanders

    His sexuality did play a role as I proved in a previous post:

    “Majors, who court records showed was married to a man in 2014, told police that the family “were filthy Lebanese and they throw gay people off roof tops,” a police report stated.”

    So he thought all Muslims or Arabs like to toss gay people off of rooftops. Obviously, that is not true, but it shows that one of his motivations was to be a hero for his LGBT community.

    Obviously, he is a violent person regardless of any other facts. He is just one of those violent losers who never amounted to anything in life.

  • HSkol

    Obvious and Ideological are still at odds somehow. Damn it. America, the land of the obvious, the land of a great many pockets of ideology that refute the obvious. I depart in sorrow.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    The point is that the murderer’s motivation had nothing to do with his sexuality, and everything to do with his bigotry and his rage. His own spouse was afraid of him — a not uncommon situation in the partners of such people, regardless of sex — and, as often happens, was one of those who tried to warn the authorities, and was disregarded. Many a spouse or family member of a murderer has tried to warn the authorities of impending violence, only to have it blown off as spite or hysteria.

    It is not the case that sexual conduct has become more restricted; rather, it has become more contingent on informed consent. This implies that both partners are (a) live; (b) human; (c) adult; (d) sui juris; and (e) free of fraud or duress. When the law called certain classes of humans the property of others, those humans had no legal right against their owners: masters, spouses, parents. When society is highly stratified, such a legal right, though it may exist on paper, is unavailable to the social inferior: the servant may be violated with impunity by the master, the employee by the employer, the colonized by the colonizer — and the poor man’s child has less standing than the rich man’s horse. Though, for example, the law did not mention race in delineating the rapist and the victim, it was approximately 1959 before white men in Florida were convicted of raping a black woman, and that came about because, as a university student and a virgin at the time of the rape, she was clearly a notch above the “dark meat” category. What we are looking at is the increasing recognition of the human dignity of *every* person, and their right not to be regarded as the property of others. In this, we have a fair way to go.

  • Joey Sanders

    Because you live in the Western World, you are going to be accused of being hateful and intolerant. The funny thing about America is that they are being choosy about what kind of discrimination they wish to engage in.

    Over the years, many men have sued for the right to have access to an all women’s gym. They have lost, because it is argued that certain forms of discrimination are acceptable. So even the court system of America is saying that you do not have to be tolerant of everything,

    They will also say Dr. M that your ways are old. It is time for you to moderize. What these idiots do not realize is that the world has gotten more conservative about sex over the centuries. That is where modernity has taken us.

    Back in the old days, there were no statutory rape or child molesation laws. It was perfectly okay to have sex with children under 10 years old. Read the stories about the sex lives of the Romans or other past civilizations. Read the stories about Columbus and how his men made sex slaves out of the Native girls under the age of 10.

    People have to stop believing the false marketing of the LGBTQaddmorelettersasnecessary community. Tell them to stop showing the transgendered people who clearly look like the opposite sex. Show the “female” ones that have beards and see how accepting the majority of Americans will be for those freaks.

  • (((Reynardine)))
  • (((Reynardine)))

    I am by no means sure that people are born with either a gender identity or a sexual orientation: as I have related previously, when I was three, I wanted to grow up to be a yellow gas station, and when I was told I couldn’t, I wanted to grow up to be a horse. However, I am equally clear that no one consciously “picks” their orientation. This is probably nothing with a single cause.

    Animals and children must remain off limits, because they cannot give informed consent to sexual interaction with an adult human being.

  • 1DrM

    Marriage has always between a man and woman, regardless of age. Men and women complete each other. You can’t rewrite the basics of biology and claim that homosexual “relationships” are normal or healthy. No one is born homosexual, so the LGBT lobby’s lies aren’t going to work. I’m not going to reiterate anatomy and physiology lessons either. Now you have equally unstable types changing their gender, demanding the “right” to be in the wrong restroom. Animals are not off limits either. Let me restate that I have no interest what people do in private. The other examples you cite are in extreme circumstances beyond the norm.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    By that logic, old people can’t get married or form unions, since they are no longer fertile. Now, you can count me out, since my last attachment ended twenty years back with a knife being brandished at my ribs, but my sister, five years older than I am, has been in a partnership for the last fifteen years, which I daresay will end in the death of her significant other, who has Parkinson’s and a severe spinal problem besides.

    Many children, in the wake of WW II, were raised by a mother and an aunt, or a mother and a grandmother. In countries that were bombarded or overrun, some children were also raised by a father and an uncle, or a father and a grandfather. These might not have been “ideal” households, but so long as they provided stability, affection, and guidance, they were a thousand times better than an orphanage.

    Meanwhile, however many men and women are “hardwired”, it’s clear that some are haywired. So long as they are otherwise decent and contributing members of society, let us accept them as such, and not dwell too much on details that are not our business.

  • Abdelwaheb Dhaou

    Khalil Jabara, please learn that I deeply care from a country as geographically not emotionally remote as Tunisia. Your plight is also ours. Blessings.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    Incidentally, since, despite your somewhat acerbic outlook on humanity, you have sometimes put yourself on the line for it, I am providing you with this reassurance about human progress:

  • (((Reynardine)))
  • (((Reynardine)))

    W’ll, Hell, I can’t take liberties with the Book of Exodus.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    As someone who handled legal matters for an HIV caseload, I can also say that heterosexual transmission is high when men are uncircumcised, and/or women are subjected to either sexual violence or anal sex, which is by no means confined to homosexual contact between males. The least likely mode of transmission is female to female, though it could plausibly occur if an infected woman bit her partner.

    Regardless of the gender of one or both partners, however, the paramount factor is promiscuity + recklessness on the part of at least one partner (and it only takes one). If we were to teach boys as well as girls to conduct themselves responsibly, to wait until they reach majority before commencing sexual activity, to understand simple epidemiology and hygiene, and to aim for the goal of a mutually faithful life partnership, there would be a decrease in contagion and a deal else besides.

    Assuredly, if I had a son or a nephew who was gay, I would rather see him openly, decently, and faithfully married than sneaking around in bathhouses or the Double Butte lounge. As for a daughter or a niece, women have often traveled or lodged together simply for safety or economy, and I doubt I’d even be curious as to whether there were anything more.

  • (((Reynardine)))

    I really don’t celebrate anybody’s sex life, nor do I worry about it, unless some kind of coercion or abuse comes to my attention. Frankfurt School, to me, sounds like something conducted by Oscar Mayer, though I have been advised it was actually a school of social psychology that existed during the Weimar Republic.

    For the record, I am straight, and have been married. I have no opinion whatever on anal sex, but incest even between consenting adult partners involves a genetic risk. In those rare cases where siblings separated at birth unwittingly marry, it seems reasonable to condition the continuation of the marriage on the sterilization, or other inability to have children, of one spouse.

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