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Tarek Fatah Exposes His Colonized Mind vs. Hip Hop Legend Talib Kweli

By Emperor

Frantz Fanon, was one of the first to diagnose the fact that colonization did not only mean that one’s land and resources were dominated and controlled by Imperialists but also the mind, when he said, “Imperialism leaves behind germs of rot which we must clinically detect and remove from our land but from our minds as well.” The condition of the “colonized mind” is readily apparent in many who make up the “Muslim reformist” or zealous wing of the “Ex-Muslim” circuit.

Tarek Fatah, like Maajid Nawaz and others has made a career out of berating Muslim minority communities in the West, supporting discriminatory laws, and perpetuating faulty radicalization and “counter-terror/extremism” theories in order to profit. On top of this these supposed “liberals” are some of the worst hypocritical bigots through their support and collaboration with right-wing extremists and Islamophobes.

Tarek Fatah always desiring attention thought it would be a good idea to go after Hip Hop legend Talib Kweli. In doing so he exposed his colonized mind.

Talib Kweli, whose lyrics often evoke and reflect themes relating to justice and consciousness was set upon by Fatah, Nawaz and their trollish supporters (Sam Harris and his new-atheist fanboys were also present).

Here’s how Tarek Fatah decided to characterize Talib Kweli:

The racism and inferiority complex is rife with Tarek Fatah as is clearly demonstrated by his perpetuation of anti-Black tropes and stereotypes popular among White Supremacists.

Maajid Nawaz who was involved in this whole fracas never condemned Fatah who is a friend of his.

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  • 1DrM

    I told you before not to post this trash here, but you keep on spamming atheist nonsense from YouTube. Why do you spend so much of your time looking up this crap? You’re sending them traffic. You expect me offer an “analysis” on every two bit anti-Muslim video out there? Makes me wonder if you really are a Muslim or just a troll trying to get a rise out of people.
    As for the Masked Arab Christian, his orientalist drivel has been debunked already.

  • Khizer

    I came across another ex-Muslim who ‘proves’ Islam is false:

    He tries to claim that the Quran is against science, like that it says that the earth is centre of the solar system and also claims that Muhammad was an evil raider who attacked the ‘innocent’ Quraish (despite them hounding and torturing Muhammad and his followers). I would like your analysis of his video since you know a lot about Islam, he is an Arab and knows Arabic, so many would assume he is telling the truth.

  • Khizer

    Right on doctor!!! Femenism has to be one of the Modern worlds most largest sinking ship of ideas, Westerners themselves have grown to hate femenists due to their vulgarity and narcissim.

    You should see this video of this femenist hounding and insulting a innocent man just for telling a harmless joke (also this guy in the video greatly criticises bullshit femenist attitudes):

    The narcissim is astonishing, the woman in the video doesn’t even think like a human.

  • 1DrM

    “Muslim feminists” are whitewashed inferiority complex suffering morons without a clue what an utter disaster and failure feminism really is.

    Maryam Namazie isn’t an ex-Muslim, not a has been but a “never was.” She’s just pathetic Communist(and an Iranian communist at that) remnant who never got over the Berlin Wall coming down. But she has adapted somewhat by reinventing herself as a far left wing anti-Islam opportunist stooge in the service of the same capitalist imperialist nations she railed against as young woman a long time ago. Now well into middle age, she’s traded in her hammer and sickle for $$$. That bloated pig faced hypocrite didn’t have any problems with religious courts until Muslims tried to access the laws just like Jews and Christians.
    Atheist delusionaries are extremely unimpressive, and Namazie is no different. Perhaps she’ll rethink inciting hatred against Muslims after being targeted by degenerate EDL mob attack.

  • Khizer

    My particularly favourite type of raging ‘ex-muslim’ is, the raging femenist, you know the one who claims to uphold women’s rights, but tries her best to demand (or force) government to ban hijabs, niqabs,etc. It strike me as hypocritical when these same women (and men) screech about Muslims women not wearing ‘what they want’, but if a Muslim woman chooses to wear religious garb, THEN HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE!!! That Muslim woman is going TOO FAR and needs to be ‘guided’ to the ‘straight’ path….

    Former Muslim extreme feminists seem to have nightmares about evil Ayrab and Paki Muslim men (the HORROR!!! Heroic white man, SAVE ME!!!!), similar to how White femenists seem to be shit scared about ANY white straight man (even if said man is a pretty cool dude).

    I’m sure you know Maryam ‘ban sharia courts cause they hates women’ Namazie?

  • 1DrM

    Never underestimate the power of $$$ to motivate the usual suspects. Plenty of “ex-Muslims” ready to cash in on “bitterness.”

  • Khizer

    The Ummah is better off without them, they cherry pick verses and lie their asses off to prove their ‘points’, it’s kinda similar to how ISIS members and supporters do the same thing (I.e: cherry picking verses), for different reasons though……

    Rabid anti-Muslims (ex-Muslim or not) seem to rely on nearly the same arguments and talking points of Muslim Extremists, don’t you find that funny? Heh…

  • 1DrM

    Last time a Pakistani “ex-Muslim” was killed, it was at the hands of her white American shining in armor husband(some worthless animal out of the military) who also killed their 5 year old daughter. He also desecrated the Qur’an using her blood after that as parting indignity towards her “former” religion. I forget their names. It happened in 2015.
    For some odd reason the western state media wasn’t repeating it 24/7. I’m sure it was mental illness(the usual excuse). As for Pakistani “apostates,” check the family background, upbringing, theological knowledge and most importantly $$$ involved, and you’ll see what “authentic” Muslims they “used” be. Islam, and the Ummah are better of without the munafiqs and murtads in our midst.

  • Khizer

    You have summed up the character of most of these people accurately, though I wonder why most of the most decietful and even crazy ones come from each Pakistan. I have seen one Pakistani ex-Muslim say that Muslims sacrifice their non-Muslim neighbours to imams and their families to Allah, yeah I know, it’s completely absurd but he typed that in a comment section with a genuinely serious tone. There was another who claimed that the Prophet was a cross dresser (no, I’m not joking).Pakistan seems to be a breeding ground for lazy intellectuals, I wonder why? (I’m Pakistani, so I have noticed this from a lot of Pakistani apostates).

  • Khizer

    Doctor I must ask, since you dealt with whiny former Muslims before (I am assuming), why do the ones who STILL identify themselves as ‘former Muslims’ (when they should just identify with whatever religion they joined or identify themselves as agnostic/Athiest if they left religion) seem to have a very obsessive fixation on insulting Muslims and Islam. They also seem to wholeheartedly embrace the shallowness of western society (10 or more boyfriends/girlfriends, obsession with sex, etc). I came across this former Muslim (Pakistani of course….) who seems to be the stereotypical sex obsessed ‘liberated’ woman who is still stuck in her ‘rebellious’ phase (the name also clearly shows that she has some sort of grudge/chip on her shoulder):

    I would genuinely like your input on why such people turn out like this. I am genuinely curious why such people claim they have become better people since apostatising but only just show that their hatred of their former religion.

  • Khizer

    Videos were for some context, but yeah these figureheads are hypocritical turds.

    Fun fact: the fool in the videos supported (a lot) a video game community, called ‘Gamergate’ that harassed, stalked, degraded, hacked and frightened (with death threats) many female video game developers and their associates (friends and family). They even got some video game journalists fired and made them unemployed. The caused this one woman’s life to be miserable for a year. Mind you the Alt Right looks up to this turd with respect and admiration, believing him to be the SJW and Muslim slayer. He also supports Trump (even calls him ‘Daddy’, *shivers*).

    Here is some info on the group he supported that harassed female video game developers (and even women in general).

  • 1DrM

    Not much. No need to post their videos either.

  • Khizer

    I have seen these ‘Alt-Right’ turds roaming around the Internet, blaming Muslims for their own misfortune or getting at Muslims refugees for DARING to ask for better living conditions in Europe after having their own countries destroyed by the West. Apparently most Alt-Right (Athiest/Agnostic Donald Trump supporters) look up to people like the guy in these videos:

    Strangely enough, he did once refer to atheism as ‘brain disease’.

    What are your thoughts doctor, on these Alt-Right figureheads.

  • Khizer

    I went to this article,

    Pretty disgusting right? Well someone JUST had to post this in the comments (typical ‘look at the Muslim countries’, even though article is about America):

    “All people of faith, Muslims included, should be able to practice their religion freely without fear and intimidation.

    And that should apply to not only in western countries, but also to all countries. There are many muslim countries where non-muslims and atheists are singled out and murdered.

    But frankly, I think we would all be better off without religion, it really is of no benefit now to mankind, it never has been and it never will.”

    And your typical new Athiest, ‘islamophobia does not exist, the evil Islamists made it!!’ Comment:

    “Wow! I’m sure Dawkins will be appalled and will happily condemn racism (if that was the motive) and any kind of attack and violence against people. However Islamophobia does not exist, you cannot be arbitrarily prejudiced against beliefs, prejudice occurs through reason. Or should we have Liberalophobia, Commuphobia etc. Also it is perfectly rational to be afraid of certain beliefs. That doesn’t mean prejudice against Muslims doesn’t exist, but there is an issue of nomenclature here. Islamphobia was chosen by proponents of political Islam precisely because it obscures the meaning from individuals to beliefs.”

    Apparently all news articles regarding Muslims must include new Athiest circle jerk in the comment section.

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