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White Terrorists Planned Attack On Somali Muslim Immigrants


Calling themselves “Crusaders,” three members of a Kansas militia have been charged with attempting to blow up an apartment complex where Somali Muslim refugees live. The “Crusader” ideology is prevalent among the Islamophobia movement and we have documented this for years.

via. Slate

They called themselves the “Crusaders” and had a clear purpose: launch an attack against Muslims that would lead to a “bloodbath.” With any luck that would help spark a religious war. But their plans were thwarted as three Kansas men were arrested on Friday for planning an attack on a Garden City, Kansas, apartment complex filled with Somali immigrants that is also home to a mosque. They planned to carry out the attack one day after the November election.

“They discussed obtaining four vehicles, filling them with explosives and parking them at the four corners of the apartment complex to create a large explosion,”the Department of Justice said.

“They chose the target location based on their hatred of these groups, their perception that these groups represent a threat to American society, a desire to inspire other militia groups, and a desire to ‘wake people up,’ ” according to the criminal complaint.

About 120 people live and worship in the apartment complex they planned to attack.

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  • bobby bobby

    It’s hilarious you people cherry pick a few bad white Christians and ignore all of the killings and barbaric believes coming from Islams. I’d love for you guys to actually go to the middle east. You’ll be the ones screaming. The mooslims!!! They’re here oh shit!!! The loons where right about them!!! Please don’t chop off my head!

  • Khizer

    He should return to rational wiki or any YouTube athiest ranter channel, he would fit there, especially his emotional anti-religion stance (if a person disagrees with tenets of a religion and is willing to have a calm discussion with a knowledgable person regarding the religion, fine, that’s good. Jumping about, waving fingers and spewing emotional, baseless and ignorant claims while demeaning the people of the religion you wish to ‘criticise’ is childish).

  • Raad

    Europe is going full anti-muslim

  • Khizer

    Ok now I understand the choice of the American people, even Bernie sanders recently said that Trumps selection was inevitable since Americans were sick of the same old policies and wanted change (though it can be debated HOW much changes trump has promised will be implemented). Bernie even stated that democrats needed to change their game….badly.

    I have to ask though what is up with Europe? I thought they were generally well off compared to the USA, so why this sudden surge in anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant/refugee sentiment? Could you explain.

  • Feisty

    You couldn’t be feeling “offended or insulted” because depicting the truth about your behaviour would not warrant those feelings. What you’re probably feeling is “exposed and evasive”. But if you possessed some decency or humanity what you should be feeling is “ashamed embarrassed and foolish” for your prejudice hateful bigotry.

  • George Carty

    I wasn’t aware of Da’esh ever posing as non-Islamist terrorists, in the way that the Masada Action and Defense movement pretended to be Zionists when they were really neo-Nazis.

  • 786 President Elect Trump already has more than enough scandals and lies to go around. “No more?” No, you are saying it wrong: it’s “wait, there’s more!”

    Unless you believe a tiger can change its stripes…

  • 786 Right Steve, that was really “sneaky.”
    If that were the case, you wouldn’t know who did it or what ideology they espoused.

  • 786 Amin! Thank you!
    I can’t believe I’m the first to upvote this in two days..then again the site has lately been as vigorous as a three year old corpse.

  • HSkol

    Mission Accomplished!!! *snicker*

    I found myself in a joking mood last evening.

  • 786 I’m sooo confused…

  • 786 As an American who voted, I can answer that.
    A third-party candidate hasn’t won a major seat since the 1960s. The Demons and Repos have such deep pockets that the system is not set up to allow a third-party candidate to be viable.
    I’ve seen every election since Reagan won over Carter in 1980. It’s the same every time, third-party candidates get nowhere. It’s like giving us an orange and a green marker and saying, “you can color the country any color you want!” We can ask for a purple marker, but we’re not going to get it. Many older Americans are aware of this and select the “lesser of two evils,” a phrase I’ve heard more times than I can count when people speak of elections.

    I am a big believer that this two-party system has got to stop, and many of my votes in the past have gone to third parties (I voted for Nader and Gonzales in 2008).
    But when the stakes are as high as they were this year, asking for my chartreuse marker isn’t going to actually “do” anything. Yes, if enough people, blah blah. But as llisha pointed out, enough Americans have seen third parties fail so much for so long that it would quite literally be foolish to vote for them.
    I actually think that one of the benefits of a Trump victory is going to be a shot in the arm for third parties; but I’m going to see how midterm elections go before I decide how I will vote in 2020–if Muslims still have the right to vote.

  • 786 You have yet to counter. I have yet to read one of your posts which is either intelligent or thought-provoking.
    By what standard do you think we believe you that you “will counter?”

  • 786 You obviously know nothing of shari’ah.

  • 786 I think he was telling you to submit yourself to a shari’ah court and tell them of the insult you sent his way, in order to “be dealt with” and find out the compensation. Yea, I know…
    Still. I didn’t get fear from that. I believe his insult was from an interpretation of what you wrote; it can be just as clearly read as an insult saying that he, Steve, is a “jobless piece of shit” because you used the second-person pronoun.
    Combined with the accusation of stupidity or madness, which was definitely sent in Steve’s direction (I might have done so too), that would make anypony angry.

  • 786 A headline speaking of “Christian [sic] Terrorists” has the effect of
    highlighting the media’s hypocrisy on the matter and can be
    thought-provoking. But whilst I agree that a distorted form of Christianity played a role in their thought process, we cringe when people say “Islamic” terrorism because terrorism is forbidden under Islam.
    We should have the same consideration for our Abrahamic brothers rather than do the same thing to them: but then, see above.
    I also find the current headline..problematic. I don’t have an answer, and since I’m not the editor I’m not going to give more thought to it to-day (inshallah!). The editorial decision has been made, and no amount of our tears will get it changed; so, onward!

  • 786 Thank You for clarifying that!

  • 786 Distortion, yes.
    But I would never characterize any of their sh1t-disturbing antics as “Islamic.”

  • 786 Nonsense. We cringe when people say “Islamic” terrorism because terrorism is forbidden under Islam.
    We should have the same consideration for our Abrahamic brothers than to do the same thing to them.

  • 786 Have you ever written anything truly thoughtful or engaging?
    As usual, you are making things up out of thin air.
    What is your fixation on telling people to go to places of worship?
    I’ve been to a church. Hundreds of times. And like these other ponies, I don’t agree with you either.

  • Khizer

    Ok, I would like to ask, what do you mean by ‘protest’ vote?

  • HSkol

    Renovations are tough; but, typically well worth it. Ours took years – no joke. Wishing you the very best, always.

  • HSkol

    You’re doing a terrible job. I’ve not yet been banned. 😉

  • HSkol

    I’ve been awaiting a presumably soon-to-be-published post-election article here. Because, uh, this is all about me … as always … or something.

    Your Diva Friend

    (Honestly, I know I’m the only person who laughs at my silly posts; but, I’m OK with that. Better one person laughing than none … or something.)

  • Khizer

    So why didn’t they vote fore other candidates like Jill stein? (As mentioned in the video), I would like to know, or even Bernie Sanders when they had the chance? Which the video also states.

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