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The United States of Donald Trump

“It feels like 9/11.”

This is how a large swathe of racist America felt after Barack Hussein Obama was elected in 2008.

Now they are empowered.

The United States elected a fascist. A man who whipped up hate and xenophobia to shocking and unprecedented levels. The people surrounding and advising Donald Trump are the same people we have been warning about and exposing for years now. There was never a doubt that any Republican victory in the presidency would embolden this network of professional and career fear-mongers; Trump’s candidacy was worse than all of them.

This thread is for you to share your reflections and thoughts on the election of an American fascist.


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  • Khizer


    I never really knew that such a ‘satire’ site was promoted and funded by zionists.

    It’s very easy to bump into this crap. With the current political situation, many such sites like this prop up. For me it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore.

    Sorry for wasting time, been having a slow day.

  • Khizer

    I believe it’s suppose to be ‘satire’, also the title gives away the intention. The article itself isn’t bad, but the intention behind it is pretty condescending. I even got confused about the article, some of the actual points made were actually pretty valid, so I guess the ‘satire’ wasn’t very good.

    Honestly when it comes to women, this is the type of stuff put there, (the comments are also a blast.)

    So, yeah their intentions are pretty obvious

  • Khizer

    Also Illisha, according to them any Muslim woman in a America (like you) should not criticise their bullshit ‘points’ because ‘you don’t live in a Muslim country’ (try to wrap your head around that).

    Regarding ‘free arabs’, I once browsed that site and found them to be very whiny. Even other secular-minded Muslims and Arabs found the site to be pathetic.

  • Khizer

    Also Illisha, what do you think of angry anti-Islam lefties?

    Just came across this very left-wing satirical website making fun of Muslims, some of their arguements are very recycled, here is a taste of their ‘satire’

  • Khizer


    – every dolt on the Internet.

  • Sami

    Well the US made a mistake with Iraq, but we all make mistakes. Only Allah is perfect. Its not as if that region doesn’t naturally fall into a state of war a lot anyway

    Iraq in Kuwait, Iran and Iraq, Syria. Its not as if the west can make it worse on a practical level.

  • Khizer

    Hmm, interesting proposition, do we aren’t sure what Russia’s true intentions are, we only know of their actions in the region.

    The Syria situation is honestly just a bloody mess. The Russian backed Assad goverment are criminals to the Syrian people and the American backed ‘rebels’ (*cough*) are just as bad if not worse, since they are mostly sectarian extremists (from what I heard).

    I will give Russia this though, they certainly better at destroying ISIS bunkers or strongholds without ‘accidently’ blowing up ‘bugsplat’….I mean civilians with drones unlike the U.S.

  • Khizer

    True, Russia does not have 1000+ military bases ‘of peace’ as the U.S.

    To me Russia’s involvement in Syria could either be for them the start of a new campaign of ‘impearialism’ like the U.S or just maybe they are trying to secure interests only in Syria and nowhere else. Honestly I don’t know what goes through Putin’s mind.

  • Khizer

    China may not be great, and China is definitely not very ‘kind’, but by God! They are vastly better than western foreign policy.

    Russia on the other hand…..I REALLY don’t like their goverment, especially the aggressive ‘strongman’ Putin. Just look at their interference in Syria.

  • Sami

    Well, China’s human rights record for a start. Also, many believe they are bolstering their military power and geo defenses in readiment for more action in the world.

    The west may be bad, but we have to accept that we are just as bad. We have indeed been in conflict for a millenium and a half. It is only when we got to Ottoman that the Muslim world realised we hadn’t gone through the industrial revolution because we were too wrapped up in Religion, and we lost any military advantage.

    I’m afraid all we had left after that was sour grapes, guerilla warfare and terrorism. The west simply took the advantage as we would have done. But their human rights are not as bad as China and they are not duplicitious and unpredictable as Russia 🙁

  • Khizer

    Do you suppose that media has a hand in dumbing people down so much that they can not recognise what’s nazi and what’s not.

    People just watch their mindless action movies or games and don’t thoroughly think about things such as politics very thoroughly, I mean Donald trump was elected.

  • Khizer


  • Khizer

    Oh boy, if you think the daily stormer is a nazi infested hole, then you haven’t heard of /pol/.

    If your curious of /pol/, here is an ‘article’ (I use the term loosely) about it.

    WARNING: there is a lot of swearing and cursing in this ‘article’, as is customary of encyclopedia dramatica. Check the article at your own risk.

  • Khizer

    Paul Joseph Watson is basically another alt-right anti-Muslim, anti-immigration angry dude on the YouTube, dime a dozen. He also use to write for Breitbart, like Milo Yiannipolis, so this clearly shows what type of ‘reporting’ he is into.

  • Joey Sanders

    So what if he is? I don’t care. Dr M or whoever has done, absolutely, nothing wrong. He just doesn’t like Zionists. Guess what? A lot of people don’t.

    This person who is upvoting everyone’s comments has way too much time on his/her hands. The problem is that Dr M speaks out against Israel. Oh my God. God forbid. As I have stated before, that is his right. He has earned that right living in this country. Not everyone in this country has to toe the line for Israel and their continued occupation.

    Personally, I support the Palestinians 100% in whatever fashion they wish to deal with Israel. It’s not their fault that they were made to pay for Hitler’s sins.

  • Khizer

    YouTube is full of them, every video maker that makes fun of extreme femenism and shows the ludicrousness of it usually has a ‘politically incorrect truth’ video about Muslims or Islam, and mind you it is not an ACTUAL proper debate about Islam, it usually goes like, “Muslims are whiny, Muhammad (saw) was EVILZ, Europe is not white OH NOES THOSE DAMN CULTUREAL MARXISTS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!! The muslim world (never specified) is backwards, anti-freedom, ant-womenz, anti-me, anti-modernness (if the women don’t act like self-entitled tramps and the men don’t act like cowardly self-absorbed retards hiding behind faux masculinity by jerking off to porn, then sign me out!!!)”. It’s damn hard to find a competent video maker regarding these subjects without turning out to be a right wing weaboo thrash monkey when it comes to political subjects.

  • Khizer


    Well, I guess the bright side (depends on your perspective) is that it is always funny to see a moron have a brain aneurism (shown by their comments) when presented with facts, such as old comments from such people on older loonwatch article threads.

  • Khizer

    Sorry, I kinda forgot….

    Should written a warning about the foul language, I am very used to it so it didn’t cross my mind.

    Also it’s very difficult NOT to find any political video without some angry fool cursing.

    Regarding the video, eh, I never understood why some people make up crap about Muslim countries. Many ‘politically incorrect’ commentators fall into this stuff. Honestly what do you think of these ‘politically incorrect heroes’ fighting against the ‘evil MULTICULTURALISMZ’ liberals, by spewing insults and ‘truths’ about Muslims. Many of them claim to only wanting to speak truth but end up tripping and slamming their collective heads into the ground when it comes to Islam.

  • chinese waterfall

    Trump is already proving to be a conviction politician by backing Israel’s right to continue to build in Judea and Samaria.

    The public will hopefully now stop believing the leftist rhetoric purely designed to gain muslim votes and will at least congratulate Netanyahu for allowing the Arab squatters to remain.

    It’s at last taken almost 70 years and 3 wars for the region to learn a very important lesson. Do not attempt to invade Israel again because the winds of time will punish you. Any land you cede in unwarranted acts of aggression will never be returned.

  • Khizer

    Also Illisha, many people who support bans such as the burqa ban use this type of reasoning like the guy in this video (it is a short one):

    What do think of this rhetoric? Is it somewhat hypocritical since France claims to be a country of ‘tolerance’.

  • Khizer

    So if we can’t convince people with facts, then what can we do to stop this type of moronic thinking? Just wait it out?

    As time passes, western elites send troops to destroy Muslim countries, angry and vengeful muslim youths then proceed to join terror groups and cause another tragedy in the west (Charlie hebdo attacks, nice attack, Berlin attack, etc.), western people (though particularly Europeans I have noticed more) blame Muslims and Islam for their problems, bitch about it, elites continue plundering, and the cycle continues.

  • Khizer

    Illisha, I have to ask, why are some people so keen on ‘reforming’ Islam even if they don’t believe in it, for eg

    (Just scroll through his comments and you will see him stating that Islam must be ‘reformed’ to stop extremism, also trump fan, though not as vitriolic as others I have encountered)

    Also Illisha, after the Pulse shooting, many right-wing fools are using the incident to stir anti-immigrant (specifically Muslim) sentiment in Europe and America, an example is Milo Yianipolis,

    What do you think of these videos and their sentiment and how to we debunk this crap.

  • el turco

    You too, it was enlightening as always and as always apologies for the misunderstandings. It’s hard over the internet…

  • el turco

    I would argue that my position is actually the more nuanced one. You have a tendency to believe historiography and ignore the more complicated realities of actual history. Your discussion of “Muslim Spain” is a good example. There are several historically distinct periods to the Muslim presence in Spain which you treat as one because it fits the overall narrative you wish to believe. I assume when you speak of magnificence you are referring to the early Umayyad period. However, you neglect the much less “magnificent” Almohad, Almoravid, and Taifa periods. You also romanticize the Umayyad project in Spain by portraying it as some kind of multi-racial utopia, when the reality was that there were very clearly defined racial caste systems even within the Muslim community which favored the conquering ethnicities (Arabs at the top, Berbers in the middle, and indigenous Hispanic Muslims above only non-muslims). There are great scholars like Mohamed Ballan who have done a lot of the actual work of explaining this in a non-historiographic way…

    As someone who abandoned my secular upbringing and organizes my life around the study of ancient texts (Hebrew and Chinese) and religion (orthodox Judaism, I am visibly bearded with a kippa and a covered wife), I am also not a “normal” Western person and have always had some affection for Guenon and the traditionalists more generally. However, having spent at this point half of my life in the intellectual world of pre-modernity, I think the important thing you point out about Guenon and similar thinkers is that their “traditionalism” emerges from the same pre-modern Manichean tendencies as modernity and like a mirror reproduces some of it’s worst metaphysical tendencies in the opposite direction. History moves BACKWARDS away from the “way of man” instead of forwards towards some kind of technological messiah, but it always has a very specific metaphysical direction. I do not think the world can be fit into these overly simplistic good/evil dichotomies. I will admit that the creation of nuclear weapons is a unique historical game changer which I cannot explain away, though.

    As for the Western obsession with Islam, I can only say that from my perspective what you refer to as “the West” is only one half of what I consider the historic West (the Hellenistic/Roman/Mediterranean world) while Islam forms the other half. True to their shared Hellenistic and Monotheistic roots, these are the only two ideological systems in the world with pretensions to global dominance. This is very different from traditional Asian (and the Hebrew) worldviews which are much more inward looking and particularistic and in that way completely foreign to the historic West. So, when the true believers of “Western modernity” scan around the world for intellectual challenges to their project for global domination, the only one they can understand is Islam.

  • el turco

    I can understand your strong position against what you see as “modernity”, but at the same time you are the moderator on a website so I can assume your views are a little more nuanced?

    Again, I have to object to the characterization of the “West” as uniquely aggressive or expansionist. Had you been a medieval European Christian you could have easily portrayed Islam as “an extremely aggressive, extremely violence global juggernaut” as it conquered most of the Christian lands and encroached on southern and eastern Europe, at times even kidnapping Christian babies to make them into Muslim soldiers.

    To me the violence and hegemonic behavior you identify is a universally human trait which has been expressed by conquerors throughout history.

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