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For The Coming Year: What Would You Like To See?


By Garibaldi and Ilisha

Dear Loonwatchers,

First, I want to thank you for your continued commitment to reading and engaging, you have made the site worthwhile and better. I will admit that over the past year, and even before then, the output of our content has really slowed, and I want to apologize for that. The main reason for this is that we, the writers (all volunteers), just cannot commit the hours of research, writing and editing necessary to produce good material AND balance work-life responsibilities (i.e. we need to recruit MORE writers).

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has emboldened the same Islamophobes that we have challenged, refuted and exposed for years now. Many of these same Islamophobes will be in positions of power or close to the “officials” who will make up the incoming administration.

Paying attention to and investigating the inner machinations, policies and programs formulated by Trump and his team of bigots is going to be crucial for the next four years (Trump may not last that long but his administration will). I’d like to say that I feel the media and social media activists are up to the task but our present-day reality is that we are traversing uncharted waters, where “fake news” and lies are given credence and repute over facts and truth. For quite some time the trend of online media consumers has been to consume that news which already conforms to one’s worldview or ideological and political convictions. (So my question here is how can we be effective in this environment?)

The new political and media landscape means we have to change things up here at Loonwatch, it isn’t 2009 anymore. Your feedback as how best to realize this change is vital. Our initial remit has been fulfilled: taking on the loons and Islamophobes on the internet. Many of our articles, have helped shed nuance and light in the conversation on Islam, Muslims and Muslim Americans. The same articles have challenged the prejudiced narratives about Islam and Muslims. When it comes to legitimacy, the likes of Spencer and Geller have been defeated on the plane of ideas and banned from travel to the UK; a nation with strict laws against hate speech. While Spencer and Geller may have been defeated their propaganda has been taken up by others who have political cache, and with Trump’s election has propelled the ideas of the Islamophobia movement into a greater relevance.

I hope you can share what you would like to see this year? How can we improve? What topics, issues should be covered? I can predict that for sure, consistent content is on the top of the list. As a way of starting us off I want to ask: how valuable and interested are you in seeing more satire? Would you like more articles and media that take on concepts that are twisted by Islamophobes, such as articles done by Danios in the past on Jihad, Taqiyyah, etc.? Any of your thoughts and ideas, whether it be related to design of the site, content and media, integrating social media, and animation are welcome, don’t hold back!

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  • 786 Amin!

  • Khizer

    I just hope once the DAESH is defeated by the U.S., the U.S. goverment should take a hint and LEAVE the Middle East before causing another DAESH type group from spawning.

  • 786 This is largely true but not, I believe, exclusively so. Reducing everything to “the West” is as simplistic as reducing everything to Islam. The West, for example, is not seeking out and killing my fellow Sufis. Furthermore, even if we were to withdraw today, that would not stop Daesh. We are responsible for their creation, we should be the ones to clean it up. Other countries have not displayed the requisite power or political will, even after some heavyweight scholars of Ahl as-Sunnah wal Jama’ah have said that fighting Daesh is obligatory on Muslims.
    The circumstances are far too complex to allow an easy assignment of blame or a solution which will please everyone. The situation is a Bad Thing, and during Bad Things *everyone* has to eat their spoonful of shit before it’s all over. That’s part of what makes it Bad.
    That being said, your interlocutor most certainly lacks the reasoning powers which distinguish humanity from the lower mammals. I pray your engagement with him proves fruitful and he will begin using his brain.

  • 786 Typical conspiracy rant. You can’t come up with facts, so you make the false and baseless claim that it’s some kind of conspiracy. This is an easy out for people unwilling or unable to think. Putting words into other peoples’ mouths is another classic tactic of the brainless; both are outside the pale of civilized discourse.

  • 786 It’s a thoughtful exposition, as usual. But you mentioned: “The implication is that the West spends money on good things and Muslims spend on ‘killing brothers and sisters.'”
    I see no such implication there; in fact I got exactly the opposite from what Sami wrote.

  • 786 ?
    Where did DC claim to be happy about any of that?
    Of course free speech is, in practice, always freer for some; that’s true everywhere, has always been true, and always will be true. The US doesn’t have a monopoly on that.
    Moreover, we do indeed value free speech; it’s written into the Constitution and drilled into us as an ideal from a young age. Whether that value is realized in application is a different matter entirely, a difference DC himself alluded to in his post.

  • 786 What they *should* get Westerners to second-guess and what Westerners actually are second-guessing are two distinct things. Explanation of trends is not evidence of support for those trends. We can wish all day about what our countrymen should do, but to dismiss what they actually are doing isn’t going to change anything.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Well, we can certainly say that hate is not constructive.
    like I said, the Serbs’ hate of Bosniaks has turned BiH into a failed state and into mafia dominated societies in the bargain, with no hope whatsoever of putting that right, ever. Indeed, in the past of the Emirate of Granada, in the past of Al Andalus one can see the future of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosniaks. Maybe future generations of Serbs and Bosniaks will start talking to each other instead of just throwing mud at each other, but when will that be? Not in my lifetime, that’s for sure. Maybe in 500 or 1000 years. If the Bosniak people manage to survive and prevail until such times when the Serbs will no longer regard them with hate and the desire of annihilating them. Right at the moment they seem farther away than ever from seeking any reconciliation with the Bosniaks, and therefore I can only feel bitterness and revulsion for them – except for those who say they’re ashamed fo the Greater Serbo-Fascist Genocidal Anti-Bosniak Crusade (I’ll never call the Bosnian war by any other name), but so far I have yet to see one. Even if I were to meet again the group of Serb schoolchildren I met ten years ago at teh Sarajevo Siege Museum, wouldn’t most of them today be uöltranationalist and fascist, like their fathers and grandfathers were? Wouldn’t hey too say the same horrible lies about Bosniaks, as a pretext to do them in?
    It’s not that there aren’t any good people among the Serbs, it’s just that they are few and far in between, and their nfluence is practically nil. And they are immersed in an ultranationalist, chauvinist xenophobic culture that is no better than Nazi Germany’s (sure, they didn’t have gas chambers but then they didn’t need them. Clubs, knives and small arms suffice to commit genocide).
    I try not to hate them. But because they hate such people as me, if they ever knew what I’m thinking, I do my best to to avoid any contact. Of course sometgimes I cant avopid running across one, and then I try to avoid the subject, or to approach it most carefully. Mostly I say if Yugoslavia had been a democratic country, it would still exist to day and people would live in peace. If I don’t like the reply, I break off all contact.
    I still think that in Rwanda, the issues and divergences that led to genocide were solved in the most appropriate way. Those who thought themselves to be the master race were cut down to size. The genocidals were forced to admit their guilt and ask for forgiveness (so far as they were brought to justice); of course, that could not bring back from the dead the one million victims. But it was the right thing to do. Even though I do not recommend the Bosniaks to attack (unless they had a superiority of eight to one over their enemies, but they don’t), they should learn from the Tutsi and the RPF.
    I see very dark times ahead. What with Trump’s grandiose crazy schemes, Brexit, the coming Nazification of France and Holland (and if we are really unlucky, of Germany too), the Putinization of Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, Daesh, the victory of the Butcher of Syria Assad (and who would have ever thought that there could be a tyrant worse than Milosevic) the coming partition of BiH. Maybe in 500 or 1000 years things will become better. But I will not see it. Sure, I myself have been lucky so far, to have been sparred teh horror and desolation of war, but I feel very sad for the countless victims of genocide, slaughtered for the basest motives.

    And I do know, if someone attacks me for base motives, I will do my best to strike him on the head.

  • I hear what you’re saying, and I’m in no way denying that injustice.

    I don’t know that I agree that “most people” are driven by arrogance and greed. I can say that hasn’t been my experience. I think “most people” are actually good. They just want to live their lives in peace, and are happy to let others do the same–unless there is a climate change, in which case people can be made to turn against one another.

    I think politicians are often problematic, as well as the rich people elite they tend to serve. I think they capitalize on tensions (or create them) in some cases, with horrific results. We see Donald Trump stirring the cauldron right now, as I type!

    The turning on Bosnian people was a shocking example–and I told you I read about how former Serb neighbors descended into hatred. It was very upsetting.

    I’m not denying any of that. I’m just saying that hate doesn’t solve anything. When has it ever? It was hate that caused this problem in the first place.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Sorry to say, but the Serbs’ hate of Bosniaks achieved the de facto partition of Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Bosniaks being turned into the Palestinians of Europe.. And yes, the Serbs did that wihout any necessity, just to rob and plunder, and because they have a centuries-old anti-Muslim tradition. In olden times they may have had a reason, as there were inded times when the Ottomans did oppress the Serbs. But 70 years after the end of WWII they have a grudge against Bosniaks, and blame them collectively? No, the real reason was to rob and plunder them, in exactly the same way the Crusaders did with the Palestinians in the Middle Ages, and the Christian Spaniards did with the Soanish Muslims. And the worst is, the whole world connived in it and the Serbs were given their booty on a silver platter, even Srebrenica! And they constantly brag about their conquest while at the same time tearfully lamenting how bad they have always been treated by everybody! They continue to make life miserable for Bosniaks because they want the rest as well.
    I am very bitter about that scandalous injustice. And unless the Serbs start questioning and changing their hateful attitude against Bosniaks I’m not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, like the Japanese before 1945 they have been collectively deluded into believing they are the Master Race, the Chosen People, and that it is their God-given right to slaughter and plunder Boseniaks, Albanians and Croats. As the Japanese believed that it was their God-given right to slaughter Chinese.
    For example, if I met a 15-year old Serb boy or girl on the street and he talked to me with the same hate speech of his ultranationalist chetnik Greater Serbofascist, genocidal fathers and grandfathers, of course I’d try and talk some reason into him or her, that he/she has no right whatsoever to hate anybody whom he/she doesn’t even know and who has never done anythingh to him or her. But if he /she refuses to be talked reasonably to, I could get carried away and SLAP his face or PUNCH him (or her) in the stomach. Even if it’s just a kid. Of course that’s just an atavistic impulse. And it’s not that those people are actually evil. I know the average Serb is no better or worse than other people too, but they just have the wrong ideas. If they don’t let go of them, how am I supposed to shake hands with someone who refuses to unclench his fist? In the end I have to shoot first and ask questions later. I refuse to turn the other cheek, and who asks me to do that insults my intelligence. I actually feel offended if someone asks me to turn the other cheek. I wish it was different. 25 years ago, I heard an interview with an Israeli teenage girl and she said how much she wanted peace with the Palestinians. Bah, so what, two years later she surely was in uniform and be given a Galil and sent out to harass and shoot Palestinians. Ten years ago I saw a group of Serb schoolchildren from Belgrade at the Sarajevo Siege Museum. Will they understand the Bosniaks better? I doubt it. For a while maybe, but that’s all. Even f they did, they’d be a very small minority with no influence at all. The general attitude of Serbs towards Bosniaks will never change. Or at least not in my lifetime. Even if I did live to be 100. So I’m not going to Serbia nor to the Serb occupied part of BiH.
    It’s not just me. Mankind has a streak of evil a mile wide. That’s because we all are descendants of Cain. And so it will be until Judgment Day. And only then will there be justice. Not during our lifetime. Let’s no longer give ourselves to illusions. I have once believed that Man is actually good by nature. I no longer do. Most people are driven by arrogance and greed.

  • 1DrM

    Just another Zionist spambot

  • 1DrM

    “Ex-Muslim” is just new branding on an expired product. Just third world charlatans out to make a quick buck in the service of Zionism and empire.

  • 1DrM

    The real topic of discussion should be white rape culture, from grooming gangs to human trafficking. NO “culture” on Earth is as violent, and sexually exploitative as theirs.

  • JD

    Texas lawmaker sent letters to mosques across
    Texas asking Islamic leaders answer questions about their support for
    Sharia law.

    AUSTIN — A Central Texas lawmaker has sent letters to mosques across
    Texas asking Islamic leaders to answer questions about their support for
    Sharia law. In anticipation of Texas Muslim Capitol Day on Jan. 31,
    Rep. Kyle Biedermann, a Republican from Fredricksburg, and two American
    Islamic organizations sent a poll that asks mosque leaders to indicate
    their support for three documents. One is a “Declaration of Muslim
    Reform Movement” that repudiates “institutionalized Sharia” and declares
    support for secular governance, democracy and liberty. The second
    document is a “Muslim Pledge for Religious Freedom and Safety from Harm
    for Former Muslims,” which renounces persecution of so-called apostates

  • Khizer

    Yeah I was shocked when I reread the first article, especially on a the site like the ‘scientific american’ which is a very logical site.

    The last two articles clearly go against the pathetic points made in the third article. Here are some of the first two articles’ points,

    ‘The U.S. contributes to violence—and the threat thereof–in other less direct ways. The U.S. is the dominant innovator, manufacturer and exporter of arms in the world. Aggressive U.S. development and deployment of drones and cyber-weapons have inspired other nations to pursue these technologies.’

    ‘Rather than eliminating violent extremism, U.S. military actions have arguably exacerbated it. According to The New York Times, one of the suspects in the Charlie Hebdo massacre was allegedly radicalized by “fury over the United States’ invasion of Iraq in 2003, particularly the mistreatment of Muslims held at Abu Ghraib prison.” ‘

    ‘Costs of War does not estimate the number of civilians killed directly by U.S. forces. But according to the reputable group Iraq Body Count, between 2003 and 2001, U.S.-led coalition forces were directly responsible for 15,060 civilian deaths in Iraq.’

    And these are just points from the last article I linked to, so when I read the first one, my jaw literally dropped from the absolute stupidity.

    Read the last two, they are actually very informative and point out the U.S. in creating terrorism.

  • I’m skimming more than reading as I have things to do today, but I’ll make a couple of observations.

    [Al Qaeda] has progressed from the so-called terrorist organizations to an ideology that aspires to world domination.

    Where is the evidence of this? When Bin Laden stated the reason for Al Qaeda attacks on America, he gave a list. Nowhere on the list was “world domination.” It’s vitally important the analysts recognize terrorists want freedom from WESTERN GLOBAL DOMINATION, and they say that over and over and over and over again themselves. These people simply are not listening.

    A terrorist philosophy may be propagated by any of several vectors or vehicles, one of the most prominent being the mosque, where young Muslims are inculcated with an unquestioning reverence for Allah.

    Reverence for Allah is not the cause of terrorism. Young Muslims see the West slaughtering MILLIONS of people worldwide and this is what makes them feel angry and helpless. This entire article is garbage because it never gets to the root cause of terrorism.

    If you do not properly diagnose the problem, there is no point discussing various solutions. It’s like medicating a patient when you have yet to figure out what illness they have.

    Look at the very next sentence:

    The Middle Eastern prisoners whom a team of psychologists led by one of us (Post) interviewed in 2002 consistently cited the mosque as the place where most members were initially introduced to the Palestinian cause.

    So what is it they learned? About the PALESTINIAN CAUSE. Yes, Muslims worldwide are united behind Palestine. The obvious conclusion is that by forcing Israel to make good on its promise of democracy and have ONE STATE for all the people would diffuse the situation greatly.

    But of course the whole point of this article and nearly ALL Western discussion of terrorism is to avoid indicting Western foreign policy. It doesn’t matter how often or how clearly terrorists state their motive is retribution and deterrence in response to violent, unjust foreign policy, ‘thinkers’ int he West will continue to ignore them and make up other reasons.

    So as for the idea of which metaphor we should use (war, legal matter, disease), it doesn’t matter. You can call is whatever you want but what is really is boils down to a three-letter word: LIE.

    They are lying. Pure and simple. I don’t believe they are mistaken. They are not that stupid.

    The Western imperial powers want to go on slaughtering and robbing people with impunity, so elaborate lies have to be made up to cover their tracks. One of the easiest cover ups is to blame Islam and say “they do in the name of Allah!” This way people will hate Muslims and feel they need to kill as many as possible to “drain the swamp,” while never looking into what their own elites are actually doing.

    I guess the idea the public is supposed to accept is:

    <bHuman beings will fully accept being bombed and robbed for 200 years and NEVER fight back, unless they read the Qur'an.

    That is the premise YOU MUST BELIEVE to accept their logic. Yet when America was attacked on 9/11, the bloodletting began and has never stopped.

    Logically we must either admit that people do not lie down and die quietly when attacked, or we must admit that Western leaders were reading the Qur’an and it is for this reason they wanted retribution.

    Which do you think it is?

  • Khizer
  • Friend of Bosnia

    Sorry, but I can’t help myself. These are cruel, callous, evil people who deserve the same degree of cruelty applied to them. Sure, a small minority are not at all like that, but Serbs who show the Bosniaks empathy are few and far in between, and their influence is practically nil. Even those who are too young to have taken part in the war of 1992-95 show the Bsniaks a hostile attitude, because that’s what they have learned from their fathers and grandfathers; also they all know perfectly well what Serbs did during the years of the Greater Serbo-Fascist Genocidal Anti-Bosniak Crusade, and now they are very much afraid that the Bosniaks will someday exact retribution from them. That’s why they hate the Bosniaks, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Unless the Bosnian Serbs admit their guilt and their land grab, make restitution and ask for forgiveness, then I (and I believe a large proportion of Bosniaks) would be willing to forgive them. But they won’t.
    You see, they never have given up tehir delusions of superiority. They are no different from the Christian Spaniards of the 15th and 16th century who also had no sympathy for the Spanish Muslims. Because as I have said so often, the Reconquista in Spain and the subsequent ethnic cleansing of Muslims from Spain, and the Greater Serb Genocidal Anti-Bosniak Crusade of 1941-45 and 1992-95 are essentially exactly the same thing: acts of land grab and genocide. Bosnia-Herzegovina, insofar as it is not under Serb control, is in exactly the same situation as the Emirate of Granada was during the 15th century until it was finally annihilated in 1492, and subsequently all Spanish Muslims were converted to Christianity by force, subject to the Inquisition and finally deported. Large numbers of them were killed.
    If the Bosniaks want to survive, they must prevail over their enemies. There can be no other way. They must smite their enemies and turn their country into a fortress. Or else they will be overwhelmed, ethnically cleansed and the world will forget them. The best they can hope for is to make the Serbs’ triumph as costly as possible, take down with them as many of their foes as they can, and face death as gallantly as the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising did. For them too, surrender was not an option.
    Because, and more so in our rightist-populist, Putinist, neo-fascist and anti-Muslim times the stronger prevail and the weak are eaten up. Such is human nature. Since Cain slew Abel, and until Judgment Day. Only then will people be given justice. Until then, gratuitous violence, cruelty, callousness and evil will prevail in the world, and tolerance, empathy, respect and good will only survive in small niches. Many, many more people will go to Hell than to Heaven. That must be so, because also human behavior follows the laws of physics, that is, the path of least resistance, and following the law of gravity that can only go down.
    As for myself, for now I’m safe. But, as I told you too before, imagine if I lived in BiH permanently? What am I to do if someday some pig-faced thugs with the manner of pigs (who call themselves “Serb kinghts”) come to expel me from my home, rape my wife and daughters, rob us of all things and kill me(or us) in the bargain? Am I supposed to turn the other cheek? To say “glad to let you have it”? Even if they come with machine guns and artilery and tanks, with everything short of a nuclear bomb, and all I have is a (small) kitchen knife and a (.25 caliber) pistol and just one clip of ammunition, I will see to it that I take six Serb side-boys down with me, and with my last breath I will spew my hate at them.

  • JD

    Good to see articles here again. I thought the site was dead so I stop coming here .

  • HSkol

    Cover up of rape culture?

    Fact: Within each and every culture on earth there are insecure and violent men who take out their insecurities and aggressions upon women.

    The very closest I can think of where there are cover-ups over any semblance of “rape-culture” would be in American (and, more likely than not British) Fraternities; but, then, perhaps that doesn’t bother you – seeing that the aggressors are typically white male Christians. No?

  • Hate doesn’t achieve anything.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Yes, the Serbs collectively hold the Bosniaks guilty for all evil that was ever done to Serbs by the Ottomans, the Austrihungarians and the Ustase. And tehse days they call all Bosniaks “Daesh, Al Qaida, Al Nusra Front”. Of course it’s just a pretext for robbing them of everything: their lives, their land, their homes, their belongings, their dignity, their blood and their women, in short, EVERYTHING. And since a large majority of Serbs approve of such things, how can I not hate them?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Happy belated year to you too. These are real good suggestions, especially #6.
    Let us not forget: Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. Since it’s not the center of attention right now, everybody seems to think it’s all fine and dandy. It’s not. Quite the contrary. The genocidal Greater Serbo fascist crusaders have never given up their evil project, which has been ongoing since 1804, and which is the same thing, has the same motivation and objectives as the Reconquista in Spain and the subsequent ethnic cleansing of the Iberian Peninsula of 1492 – 1614. And now it seems they will succeed at it. in a few years ther will be only a handul of Muslims left in former Yugoslavia, an underprivileged and downtrodden minority. I hate the notion that such inhuman swine like Milosevic and Karadzic triumph out of the grave or from behind bars (Karadzic might even be set free after just a few years in jail). And not only that, if this inhuman project succeeds, others will follow suit. In the end it will be like the Jews under the Nazis. And nobody say I’m diminishing the Holocaust or insulting its victims. Whether they put you in the gas chamber and burned your body at Auschwitz; or tied your hands behind your back, blindfolded you and shot you in the back at Srebrenica, dumped you in a mass grave, later dug out and dismembered your corpse and said you were “killed in combat” or “brought in from elsewhere”; you are as dead and gone either way; and your next of kin cannot bury and honor you. It’s not a matter of numbers but of intent. Six million out of 30 million, or 80.000 out of 1.2 million, both qualify as genocide. Also, Nazis committed genocide on Jews, and Serbs committed genocide on Bosniaks, not the other way round. To Hell with those who have the chutzpah of trying to convince me otherwise.

  • Sadly the Honey Defender game is gone. It was addictive. 🙂

  • AngieLove

    Hi guys, been enjoying the articles and comments for a couple of years now. However, I think you can improve the comments and discussion on here.

    Of late it seems that any conflicting opinions about any matter are immediately dragged into a straw man argument about western military exploits by the moderators on here.

    It would be nice to see the wider community given the chance to engage in the inevitable heated and various debate you’ll see on a site like this which bring more people to the site!!!

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