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Daniel Pipes Seeks Role For Middle East Forum In Trump Commission

By Garibaldi

Racist Islamophobe, Daniel Pipes‘ Middle East Forum is pushing a press release detailing its plans for a “White House Commission on Radical Islam.” By “Radical Islam” what they are referring to is any Muslim voice or organization that is critical of the War on Terror, Israel, and the surveillance state.

It will also promote a coterie of self-proclaimed “Muslim reformers” who will have the united feature of agreeing with all of their policies. Basically a repeat of what was attempted during the Bush years. Some of the draconian measures that the “plan” seeks to implement include denying what is amorphously labeled “Islamists” use of the internet, and “examining how to prevent political correctness from impeding the fight against radical Islam.” There is also an effort to freeze assets of Muslim American organizations, as when charities such as The Holy Land Foundation were targeted in raids.

Organizations that will be targeted include CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, Muslim Advocates, charitable groups such as Islamic Relief USA. One wonders what the response of mainstream Jewish organizations such as the ADL and AIPAC will be to such efforts? Will they be supportive or silent?

Middle East Forum

Written by Christopher C. Hull, a former congressional staffer, the plan centers around:

· Structure: To be successful, the commission must consist of members selected by the president and have the power to subpoena documents, compel testimony, and grant immunity.

· Personnel: The commission should include a mix of experts on political violence, radical Islam, and technology; elected officials and members of the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and diplomatic communities; Muslim reformers; and victims of radical Islam.

· Mandate: The commission should expand on Trump’s commitment to explain the core convictions of Islamists, expose their networks, and develop new protocols for law enforcement. In addition, it should examine how to cut off resources flowing to Islamists; how to deny them use of the Internet; how to prevent them from crossing our borders; and how to prevent political correctness from impeding the fight against radical Islam.

· Implementation: To be effective, the commission must coordinate with federal agencies to gather data, draft executive orders and legislation, provide supporting documents, prepare requests for proposals, recommend personnel, and work out budgets.

The Forum plan emphasizes that the overall goal of the White House Commission on Radical Islam should be to bring the American people together around a common understanding of their adversary and how it can be defeated.

The problem for Pipes may be that he is not sufficiently hateful of Islam and Muslims for Bannon and co. Recall that Trump’s shock troops, Spencer and Geller types, dislike Pipes who they think is a quisling on some issues.

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  • George Carty

    The neocons (as I see it) mostly genuinely valued the Western Enlightenment and believed it to be seriously threatened by political Islam. The neo-Crusaders like Bannon by contrast see the Western Enlightenment as part of the problem itself.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    They have been eclipsed in general by more overtly militant Islamophobes like Bannon and co.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Nope, he’s still plugging along, as is the MEF.

  • Joey Sanders

    I thought he had died. That fool is still alive.

  • AJ

    I thought the guy was ancient and had retired or something.

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