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Jews and Muslims: Join or Die!

Sometimes antisemites condemn Islamophobia. Sometimes Islamophobes condemn antisemitism. Should we praise them or should we tell them that they are still racist? Consistent antiracism is to protest against ALL racists, not just some racists.

President Donald Trump has condemned antisemitism. He did it a few days ago, saying the rise in antisemitic attacks are  “horrible” and “painful.” The Jewish community has, with every right, criticized him for being silent about antisemitic attacks for a long time. After Trump spoke out some praised him but does he deserve that praise? Should we praise him, or tell him that he is a hypocrite since he does NOT speak out against Islamophobia?

As a Swede I often encounter hypocrites. They think it is “ok” to talk about nuking Israel but are horrified when a Islamophobe wants to nuke Mecca. Hypocrites that dislike talk about the “Muslim takeover of Europe” but believe “Jews run the world.” Hypocrites that hate when Jews are bullied for their kippah but don’t give a damn when Muslims are bullied for their hijab. Hypocrites who act when antisemitic myths are shared on Facebook but do not react at all when Muslims are accused of the same things.

We can’t praise one-eyed hypocrites like Trump. The obvious answer to him is to ask him to condemn Islamophobia and racism in America.

Look at the alt-right. The extreme parts of the alt-right, like the Nazis or KKK, believe Jews are behind the so called “Muslim invasion.” Mainstream alt-Right, like Breitbart, Jihadwatch and Pamela Geller don’t go that far but they claim that individual Jews are behind it and they demonize them, like Breitbart does to George Soros. If you look at the comment section of Breitbart every time they write about Soros you will find lots of antisemitism. As well as lots of calls to “hang”, “shoot” or “strangle” “traitors” like him.

If the “Muslim invasion” becomes an accepted concept, the Jews WILL be targeted too. Perhaps they already are? What is behind the surge in antisemitic attacks?

Join or die!

In Sweden we have an Islamophobic political party in our government called Sverigedemokraterna. It was founded in the 80s by Nazis. They deliberately choose to focus on Muslims instead of Jews as their enemies, not because they like Jews, but because there are many more Muslims than Jews in Sweden.

Antisemitism and Islamophobia are similar to each other. It is the same kind of racist lore and myths. There are no big differences between the myths about a Muslim takeover of the world (like Eurabia) and the myths about a Jewish takeover of the world (Protocols of Zion). Blood libel myths, myths about Jewish and Muslim sexuality, so-called “inbreeding” and rape are rampant. Myths about them being “violent.” Myths about the Quran and the Talmud, etc, etc. All similar!

A lot of hate is “racism by proxy.” Like when Muslims are accused of being “Islamists” or agents of the “Muslim Brotherhood” or “supporters of Palestinian terrorism,” without any evidence behind the allegations. The debate about the Muslim Brotherhood, for example, is infected with racism. Relevant criticism of Palestinian politics, the MB or extremists is mixed with outright hatred.

The same goes for the debate about Israel.

Join or die!

I know the relationship between Jews and Muslims is complicated, due to the conflict in the Middle East. Since most Muslims one way or the other like or support Palestine and most Jews one way or the other like or support Israel, the conflict tends to separate Jews and Muslims.

But Jews and Muslims have to join, or die! Literally. 

But to do so Muslims and Jews have to approach each other with care. The relationship is broken and racist propaganda is not making it easier.

I have a Jewish friend. He is active in the fight against both Islamophobia and antisemitism. But he is a proud Jew that carries the symbol of his faith, the star of David, all the time. Sometimes he carries the flag of Israel on a pin on his jacket too. He was born there. Sometimes he carries both the Palestinian and Israeli flag on his jacket.  The amount of hatred he encounters due to this is big. He gets spit at, yelled at and called “dirty Jew,” “dirty zionist” and “IsraeHell lover” and they point at his nose (“Jews have big noses,” as racists claim).

I have a Muslim friend. She wears a hijab and displays the Palestinian flag openly on her Facebook page. Her father was born in Palestine, in Gaza. She hates antisemitism. Her best friend in New York is Jewish. On her mother’s side her grandfathers in Morocco helped save Jews in World War 2.

She encounters much hate. “Dirty muslim,” “You must be a Hamas supporter,” “you support Palestinian terror,” “dirty Islamist”, “take off your hijab”.

The sad thing is that often the Jew gets bullied by Muslims, or people that hate Islamophobia, and the Muslim woman by Jews or people that hate antisemitism. And often the reason for the hatred is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Jew is bullied because of what Israel does and the Muslim because of what Hamas, or others, do.

This can’t last. The negative spiral of hatred is dragging mankind downwards, deep down the drain. Jews and Muslims have to fight hatred together!

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  • If that’s what passes for a counter argument in your mind, we can leave it at that.

    Take care, JSB.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    No, your “black and white” statement was what made me laugh.

    HP posts and at least some of their commenters are much more introspective and can see the good and bad in various positions. In contrast, most of the posts and an overwhelming majority of the comments here assume that they are 100% right and anyone who disagrees is 100% wrong (“black and white”) and must be attacked with a nasty tone. Again, that’s also true of some HP commenters, but I, at least, find more nuance and introspection among at least some over there.


  • Making you laugh at ridiculous inconsistency in HP’s positions on the “Jewish stste”? More disgusting than amusing to me, but I suppose it is laughable too.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    I give you credit for making me laugh.


  • Sure thing.

    I would love to see how HP would react is we supported giving Muslims Jewish land for an “Islamic state” that entailed decades-long ethnic cleansing, land theft, “Muslims-only” settlements and bypass roads, and countless racist laws meant to support a Muslim majority at the expense of Jews who were already living in the land.

    They would have total meltdown and probably insist we bomb the place yesterday. But when it’s Jews imposing a “Jewish state” on Arab (mostly) Muslims and Christians, it’s somehow morally right and deserving of support.

    The notion they are more consistent and fair is laughable. We can agree to disagree, but I invite all readers to ponder my points and decide for themselves if HP “does better,” and if so, at what.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    To you your beliefs regarding the websites, to me mine. We can just agree to disagree.

  • HP does better? Really? It’s hard to see how HP and LW are remotely comparable. Not even apples to oranges. More like brownies to red wagons.

    HP was founded to support and encourage mass slaughter of the people (mostly Muslims) of Iraq. They support the ongoing colonization of Palestine (land theft, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, racism, and all that entails), and openly admit to being sympathetic to the murderous Neocons.

    By contrast, LW has never supported or encouraged the mass slaughter of anyone, and has condemned such behavior, regardless of who is doing the slaughtering. Non-state actors engaged in terror, as well as states that cloak grand scale terror in the language of war. We oppose both.

    We are antiwar/pro-peace, anti-Zionist/pro-Palestine and anti-neocon/non-interventionalist. Opposites.

    Also HP only “supports” Muslims who are not really Muslims in any practical sense. Majid Nawaz and his ilk. Muslims must pass a litmus test that basically proves they’re a supine sellout to Western supremacism.

    We don’t have a litmus test for Jews. We will support Jews who are liberal atheists or ultra orthodox. We don’t dictate to anyone how they must practice their religion online order to avoid being placed in our cross hairs, hounding and harassing them at every turn.

    If anything HP and LW are polar opposites. So on second thought, really not even really red wagons and brownies. More like black vs white.

    We aren’t in competition with HP for I visitors. Our target audience is completely different. If you’re happier over at HP, then I’m glad you’ve found a place over there.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    Indeed. I just saw a headline which said there were 16 bomb threats against synagogues yesterday.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Synagogues have gotten hate calls and death threats.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Ahh, I’d almost forgotten that I was an (honorary) emir.

    I don’t want to badmouth LW, so I’ll simply say that I have noticed the increased tension with sadness, though I do hope that I am not the one who has changed and also hope that my tone has generally not been a major contributor to the increased tension.

    As for Linda Sarsour, I will respect Garibaldi’s wishes and not denigrate her here. You have access to Google and can find a lot of negative comments about her. Some I don’t agree with at all; others I see as simple disagreements over political views that people use to unfairly attack Sarsour; and a few (Google Linda Sarsour and “they don’t deserve to be”) I view as legitimate complaints, though obviously some people then go too far in their responses.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    Not shedding tears JSB. You’re welcome to comment here, like anyone else. For you clearly that means whenever SarahAB draws you back onto the forum. Glad you found a home at “thoughtful” “cesspool” HP.

    Of course one can be both Jewish and Zionist, O’ JSB. We oppose the conflation but we’ve never said you can’t be both either.

    When board members of AIPAC, staff, members of the Jewish community in the US describe AIPAC as a group working for “Jews” or as a “Jewish organization” it is not erring. When media outlets from the NY Times to JNS do so it is not then erring:
    The moment we now occupy in American history propels us to stand up for American values and Western civilization in a frightening world, a world in which terror, oppression, and evil sometimes find shockingly weak resistance. And the moment we now occupy in Jewish history gives each of us—each of us—an awesome responsibility but a new privilege, really, to stand up and actually do something tangible for the security and future of the Jewish people. And no organization has shouldered this new historical responsibility with more devotion and more skill than AIPAC.

    Howard and your staff, Michael and your astonishing lay colleagues, you are amazing. I stand here as chairman of the Conference of Presidents brimming with pride that I can claim to be a close partner of AIPAC and, as a board member, part of AIPAC itself.

    Several leading Jewish groups — including the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (Aipac)…

    Some Jewish groups are not yet taking a stand on Oren’s proposal. American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) spokesman Marshall Wittman told that AIPAC “supports Israel’s right to self-defense and defensible borders,” although he did not comment specifically on Oren’s remarks…

    But I am happy to refer to AIPAC simply as Zionist.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    Thank you Emir JSB, I’m flattered that you remember.

    I’ve been away for quite a while so I’m not quite sure what’s happened but I have noticed that things have seemed a bit tense between you and Ilisha and Garibaldi at times. I’m sad that you’ve decided to leave LW.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Your point on the ADL’s history with Pipes is valid.

    As for my “faux sensitivity,” perhaps you will reconsider when you are in a better mood and realize that you erred in calling AIPAC a Jewish organization rather than a Zionist one. You complain that there is little pushback against such conflation, but then attack me when I actually push back against an example of it.

    It is ironic also that you accuse me of “faux sensitivity” when that is exactly what Linda Sarsour is being accused of. I gave Ms. Sarsour the benefit of the doubt in my comment to SarahAB below; it’s a shame you won’t do the same for me.

    Sadly, you are only confirming why I left LW. And, I do mean sadly, because LW used to be a really good cite. I sincerely hope that LW does return to its better days, particularly when people could disagree without being insulted at every turn for everything from putting forth a point of view to upvoting comments that others disagree with.

    Yes, HP can be a cesspool in the comments., In fact, I’ve received my share of abuse there for apparently being an apologist for Islam. Ilisha upvoted at least five of my comments on one thread, so she presumably knows that in that thread, I was accused of everything from presenting “leftist Islamic bullshit. It is all obfuscation and politically correct nonsense, designed to present muslims as victims,” of having a “flippant attitude [] due to your disconcern about the rights of minoriites living under Islam” and was informed that “it seems like you prefer to lick the ass of the islamic orthodoxy.” So, I won’t deny it is a cesspool over there, but do know that I am much more your ally than you seem to believe.

    Finally, HP’s posts tend to be thought-provoking and challenging of the the limits of their own positions than I see in a lot of other places. But, to return to your statement, they do sit atop a cesspool of comments.

    — JSB

    P.S., Happy belated birthday, Tanveer.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    No one cares what you or JSB think of Linda Sarsour. You’re in good company though with the likes of Bill Maher and Sam Harris when it comes to demonizing that powerful, strong, hijab-wearing, Brooklyn activist.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    The ADL’s long trackrecord of perpetuating Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism will not be so easily swept under the rug. They have been part and parcel to fostering the climate of Islamophobic politics that Trump rode to the presidency. And they need to be called out for it.

    The ADL has not only been silent on Daniel Pipes’ hatemongering, his agenda to target Muslim American organizations and charities for decades, collaboration with fascists but they have actively supported it through assisting the demonization of Muslim orgs such as CAIR. They supported Pipes’ nomination in the Bush era, so yes they do have to answer when the MEF pushes the garbage I highlighted in that article:
    Glad that this time the ADL realized to support the #MuslimBan was wrong but they didn’t do Muslim Americans any favors. Actions speak louder! So spare us the faux sensitivity about an implied conflation of Jews and Zionism. If you need to hear it again, no Jews and Zionists are not the same thing! Sadly too many Zionists continue to make this conflation (especially on HP) and there is little in way of push back against it.

    Enjoy the cesspool at HP.

  • Tanveer Wan Khanobi

    I think he probably wrote the article because there seems to be a rise in attacks against Mosques and Synagogues in America right now whereas nobody is attacking churches. Looks more like a “both our communities are getting abused right now, let’s buddy up with each other” rather than a middle finger to Christians “look at them living all safe and secure, they hate us” type post.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    I agree on Linda Sarsour. I also have issues with her, but I take her at her word that her efforts at raising money for repairing the Missouri cemetery are sincere, and I applaud and thank her for her effort. Too often people tend to think that those they disagree with politically can’t be compassionate, real human beings.

  • SarahAB

    Thanks JSB – I quite agree with your points about AIPAC and ADL. I think areas of difference should be negotiated in a way which gives benefit of the doubt where possible – for example (and in relation to the topic of another post) I don’t care for Linda Sarsour but I think the money raising for the Jewish cemetery is a good thing, and reflects well on those who participated.

  • I don’t think it’s meant to give that sort of “us vs. them” cast, but I do see your point. We don’t want to make it seem like Jews and Muslims are ‘ganging up’ on the majority. Nazis already accuse Jews and Muslims of doing exactly that over at the Daily Stormer.

  • Just_Stopping_By

    Positive, indeed. It’s almost enough to bring me back to LW (other than by seeing your comment). I do encourage LW to continue in this direction and am glad to see that the amount of content has gone up after a lull at the end of last year.

    On the other hand, you also get posts like this, commenting on a proposal by Daniel Pipes, which says, “One wonders what the response of mainstream Jewish organizations such as
    the ADL and AIPAC will be to such efforts? Will they be supportive or
    silent?” It’s a strange statement, since, at least when I read it regularly, LW always argued not to conflate Jews with Zionists (AIPAC is a Zionist, not a Jewish organization) and not to insist that Muslim organizations have to condemn actions by individual Muslims (yet, here, the implicit claim is even worse, that AIPAC and ADL wouldn’t even go that far, but either support or be silent, though the ADL has been among the most vocal organizations in challenging the travel ban, for example).

    Sarah, I will say that HP tends to be better with its (ATL) posts, including both those challenging Jews who promote Islamophobia and Muslims who promote Judeophobia/anti-Semitism, though you have a lot of blatant Islamophobes (and anti-Islamophobes) among the commenters. But thanks for bringing me back to LW, even if only for a brief look.

  • Joey Sanders

    I agree with the overall message of this well written article, but it leaves out one important fact when it comes to antisemitism and Islamophobia in the United States. Muslims do not have an organized effort to fund antisemitism, while there are Jews who fund organizations that spew Islamophobic rhetoric.

    That’s why there are many Muslims, like myself, who are upset with the Jewish community of this country. Of course, not all of them are bad. The problem is there is a somewhat sizable segment of their community that funds the hatemongers, who get on television, and spew the most hateful rhetoric against us.

    People, like Pamela Geller, are very responsible for the rise of the extremist Protestant White Power movement in the last few years. It should scare everyone that they are getting more and more mainstream as the years go by and the middle class continues to shrink. There are going to be more and more uneducated and impressionable poor whites who will be easily recruited into their ranks. Didn’t idiots like Geller not realize that these groups were going to hate Jews just as much as Muslims, if not more?

    These White Supremacist groups can be banned from television, but it does not matter in this day and age. They have the entire internet at their disposal to spew their hatred and get their message out. Guess who is reading their stuff? It is the younger generation as the older ones are the people that watch television. If something is not done to quell this movement in the next few years, Jews and Muslims alike may have a serious problem on our hands in the near future.

  • SarahAB

    I only read it quickly – but I didn’t get that impression at all. It seemed a very positive post,

  • AJ

    The article implicitly casts Muslims and Jews in us vs. them kind of light against Christians. I am not much appreciative of that since our biggest allies are the good Christians. I understand the minority vs. majority thing but such articles where it implies another minority might be our biggest ally kind of waters down the efforts of everyone else.

  • Amie

    Pamela Geller is Jewish and has aligned herself with people who are anti-semitic. She’s contributed many articles to Breitbart news. These are times when people get united for a shared goal, either survival or hate. For her, Nazis and islamophobes it is hate against Islam. For many other common Jews, Muslims and Christians it is survival of shared values and peace.

  • Heinz Catsup

    Nicely written post!

    This negative spiral of hatred is indeed dragging humanity downwards & it pisses me off to no end to see more & more moderate, level-headed voices disappear, either silenced or engulfed by the extremes of the political left and right.

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