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AIPAC: Jewish Defense League Terrorists Attack Protesters

JDL terrorist thugs are back, and up to the same tactics they honed in the days of terrorist Rabbi Meir Kahane, attacking Palestinians and anti-Israeli apartheid protesters.

The JDL was designated a terrorist organization by the US government, and their Kach party, which has a significant following among Israeli settlers is banned in Israel. The JDL was responsible for nearly 7% of terrorist attacks in the US between the years of 1980-2005 according to the FBI.

At the conference the JDL freely operated with their classic hatred, intimidation, and violence. The following graphic video illustrates the violent nature of the attack which was first captured and shared by the Institute for Middle East understanding (IMEU).:

Kamal Nayfeh

Will AIPAC condemn the brutally violent JDL attack on Kamal Nayfeh, an elderly Palestinian, and several IfNotNow protesters? IfNotNow, has urged AIPAC to denounce the JDL attack and has reported that during the Conference AIPAC members were supporting the JDL.

According to IfNotNow, AIPAC’s leadership has so far remained silent on these events: “We watched as AIPAC members walking into the conference shook hands with and vocalized support for the JDL presence. AIPAC therefore must take responsibility for the JDL violence. Until this moment, AIPAC leadership has been silent.”

Up until today there has been no censure or condemnation by AIPAC officials of these terrorist JDL goons. Most top mainstream Jewish news sites have not reported the attack or the JDL’s presence at AIPAC, that includes: The Jerusalem Post, YNet, TabletMag, JNS, and Arutz Sheva. Haaretz, the Forward and The Times of Israel did report the attack. The comment section at some of the sites where this was reported is troubling.

Times of Israel:

The Forward reported the identity of two of the JDL attackers who’ve been formally charged.:

The Metropolitan Police Department identified the two people who were arrested as Yosef Steynovitz and Rami Lubranicki. An article on the conservative website Politichicks named Lubranicki as the creator of the group American Bikers United against Jihad.

Steynovitz was charged Monday with assault with significant bodily injury, which is a felony. Lubranicki was charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor, according to the Washington Jewish Week article.

This should be treated as a hate crime and additional charges should be brought against these two and all those who participated in the attack.

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  • Count Beowulf

    Yes, rich and true.

  • Count Beowulf

    Ah, mindless insults. The true mark of an “intellectual” with something to say. In the civilized world, we call these ad hominen attacks; that is; the user applies insults to attempt to misdirect from the fact that the user has no genuine argument.

  • golden izanagi

    really one grand mufti represents every Muslim in the world? though what I always find funny about that is how you guys bring up that grand mufti, yet seem to completely ignore stories of Muslims who saved Jews from the nazis I often find myself wondering why that is?

  • Khizer

    Oh man, the Nobel prize argument, such a desperate arguement. You do realise that many Muslim nations have suffered greatly from U.S. Impearialism in the Muslim world. Many have economically, politically and socially have problems that were started by or worsened by the U.S. Involvement in the region. Due to the U.S. Plundering and destroying these nations, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the education from these nations has greatly suffered, and will take years to rebuild. Many Muslims are fighting for their nations’ freedoms from western impearialism or are trying to flee it, hence many flee to other countries and have to build up their livelihood in those countries. The Muslim world’s intellectual growth has been stunted by western and even Israeli meddling, the meddling that includes drones and bombardments. Many Muslims want o improve the world, but first they have to improve their own nations, and that can’t be done with heavily armed drones flying above their heads.

    Also many of those Christian and Jewish Nobel prize winners come from politically and economically stable first world countries, something the western nations like the U.S. Has made sure to not happen to the Muslim nations.

  • Khizer

    Pat Condell?

    That old loser, whoa! Such a objective and critical mind, making unsubstantiated claims about Muslims and Islam or exaggerating the actions of a few bad Muslims. The mans an old rascist loser, whose fanbase comprises of EDL losers and neo-reactionary new athiest twats. I’m surprised he still gets views.

  • Yes, I can explain it otherwise, but I don’t need to bother because it’s a fallacious argument at face value.

    Even if people of some nebulous grouping do outperform people some other nebulous grouping, that doesn’t entitle the former to steal from the latter. Imagine a world where such rules prevailed. “Why did you steal your neighbors land and home?” “Oh, because he was a lazy under achiever and I’m a superstar!” It’s a desperate argument, though I don’t blame you, since Zionism is indefensible.

  • You have no evidence that I “hate Jews.” Who hates “civilization generally”? Where is the EVIDENCE for this bile?

    No, you’re misstating my argument. I didn’t say “people and governments.” I said the Saudi regime. I have expressly stated that I don’t “hate” the ordinary people of the world ANYWHERE, and that includes Israel. I have not said, “I hate all Israelis,” nor would I say that.

    Your over wordy over emphasis is a poor padding for weak arguments. The British-appointed Mufi is not equivalent to “the adherents of Islam.” Netanyahu already embarrassed himself with this sort of blame shifting. In any case, if the Holocaust is a justification for Israel, then the Zionists should have been given a piece of Germany, not Palestine.

    Your comments have been going into the spam filter, but I fished them out.

  • golden izanagi

    “why is Islam so in love with death, destruction, depravity, and devastation and its practitioners feel the compulsion to spread it everywhere” yeah Muslims certainly are a hive of scum and villainy in fact I just read a story that made my blood boil. Where Muslim villagers donated money to their christian neighbors so they can rebuild a church that was burned down. reading through a story like this I could only wonder why I still stay on this earth instead of boarding a rocket ship to mars in disgust.

  • No, Zionism = Judaism is YOUR equation, and it’s a dangerous one. It’s not much different my someone trying to stifle criticism of the Saudi regime by stating KSA = Islam. No, these are not equivalent, and NO you can’t squelch criticism of Zionism using this method.

    Rebutting what conclusions? I’m NOT a leftist, though I certainly liked Bernie Sanders better than Donald Trump.

    Leftists DO NOT typically put “Islam over Judaism.” Most leftists support civil rights for all. Most leftists also don’t “hate” Israel, but rather Israel’s policies and behavior.

    Instead of wasting everyone’s time vomiting vitriol on a sinking ship, you Zionists ought to spend your time convincing Israel to withdraw from Palestine and make peace.

  • Count Beowulf

    But in your own ideology Zionism = Judaism. Even leftist pseudo-Jews know this to be true, which is why they put Leftism first, and Judaism last. Why do you think the pseudo-Jews like Bernie Sanders (Democrat) and Jill Stein (Green Party) put their Leftist agenda first and Judaism doesn’t even come into the picture at all? And as ardent Leftists, both HATE Israel and Zionism and favor Islam over Judaism, just as you do. I could go on and on and on with more examples, but the principle is clear and you can offer ZERO evidence rebutting these conclusions because none exists. Leftists are in alliance with Islam because they both hate the same things: Israel and Zionism AND Jews.

  • Do you David Duke videos on Jewish advocacy sites in place of an actual argument? That would be equally effective.

    *My* specialty is hatred? That’s rich coming from you.

  • Count Beowulf

    The hatred I leave to you. That is your speciality and your great love. Here’s a video primer for you:

  • We’re not “anti-American.” Zionist shills can’t reasonably pull the patriot card, since America would obviously be better of befriending 1.6 billion Muslims than being Israel’s unflinching handmaiden.

    The very fact your own vitriolic comments are being published proves your “totally censors ANY criticisms of Islam” assertion wrong. Everyone who visits sees that we allow dissenting views.

    Do you have anything substantive to say, or are your pure froth and spew?

  • Count Beowulf

    This website is a typical leftist anti-American, anti-Ciilization website. It permits (and, indeed, encourages) Islamic hatred of all sorts, in particular, hatred of Christians, Jews, and Buddhists. But it totally censors ANY criticisms of Islam and its practices–even though 100% true. But I understand the need for censorship on the part of loonwatch. Loonwatch feels threated by the truth and HATES the truth–almost as much as it hates Christians, Jews, and Buddhists, or any civilized people for that matter. So you have to cover up the truth, like the cowards you are. That is clear and obvious, but it needs to be said anyway.

  • We have no problem with Jews, nor with Judaism. We are anti-Zionist.

    Zionism is a racist colonial settler ideology predicated on land theft and genocide. It’s Zionism that promotes death, destruction, depravity and devastation. It’s not Muslims wrecking other people’s entire nations, but rather the Western imperial powers, including Israel.

    Thank you for demonstrating once again the link between Zionism and unhinged hatred of Islam. Any site combating hatred against Islam and Muslims needs to focus on also combating one of its major driving forces, which is Zionism. That’s what we do, and that’s what we’ll continue to do.

  • Count Beowulf

    Why is there such hatred for Jews and Zionists on this website? And why is Islam so in love with death, destruction, depravity, and devastation that its practitioners feel the compulsion to spread it everywhere? Are there not enough Islamic nations for Muslims to practice their trade? Why must they insist that every civilized nation sucumb to Islamic death, destruction, depravity, and devastation?

  • Exactly! The Israel army lives in constant terror of Palestinian toddlers wielding pebbles. It’s a real threat in their minds. Who didn’t learn in grade school about how “sticks and stones” break bones?

    Only a die-hard hater would not applaud the arrest these 4-year-old Palestinian terrorists:

    Israeli forces raid home to arrest 4-year-old, dad says

    Oh and this 5-year-old Palestinian terrorist…you can actually see video footage of brave Israel soldiers on their mission:

    Video footage: Soldiers detain Palestinian five-year-old in Hebron

    I’ve been thinking for years how the Israeli’s really should just arrest Palestinians at birth. Once they graduate to diapers, they are giving dirty looks, by age 3 they throw pebbles, and by 4 or 5, Israel is forced to send armed soldiers to arrest them anyway. Why not cut to the chase?

    If they run free all their lives, making it to middle age or something, you have no choice but to knock them down in the street, gang stomp them, and attempt to gouge out their eye with a flag pole. Who wants to see that? If the IDF [sic] is terrified by toddlers, imagine how the poor JDL terrorists must feel! Heartbreaking…and totally avoidable with my proposal.

    “OUT OF THE WOMB, INTO THE CELL.” Fairly catchy, don’t you think?

  • More details on the behavior of these Jewish* terrorists who later tried to claim they were “defending themselves” from a lone, middle-aged man who wasn’t even on the scene to protest:

    JDL member arrested for attacking Palestinian-American teacher ran anti-Muslim website – See more at:

    * DO NOT bother correcting me on use of the word “Jewish,” should anyone have the impulse. This is the JEWISH Defense League, not the ZDL. No one seems to have any problem with “Muslim terrorists.” I won’t bow to double standards.

  • The American leadership, regardless of who is in office, seems incapable doing anything overseas besides destroying things and creating chaos, and then complaining there is chaos and asserting a need for more destruction.

    It’s disgraceful we’re bombing some of the poorest countries in the world.

    It’s discontent, not religion, that draws people to al-Shabaab

  • Khizer

    Hey, Illisha,

    What do you think of this,

    it’s part of Trump’s ‘completely improved’ foreign policy (his fans yapped about how he was ‘not’ a warmonger, like Hillary, during the elections).

  • Khizer




  • I expect to see Israel’s supporters getting more and more desperate. At best, they are increasingly using the apparatus of the state to block Palestinian advocacy, as is the case with BDS. At worst, they’re resorting to violence.

    Israel’s current behavior is indefensible in a free an open marketplace of ideas, so they must resort to various kinds of strong-arm tactics. Their time would be better spent encouraging Israel to take the steps necessary to resolve its conflict with Palestine.

  • AJ

    I thought initially this was a report about something happening in the occupied territories. Is this America??? These thugs are roaming around beating people with US flags. Whooaa! Calm down fellas. This is not Israel.

  • GaribaldiOfLoonwatch

    AIPAC members were commiserating and high-fiving the JDL fanatics.

  • Joey Sanders

    AIPAC did not even release a statement denouncing any violence at its conference. That’s the least they could do even if they did not want to name JDL until all the facts were in.

    If you go on YouTube, there were also militia members protesting AIPAC and Israel as well. Groups like JDL can cause those groups to resort to violence as well. It is in AIPAC’s best interests to denounce all violence before it gets out of control.

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