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Paul Golding Spreads Lie That London Muslims Celebrated Paris Terror Attack

The meme that Muslims, especially Western Muslims, whether they be in New York or London, celebrate terror attacks is a persistent trope used over and over again by Islamophobes. Christian missionary David Wood uses it, President Donald Trump uses it and now the leader of a small anti-Muslim party named Paul Golding has tweeted a video he claims shows “‘moderate’ Muslims celebrating the Paris terror attack in London.”:

Sadly for Golding, as MEND Community has shown, the video is actually Pakistani cricket fans celebrating their team’s victory in the 2009 World Cup.

The tweet has been deleted though no correction/apology has been posted by Golding or Britain First.

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  • NotAMuslamic

    Roasted puppies is a meme? I thought you were going with the whole “muslims hate everything *ahem* normal people love” thing…

  • HSkol

    That was hilarious. Do you not know the “roasted puppies” joke? I’m not reading others’ intentions well right now. Pardon me if Eye misunderstood your reply, please.

  • NotAMuslamic

    Dogs are haram infidel swine! Your neck deep hole is over there.

  • HSkol

    And, 4 out of 5 Islamic chefs prefer ROASTED PUPPIES!!!!! (That’s a secretive taqiyya thing though – so, sshhhhhh.)

  • HSkol

    Eye think you’ve been online tonight. Just thought Eye’d say I’m rather happy with your “Lol. ;)” there. I felt brilliant with that post ………. but, that’s likely just me.

  • Lol. 🙂

  • HSkol
  • And?

  • Awesome

    Your comments about Islamic doctrine are nothing but your opinion, vague and unsubstantiated.

    Vagueness, generalizations and unsubstantiated claims are the primary means by which anti-Islamic propaganda is expressed. They will never respond when challenged to verify any of it, because they simply cannot, and when they try to, the faultiness of their claims becomes obvious.

  • Who did I defend who said Muslim terror in France is caused by French people? Stop being vague, and name names.

    I did NOT deny anything about church burning, except you’re sweeping and inaccurate statement: “All Islam does is burn hundreds of churches.” <~ You

    Islam doesn't DO anything. It's a religion, not a person. Muslims doing lots of things. They don't spend all their time burning churches, as your "all Islam does" statement implies. It's not my fault your language is imprecise.

    Now, what church burning are you referring to? Post your evidence or stop making this assertion.

    Your comments about Islamic doctrine are nothing but your opinion, vague and unsubstantiated.

    I do agree that Islam is not 'reformable.' Finally you got something right. Islam doesn't reform, but Muslims can and do.

    No one has the right to savagery, and if you're going to say I'm defending that, again, produce the evidence. There are many people here who have read my comments for half a decade, and I've consistently condemned violence against innocent people, no matter who is the perpetrator.

    If you can't back any of your assertions with specific examples and actual evidence, then you need to stop making them here. I won't keep posting your comments, if you can't get past childish outbursts and get down to something substantive.

  • Eugen

    You defended a guy who said Muslim terror in France is caused by French people, and you denied the undeniable fact that Islam burns hundreds of churches. That’s more than enough.

    Islamic doctrine for non-Muslims is the politics of Jihad in both theory and practice so it’s incompatible with a civilized society or even a society that wants to survive in peace.

    Religious freedom is conditional on following secular laws and doesn’t apply to political entities with organizations that want to conquer or subvert your nation.

    What’s even worse is that Islam is not reformable. You can’t reform Islam because you can’t take the example of Mohammad and his wretched life out of it.

    You are nothing but a tribal hypocrite defending and justifying his people’s right to savagery under the guise of human rights and blaming the victims of that savagery for it.

  • If you want to level accusations, show your evidence.

    Where do I condone using people’s good intentions against them?

    Where are all these church burnings? Where have I denied them? I don’t even know what incidents you’re referring to.

    Where does Islamic doctrine call for hateful, bigoted treatment of non Muslims? Show us specific examples.

    Of course we don’t have a loon Imam section. We’re countering anti-Muslim propaganda. Not amplifying it. Why can you understand that? Would you expect a sight defending Jews to have sections devoted to loon rabis? There would be no reason to expect that.

    Who days we can’t pick and choose from Islamic doctrine? Have you read the Bible? If you criticize the parts commanding stoning people, Christians will tell you they don’t follow it. They pick and choose, and we accept that answer. Like Muslims, they have that right.

    The problem isn’t Islamic doctrine anyway, but rather your reflexive blaming of Islam for complex problems that trace back to many factors.

  • CowabungaCreeper

    Not being a mirror for every counterjihadklan resource on the internet doesn’t make it an Islamic propaganda site.

  • Nothing I say is worthy of being permanently immortalized. I like for my profle clean, and reflective of my current views.

  • HSkol

    Actually, she was on this thread just this morning speaking with a “Eugen”.

  • Friend of Bosnia

    Ah. I see. Wel, it will be a pleasure to read you some time. But, if I may know, was there a reason to remove all your comments?

  • Friend of Bosnia

    No longer on this site? Too bad. I’ve always appreciated her opinion.

  • Your ideas are based on tribalism and rationalizations, not fairness and reason.

    You’re right the same standards should be applied, but when someone fails to treat others properly, that doesn’t give license to others to do the same. You should have learned in grade school that two world don’t make a right.

    It’s also false that all Muslims do is burn down churches. That’s an absurd and baseless claim. In fact Islamic doctrine calls upon Muslims to protect churches and temples.

    Did you come here to exchange ideas, or just to vent your resentment? If you’re just here venting, you can go somewhere else. There are countless hate sites where you can frolic with other dark hearted grievance mongers. An endless stream of hateful spew is not welcome here.

  • Fortunately no one is dependent upon you and your subjective criteria for their civil rights.

  • HSkol

    Your assumptions have just overridden the concept of secularism itself – or, at least, the secularism I know. This is precisely why those who might disagree with secularism find hypocrisy in we “great”, self-proclaimed secularists (partial tongue-in-cheek there – I’m a secularist due to my place of residence – and/or/but more importantly so – due to my own nature and upbringing).

    Listen to your own words and questions if you may. Should someone look at you as representative of secularism, I’d find myself embarrassed. Rugby fans are one thing, individual thinkers themselves are entirely another.

    Perhaps we have a grand disconnect in our use of language, or of native tongue itself. Or … our own insignificant understandings of the world simply collide. Live and let live. To each his own. I wish you the best. Please do wish your neighbor the best. Peace to you from lowly me.

  • HSkol

    Ah, you’ve not placed your reading glasses before your eyes on this fine evening. Actually, that’s me drinking high fructose sweet tea from a curved horn, excited that one day the Valkyries will carry me away to Valhalla. The dance itself is, however, titled “Imam Drunkendancing” … so you are not incorrect.

    (Taqiyya, of course. It’s good to mislead others, if but for my own doctrine’s sake.)


  • Ah yes,…Imam Drunkendancing. I’d recognize him anywhere. 🙂

  • HSkol
  • HSkol

    Regarding my former reply, either I was extremely tired or I didn’t have my reading glasses on. That’s not me, of course. I know an Imam when I see one. Duh.

    (I’d better shut the heck up now. I probably won’t though.)

  • It makes perfect sense.

    Did I say civil rights are not predicated on fairness? No. I said they are not predicated on holding a certain set of beliefs.

    I don’t have the power to deny you your civil rights. Civil rights are for everyone.

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