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Update: Freedumb of Speech Summit-Defenders of Delusion

Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders

We recently wrote about the Freedumb of Speech Summit that was held in Delray Beach, Florida hosted by Republican Representative Adam Hasner (!) and republican hopeful Allen West.  The guest of honor giving the main speech was European Fascist Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders is a controversial European legislator who has amongst other things called for the Quran to be banned in the Netherlands and for the enacting of discriminatory laws in regards to immigration that would target and exclude Muslims from the West. Wilders has also been prosecuted for “hate speech” and “inciting discrimination” by an appeals court in the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam.

In a racist screed that Wilders delivered over the weekend at the summit, he declared:

“Islam is not a religion… the Quran is a book that calls for hatred, that calls for violence, for murder, for terrorism, for war, and submission…We should also stop pretending that Islam is a religion…the right to religious freedom should not apply to Islam.

Wilders also called for “stopping Muslim immigration to the West, for stopping the building of mosques, for closing down Islamic schools because they are “fascist” institutions.”

The obvious contradictions and hypocrisy seem to be going right over the heads of Wilders and his supporters such as Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel and Representative Adam Hasner. In a summit dubiously dubbed as Freedom of Speech they want to curtail the rights of others to practice Freedom of Religion – a pillar of all self-respecting modern Democracies.

One must consider the implications of Wilders’ call and the collusion of American hatemongers with his project.  How does he want to translate his call for Muslims to be denied religious freedom into practical policy?  Will he ask all Muslims to renounce Islam or face deportation, even those born in the West? Would he and his supporters force Muslims to convert from Islam to Christianity or another religion?

Only in the hate world of the far right are insinuations made that, a religion that has been around for over 1400 years – Islam – is in fact not a religion at all.  It is also a world where one finds no contradiction in proclaiming freedom of speech on the one hand but then proudly declaring opposition to freedom of religion on the other.

Do these loons seriously consider themselves the “defenders of Western Civilization” against the “barbaric Muslim hordes” when they proudly flaunt the very foundations of that civilization?  In light of  this contradiction the more accurate description for this group of loony racists and neo-fascists might be “defenders of delusions.”

From Wilders own mouth:


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  • Kirook


    Words fail me.

    Wait, a few just came to mind, how’bout you listen to them?

    Loonwatch’s beef with Wilders in this particular article is that he, Spencer, Geller etc. defend what they are doing as freedom of speech and then say that Muslims should not be extended the same benefit. They are Americans too!

    It is worth noting, as well, that the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or preventing the free excercise thereof…”

    You want to violate the Constiturion to deprive people of their rights. Remind me again, who’s anti-American?

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  • Ferret

    Ban “Mein Qurampf”!
    How can Wilders be a “loony racist” because he is anti Islam? Islam aint no racial group.

  • laila

    what a loon why doesn’t he have evidence to support this?if we wanted to take over and infact we were brought up with a violent idelogy,they would have seen more than a few crazy so called Muslims blowing themselves up.
    afterall there is i billion of us and Islam has been around for over 1,400 years.

  • WOW

    It’s a pitiful shame that a holistic perspective where American values like freedom and value of human life along with the 10 Commandments — escapes you.

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