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Tawfik Hamid: The Shemp of the Three Stooges

Tawfik Hamid

Tawfik Hamid

In one of our earliest features we wrote about the Three Stooges of Islamophobia: Walid Shoebat, Zachariah Anani and Kamal Saleem who represent Larry, Curly, and Mo, but in the same way as there is Shemp, there is also Tawfik Hamid.

Tawfik Hamid, like his counterparts, describes himself as an “ex-terrorist” but as we will come to see his claims are as vacuous and silly as the other three.  The difference between the other three and Tawfik Hamid is that the other three claim to be converts to Evangelical Christianity while Hamid vacillates between claiming to be not only a Muslim and an Islamic Reformer but also a follower of Judaism and Christianity and in other instances a non religious person.

In 2007, Hamid served as a keynote speaker for the neo-Conservative  Intelligence Summit and now sits on their advisory board. Amongst the other speakers at the summit, such as Steven Emerson, Joe Kaufman, Nonie Darwish and Walid Phares, there was David Gaubatz, a white supremacist, who led the now defunct Mapping Sharia project (under the tutelage of Society of Americans for National Existence or SANE) which stated that Black people are predisposed to violence,

Is there something unique about the Black American…that leads him to murder so disproportionately and to most often kill and victimize his own? Do we see patterns of Black culture that arise out of Africa and the wanton murder of blacks by blacks there? Why have the colonized blacks of the African continent, after having acquired their freedom and independence, so willingly slaughtered their own and live in despicable disease and squalor despite a land of enormous riches while Indians of the Indian sub-continent have successfully moved from British rule to democracy and relative civility even in a country that still maintains social inequalities as a fact of their culture?

Gaubatz, in 2007, was a leading member of SANE which declared on its now password protected site that, “adherence to Islam as a Muslim is prima facie evidence of an act in support of the overthrow of the US.” It wants the government to ban adherence to Islam and put Muslims under surveillance as stated in its rules, “It shall be a felony punishable by 20 years in prison to knowingly act in furtherance of, or to support the, adherence to Islam.”

If this sounds unbelievably deranged, that’s because it is. We don’t make these facts up. Why would any sane, normal Muslim let alone Muslim reformer as Tawfik proclaims himself to be — speak at a hostile summit in which one of the participants wants to ban him from practicing his faith and make it a punishable offense? One answer is that Tawfik isn’t a Muslim and in fact hates Islam and Muslims which would also mean he is a charlatan. The other answer, which is related to the first, is that this is just part of the strange and twisted world that is produced when those chasing the Islamophobic cash cow converge together and let their strange and contradictory pathologies manifest like an insane asylum having a picnic (apologies to insane asylum’s).

Hamid says that he is a former member of the terrorist organization GI (Gamaa’ Islamiyya) and was a friend of Ayman Al-Zawahri, the number two man in Al-Qaeda. A claim that is not corroborated by any independent sources or governmental law agency. Again the million dollar question is, If this guy is a former terrorist then why aren’t the CIA and FBI all over this guy, watching his movements and interrogating him? Wouldn’t it be a point of interest for our government that someone who was a friend of Ayman Al-Zawahari, the number two of Al-Qaeda, the organization that attacked us on 9/11 is roaming around the country giving speeches? Either Tawfik is lying or our government has missed a big one.

On his new website, Tawfik identifies himself as “a Muslim by faith…Christian by the Spirit…a Jew by heart…and above all I am a human being.” This is a sharp departure from his previous statements in which he stated, “I am a Muslim by birth, a Christian by spirit, a Jew by heart, and above all I am a human being.” Someone must have told Tawfik that it might help his claim to be a “Muslim reformer” if he actually claims Islam as his “faith” instead of just something he was “born” into.

Richard Silverstein, who runs Tikun Olam, did a piece on Hamid after getting an email from Walid Shoebat’s list-serve that Tawfik Hamid would be speaking at Georgetown University. In it he devastatingly highlights the contradictions as well as obvious hate that Tawfik Hamid has for Islam and Muslims.

In Richard’s piece we also see a description of Tawfik on Shoebat’s website that is not there anymore. Notice the similarities between the biographies of Tawfik and Walid,

Here’s what Shoebat’s website tells you about Hamid:

Born in Egypt to a secular Muslim family. At the age of 16 young Hamid started to search for answers to the universal questions about creation and life’s meaning.

Later on, Tawfik started to read the bible as an attempt to criticise it in the ongoing religious debates between Muslims and Christians, but ended up studying the Bible with increased vigour and genuine interest.

If you compare that last paragraph to Shoebat’s own biography at the same site you have to wonder whether a single person is writing their ad copy:

Walid studied the Tanach (Jewish Bible) in a challenge to convert his wife to Islam. Six months later, after intense study, Walid realized that everything he had been taught about Jews was a lie. Convinced he was on the side of evil, he became an advocate for his former enemy.

It seems that these two “ex-terrorists” weren’t creative enough to come up with differing stories and instead didn’t think anyone would see the similarities in their testimonials. As Richard wrote, “you have to wonder whether a single person is writing their ad copy.”

Tawfik Hamid at the time of Richard’s article was charging $13, 500 for “speaking out against Islamic Fundamentalism that prevails in the world today.”

Yet it seems that Tawfik like his Christian Zionist counterparts doesn’t stop at speaking out against Islamic Fundamentalism but instead also speaks out against mainstream Muslims. For instance on the Orla Barry Radio Show he stated that,

There are different degrees of evil [within Islam]. Jemaah Islamiya represents the active evil or active terrorists let us call them who are ready to commit violent acts and all such atrocities. But the majority of Muslim are all passive terrorists. They believe in this evil. They support it either by money or emotionally they are not against it.

According to Tawfik the majority of Muslims are what he terms passive terrorists. This reveals a great contempt for Muslims who he views as nothing more than terrorists in one form or another. For him most Muslims are not law abiding individuals and even if they don’t commit violence or preach it then secretly they are still terrorists. This trope that is used by Islamophobes pretty much assumes Muslims are all guilty before proven innocent and that they are inherently violent.

Tawfik’s bumbling and inconsistent story in which at times he is a Muslim reformer, at other times a Muslim only by birth, then a Christian and a Jew or his declarations that most of his coreligionists are passive terrorists, his sharing the stage with white supremacists and well known Islamophobes and becoming a member of their advisory council is hard to follow let alone comprehend. It is contradictory and as we see quite lucrative — he fits in perfectly as Shemp to the Larry, Curly and Mo of Islamophobia.

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  • Rascar Capac

    I happened to come across a comment on one of Hamid’s videos (a six-part Jihad series) on YouTube which told Hamid that ‘why you are running to non-Muslims.. if there are any issues you should tell to Muslim community first’ or something to that effect.

    I’m sure he’s had great luck talking to this Muslim community.

    Attack the ideas, not the person.

    I couldn’t care less if he’s a Hindu or if he’s receiving a million dollars for each talk.

    And what he says makes sense. Great juvenile rebuttal you have here.

    Do you agree with the ABCs of radical Islam (by Hamid)? It’s a simple yes/no question.

    If the answer is yes, then you clearly lack the moral integrity to even criticize a person like Hamid, and yep, are definitely a ‘passive terrorist’. Your inability to understand freedom and equality is shocking.

    If the answer is no to any of those then… It’s ok LOL. You wouldn’t be around to reply to this comment, apostasy should’ve taken care of you.

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  • logical

    I am kind of puzzeled, who get this groups of goofs, promote them, and give them the chance to cash in on the Islamophobic wave.
    But I am not totally surprised, because I see a major organization of these efforts. The sad thing that in a country where people always look for the truth, close their minds and listen, as well as believe the utter non sens, and the obvious lies. just because it goes along with what is going on in the media…..Amazing

  • al neuman

    Of course everything Tawfik says is demonstrably and inarguably true. It’s pathetic to see Islamofascist defenders and sympathizers (incl. the usual dose of self-hating Jews like Silverstein), to grope for reasons to discredit him.

    Fascinating to see that nothing in this ridiculous attempt at criticism of Tawfix addresses any of the very real problems within Islam that he so eloquently states.

    It’s about time that someone from within Islam spoke against the atrocities being perpetrated by their co-religionists, all in the name of “Allah”!

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  • jock

    Dear akw

    I think you’ll find that its Tawfik’s comical claims abt being one thing by birth and a whole bunch of other things by spirit that are absurd not Silverstein’s questioning of it

    All the best


  • akw

    Why would Tawfik bother to respond to this nonsense? Anyone who has bothered to do any actual research on the man knows that se is authentic, and Silverstein attack on his was absurd.

  • Garibaldi


    We will have to wait and see if Tawfik replies. I don’t think he responded to Richard Silverstein’s article and so it is unlikely he will to this one. When individuals such as Tawfik and Walid respond to these articles they usually make their case worse. They lie so much that they get caught in their lies because they don’t realize what they have said or are saying. Hence the contradictions. I also think fear of being outed has something do with it.

  • WDSF

    Amazing analysis! I wonder if he’ll respond to this post…?

  • tope_gudgeon

    “a follower of Judaism and Christianity and in other instances a non religious person”

    A real Piscine Patel. 😉

  • mallorcaman

    What a goof, do people actually fall for this junk anymore? I know there is a lot of money in this business during the Bush scaremongering years but now with bigger problems on our hands, real problems like the economy, wars, etc, do people actually have the same attention span for these snakeoil salesmen as Olbermann would put it?

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