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Hate Mail of the Day: From “Ed Clark”


Try and debate the semantics as much as you will, call it: Muslimphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Muslim. The below is one of the more “pleasant” pieces of hate mail that we get weekly, sent to us via our “send-us-a-tip” feature.  We have edited some of the most vile curse words, but you can pretty much make out what “Ed Clark” is trying to say.


Your Name Ed Clark
Website http://
Message Your website seems shamefully stupid. Or maybe psychotic & arrogant would be more appropriate descriptors. I think all you scumbags should immigrate to Islamic countries, where you’ll get buggered physically to complement the mind-f*** you’ve already had, & where the women among you can be gang-raped daily, kept enslaved in squalor & receive clitoral excision in unsanitary conditions to celebrate your induction into the wonderful world of Islam. Wishing you vile jerkoffs all the worst,
Ed Clark

Doesn’t he seem like a delightful chap?

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  • Anj

    It’s always the same old arguments they come up with! It gets boring after a while. You debunk ever argument they have. Last resort they shout taqiyya at you. You then debunk that.
    Then they get real mad and start throwing insults about.

  • Hassan

    I’m noticing a pattern now. People like Ed Clark are obsessed with Sadomasochism.

  • Out of Many, One

    People like “Ed Clark” often complain about Muslims and other immigrants not conforming to the American way of life. Ed doesn’t seem to understand that America is, at its core, a multicultural nation. I’ll bet Ed has lived here his whole life. What’s that say about him, if he’s lived here his whole life and still doesn’t get what America is all about?

    Ed, thanks for your suggestion that we “immigrate” to Islamic countries, but I think most of us here understand what it means to be an American much better than you do. If you don’t like multiculturalism, why don’t you go “immigrate” to another country of your choice?

  • Salah udeen Al Ayoubi Lives

    Both Pamela Gellar and Sultan Knish (Daniel Green) are extremist Jews who spend their time blogging about their hate for Islam and Muslims.

    Both call for the genocide of Muslims if you read their blogs, both defame the Prophet and make up lies and stories about Islam, and both pretend they speak for American’s and both fear Obama’s popularity, both pretend their vile sick minds represent Americans, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    I guess Green and Geller have forgotten where this behaviour led them in the past. Bolshevik Jews have killed more Christians than the other way round, yet where is the outrage?

    Monday, August 04, 2008
    Pamela Geller – Holocaust Denier

    UPDATE 4/24/09: Ms. Geller has now come fully out of the Nazi closet and is going Openly Nazi, joining a group of modern Nazis who, among other things, deny the WWII Holocaust happened. See

    Claims modern-day Holocaust a “fake”.
    Pamela Geller, author of the Atlas Shrugs blog, (previously exposed here, here and here, as a racist against blacks and Muslims), is incensed that Radovan Karadzic was recently arrested for crimes against humanity, war crimes, murder and genocide, in the modern day (1992 – 1995) holocaust in Bosnia. The only thing that stopped this from being a complete genocide of the Bosnian people was the military intervention of the USA, the UN, and troops from Argentina, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, the Russian Federation, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey and the Ukraine.

  • Salah udeen Al Ayoubi Lives

    I just did a trace on Ed Clark’s IP and it’s in New York

    Ed Clark may be Pamela Gellar, after all you wrote a piece about her, i’m sure it’s her, she harasses all those who disagree with her, like Little Green Footballs Charles Johnson.

    It could also be Sultan Knish, another Muslim hater in New York, he blogs here, and he spews his hatred at his blog here

    Sultan Knish says his real name is Daniel Green or so it says on his website, but we can’t be sure. He is a coward as all these right wing extremist Jews are, note how he covers his face in his picture. Sultan Knish makes all the allegations that Ed Clark did, so it could be him.

    I vote Loonwatch expose Sultan Knish by finding out who he is.

    You should hold a competition, you know, ask your readers to write in, someone somewhere can either trace or find out who these people are.

  • Morakot_OstEuropa43

    Francesca, I know what you mean about telling someone the truth that these crimes are condemned. They don’t want to hear it, why? It’s as if they only want to hate more and dislike/don’t want to be relieved of fear.

  • I’m sure that when someone goes to live in another country they “emigrate” not ‘immigrate’ as Ed Clark writes in his note. Ah well, he wouldn’t be much of an Islamophobe if he wasn’t dumb.

    Mail like this only proves that you guys are doing an excellent job, keep it up!

  • “Ed Clark” (apologies to anyone whose name that really is) could be engaging in a bit of Psychological Projection. Just try telling someone like this that not only do you personally disagree with the acts described in his letter, but that the Qur’an itself condemns such crimes in no uncertain terms. I have done this a couple of times. On one occasion the accuser simply shot back that the Muslims who don’t engage in such behavior are “Muslims in Name Only”(another Islamophobic catchphrase) or not even real Muslims at all. One would thimk that people like “Ed Clark ” might be relieved that not all Muslims are Devils in Human Form. But no, It’s as if they need their “IslamoFascist” bogeyman to feed their addiction to excessive amounts of hatred and fear.

  • James

    On these topics, the amount of hate mail you receive increases in direct proportion to the power of the message. This means you’re striking a nerve. Keep up the good work! No one like being exposed.

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