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This Week in Worst Dressed Islamophobe

Robert Spencer is lost

Robert Spencer is lost

Robert Spencer, sporting a “fine” 80’s gray sweater over his porcine belly, feels that it is safe enough to go into the lair of the Mooslim beasts: the Mosque. However, it does look like he is drenched in perspiration, balling up his fists in anticipation of the Mooslim hordes who will no doubt fill the Mosque soon and exact “creeping-stealth-shariah-jihad” upon him…Spencer you might be waiting a while, there is a chair behind you take a seat.

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  • SKhan

    THAT LOOKS LIKE MY SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • polatinum

    Hey cool, I didnt know a blog/site like this existed. I thought the entire web is entirely Islamophobe. Good to know that not all are scared chickens. A muslim is greeting you nice people, peace be upon you.

  • Nissa

    No the Quran does not say that. Some Ahadith encourage it. It would be nice if you actually knew what you were talking about….

  • nat

    Um, no. It can be considered part of the Sunnah.

  • pagan

    I don’t know about Daniel Pipes and Mark Steyn, but Spencer has a bibleprophet beard (trimmed for the times, of course). Below is the example of a muslim beard –

    They dye their beards with henna because the Koran tells them to.

  • Danios

    Hahaha that’s a good question, Nat. Closet Muslims?

  • nat

    Why do all the Islamophobes have Muslim-ic beards?! Daniel Pipes, Mark Steyn, Robert Spencer….

  • yulduz

    You are wrong! Spencer is always acompanied by delicate scarecrows. The US have a Pamela Geller, and so does Germany: Ms Monika Kaufmann. She claims to be a scientist but her clothing and appearance tells another story:

    She was the interpreter for Spencer in Berlin – don’t they look frustrated?

    The gathering in Berlin – look at the pictures was really frustrating – for Spencer who seems to tell Kaufmann what he’s thinking about it.

    But Ms Kaufmann reached the peak of her frustrations (be assured, she looked even worse which seems hardly possible. Kaufmann wanted to go high profile and came with a group of her admirers (PI-Ortsgruppe, ORTSGRUPPE)to molest a – opposite to her and Spencer – real scholar: Dr. Sabine Schiffer, leader and founder of

    As you see, Dr. Schiffer is lecturing in Israel…

    Kaufmann, who is also molesting other people with her thoughts, tried to bother Schiffer but suffered a shattering setback. So she left the scene, even more frustrated than in Berlin and I think that she won’t be promoted within the ranks of Pax Europa – neither entrusted with such a task any more.

    Kaufmann is also spreading her wisdom to other people. To the editor of a German Jewish Magazine, that she likes buying vegetables at Turkish shops, because of their freshness – “provided, nobody is wearing a scarf there…” ant to another she revealed her favorite authors are e.g. “Bernard Lewis, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, Ephraim Karsh, Henryk M. Broder, Udo Ulfkotte” but “the freshest informations are those of Jihadwatch” – where she wrote 277 posts under the nick “epistemology”. But we discussed styles: although I am sure that she would never wear a bikini like Pamela Geller does, she is winning the contest, leaving only silver to Spencer and bronze to Geller.

  • Gia Kamila

    YOu may want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he was there to learn.

  • Something’s creeping alright. His pants. He’d better pull them up fast before he flashes some crack at us. He is already offensive enough.

  • Robert Spencer (NOT)

    I think I’ll go into this mosque, plant a nice little camera and audio recorder, so in the future, I can do my infamous copy and paste of selective recording to paint Islam and Muslims in the way I do.

    A brief sampling of soon to come Robert Spencer’s edition:

    Imam says: “As salamu alaikum (peace be upon you) brothers and sisters”

    Robert Spinster now edits to: “as samu alaikum (death be upon you) Jews and Christians”

    Imam says: “Muslims in America must do whatever they can to help remove the evil within our society, to stop the killing of innocent people, and bring peace and justice to all, especially since we share this among our brethren Christian and Jewish friends…

    “…Just like how Qur’aan forbids the eating of pigs, so does the teachings of the Bible.”

    Robert Spinster now edits to: “Muslims in America must remove evil, kill innocent people, especially Christian and Jewish pigs.”

    That’s a page out of spinster’s recording/editing studio folks.

  • Mexican_lunch

    loool, this is by far one of my favorite posts. Classic!

  • James

    Has Spencer ever been on a treadmill? LOL

    What is he doing in a mosque anyways?

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