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“Muslim Mafia” author Appears to Completely Fold in Lawsuit

P. David Gaubatz

P. David Gaubatz

The insane David Gaubatz has been ordered to return the documents he stole from CAIR and used to write his book Muslim Mafia.

The author of the book Muslim Mafia, which was based on documents taken by the author’s son while he was posing as a Muslim intern at the Council on American Islamic Relations, has agreed to return all documents and recordings obtained during the time at CAIR, according to a draft consent order filed in court yesterday.

The draft order, agreed to by attorneys for CAIR as well as for Dave Gaubatz and his son Chris, was filed along with a joint motion asking the judge to enter the order.

“We’re glad that there’s been an agreement to return all of the property that has been stolen from us,” CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper told TPMmuckraker this morning. CAIR says many thousands of pages of internal documents were taken. Now, Hooper said, “we’ll move forward with our legal action,” declining to specify what will come next.

Daniel Horowitz, one of Gaubatz’s lawyers who earlier this month told us in an interview that he was relishing the chance to butt heads with CAIR, told TPMmuckraker this morning that he didn’t negotiate the agreement. His colleague, the trial lawyer Martin Garbus, did not immediately return a call seeking comment about what happened in the case, and what, if anything, will come next.

Garbus told Politico, which first reported the news, that the Gaubatzs will continue to fight CAIR “in the context of the litigation,” but not over the preliminary injunction.

Muslim Mafia, the foreword of which was written by Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC), prompted Myrick and three House GOP colleagues to pursue a probe of possibly Muslim intern “spying” on Capitol Hill. Gaubatz has made many controversial statements, most recently making, and then retracting, a call for a backlash against Muslims after the Fort Hood shootings.

The order filed yesterday goes well beyond a judge’s ruling earlier this month that Gaubatz had to return a narrower set of documents, including those that contain confidential employee information.

The full order is here.

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  • Do you also know about Gaubatz’s connenction to David Yerushalmi, another anti-Muslim type. They both were involve din the alleged sting on the DC mosque a few yrs ago. Do you know if they’re still associated w. ea. other.

    Yerushalmi runs a group called SANE which used to have a public website which is now private (one wonders why). He also was intimately involved in the jihad against Debbie Almontaser & the Khalil Gibran Academy.

  • Jim

    Can an organisation pursue a libel action?

  • gratis

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  • Lou

    The latest………..yeah baby, the FBI wants the files! Geez, finally someone wakes up………………

    While attorneys representing the co-author of “Muslim Mafia” were preparing late today to honor a federal court order to return documents obtained from the Council on American-Islamic Relations in an independent undercover operation, FBI agents served a warrant on a Washington, D.C., law office for the same documents.

    The FBI agents entered the capital law offices of Cozen O’Connor tonight and issued a warrant for thousands of pages of documents as well as audio and video recordings gathered by P. David Gaubatz and his son Chris in a daring and lengthy undercover penetration of CAIR in which the younger Gaubatz served as an unpaid intern for the group that was labeled an unindicted terrorist co-conspirator in last year’s Holy Land Foundation trial.

  • Ustadh

    It seems the smack down is ready to come on these guys. They want to make as much money as possible and then bye bye. I foresee CAIR filing libel charges or something.
    How long until Sue Myrick and her cronies jump ship off this sinking boat?

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