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Busted: Daniel Pipes Uses Photoshopped Image

Newest Daniel Pipes Scandal

In our last post on notorious Islamophobe, Daniel Pipes, we analyzed some of the questionable and often hypocritical posturing he employs in his commentary on Islam and Muslims by offering an exhaustive rebuttal one of his many bizarre posts, “Hijabs on Western Political women.”

As I went through the images he had on his little photo display of Western women in Hijabs, I noticed one photo that did not look quite right. Apparently, the shady Mr. Pipes tried to sneak in a photo of Camilla Parker Bowles in a Hijab that included a photoshopped image of Prince Charles in what is presumably “full Muslim” garb. Prince Charles’ expensive Western suit was magically replaced with a gown, cloak, and turban. The sheer dishonesty in using the photoshopped version of that photo, despite the availability of many other photos taken on that day at that same spot showing Prince Charles dressed in a suit, deserves its own post here at LoonWatch.

Now, last time a career Islamophobe was exposed here at Loonwatch with their hand in the cookie jar, he tried to lay low and then he played dumb. We fully expect Daniel Pipes to enter the same plea.

Unfortunately for Mr. Know-it-all, the “I did not know” excuse is not going to fly:

a) the photo is clearly photoshopped to the naked eye, that is how I knew it was!

b) any elementary research on a photo with Camilla in a hijab (which is presumably how Pipes found this photo) results in many photos taken that day showing Prince Charles next to her in a suit.

The notion that Pipes could be this gullible and this sloppy raises questions about the accuracy of his research abilities – this of course is the best case scenario. The more realistic scenario is that Pipes is aware it is photoshopped but used it all the same just for dramatic effect, again underscoring his shady and sensationalist ways. This does not surprise us in the least, like his colleague Robert Spencer, Mr. Daniel Pipes is more of a propagandist and less of a scholar. By the way, a third possible scenario, yet unmentioned, is that someone in Mr. Daniel Pipes’ camp did the photoshopping which would then make the case against him even more dire – if that is at all possible at this point.

Photoshopped image of Prince Charles used by Daniel Pipes on

Actual way Prince Charles appeared that day and in this photo shoot, as he toured Al Azhar mosque with Sheikh Tantawi. You can see the column and lanterns in the background, and the two girls (one in pink and the other in white headscarves behind him):

here is the same angle as the fake Pipes version, but panned out shot:

and finally, here is a snapshot of the fake image as it appears on

For shame! Mr. Pipes

Mr. Pipes, you have a lot of explaining to do!

– Zingel

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  • Ebi

    Nice work!

  • Ohioan

    Well, Pam Geller has been making hay for weeks on the fact that a religion reporter from the Columbus Dispatch threw on a scarf out of respect when doing a piece on some activity at the Noor Islamic Cultural Center. According to her famous innuendo (repeatedly referring tot he woman as Meredith Hijab Heagney), this is a clear indication that anything that the paper prints with regard to Rifqa Bary (which has amounted to pretty sparse factual and non-hysterical news reporting) must be tainted by not just bias, but, you know involvement in the great (and growing greater every day) conspiracy.

  • Flavio

    What if he were really wearing a turban and robe, what would that mean? Is it like he’s committing some terrible sin?

  • Leonora

    I would never go look at daniel pipes website but I clicked on your link and the women look so lovely in their different types of scarves. What was the point of him showing that these women are respectful and not ignorant to other cultures

  • *one can clearly see it is fake.

  • Great work! I remember seeing that photo intitially on his website and thinking ‘bloody hell’ prince Charles has gone out of way on this occasion. Now that you’ve pointed it out, one can clearly say its fake.

    Just goes to show that these guys must be running on empty to have to resort to such tactics.

  • Zeeshan

    Truth cannot be overshadowed by falsehood.
    Every article on loonwatch is a Master peace . Now Daniel Pipes has no place to hide his face.

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  • What’s particularly ridiculous is that whoever shooped it decided to dress Charles in a more traditionally Shia outfit, despite the fact he is with Tantawi.

    Oh well.

  • I have searched on the internet and all the photo’s i can find of this visit show the Prince in a suit in this particular trip. I saw Getty Images, but havn’t checked Reuters or AP

    If there are any Egyptian readers who may have local pictures in Cairo, of the Prince in the outfit that Daniel Pipes has please be kind enough to upload them somewhere and add the link here so that we can see. It may well be that the Prince wore this outfit in another place at a different location, so if any readers can shed light, please do so.

    In the meantime, here is the best possible reference, Prince Charles own website. Surely the picture would be here if it was genuine but it’s not.

    In the picture archive of the Princes’s trip to Egypt, this link shows images from his Cairo trip in March 2006 when he met Sheikh Tantawi in Cairo.

    There is no picture of him in tradtional Muslim dress, only of him in a suit, like in all the official ones on the internet.

    Readers can check the link below at Princes Charles’ website


    TRH visit the Al-Azhar Mosque
    21st March 2006

    The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall spent the second day of their overseas tour in Cairo, Egypt.
    The Prince and The Duchess at the Al-Azhar Mosque in Old Cairo. It is the oldest still functioning Mosque in Egypt engaged in prayer and Islamic studies.

    I also note, that even if you search google, there isn’t a picture of the Prince in the robes and turban that Daniel Pipes uses.

    Where did Daniel Pipes get this picture from? Even if it’s a forgery, surely there must be other places on the internet where others have used it, but i couldn’t find any.

    Hmmmmmmmm, strange. It makes me believe, that Pipes himself may have got a stooge to fake it for him.

    Daniel Pipes if you’re reading this, please be man enough to offer an explanation of your shell game tactics.

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  • And I thought he is someone that could be reckon with, in debunking Islam or Muslims. Guess I was wrong. According to the Malays, the name of a person plays an important factor in influencing one’s character. A pipe is not that fancy, at all.

  • Ryan

    the islamaphobes are loosing ground.

  • Danios

    Great article.

  • One important fact that has to be laid bare, is if Daniel Pipes was behind the photo-shopped image or whether he was genuinely duped.

    If the former, then Pipes may not have phototshopped the imaged himself, but he may well have friends who like his Islamophobic vomiting, and are happy to do voluntary work for him.

    If the latter, it means that he is no scholar, as a serious scholar and researcher would check the image. He loses credibility, even if he pleads ignorance.

    If it is a forgery and he is behind it, he should be sued by Prince Charles.

  • AF

    Another great article Zingel!

  • iSherif

    Gawd, this is embarrassing… 🙂 Desperate men, desperate measures I guess!

  • Darter

    Check this link out.

    He uses the photoshopped image in the same article (as an update) where Pipes uses the picture above (pic #4) that shows Prince Charlies in a suit in the original article. I guess he forgot that the proof of the fraud was there earlier.

    It also appears that Pipes thinks Charles is a secret Mooslim.

  • Remember Zingle, if Daniel Pipes denies this or you want solid proof, you can always write to Prince Charles office for confirmation of whether this photo is a fake, or not.

    His press office should tell you either way.

  • Nabeela


    I never cease to be amazed… I can well understand why people think this is no ordinary website, as the research and quality of digging suggests professionalism and contacts way beyond what the the average blogger has.

    I’m beginning to think you guys are real professionals, employed by big names…maybe the George Soros and Saudi conspiracists are not wrong after all…heck, hat’s off to you.

    I’m stunned! I cannot tell by the naked eye that its a photoshop fake, but i’m not a photoshop professional. Are you sure that Prince Charles did not later don that gown and turban out of respect to his hosts? He actually looks nice in it:)

    Prince Charles is very pro-Islamic. Daniel Pipes thinks he is a convert to Islam. the British upper classes have a tendency to convert to Islam.

    100% agree that Pipes has explaining to do. He really does, you made him out to a be shoddy researcher, or a deliberate fraud. I suspect the latter, though without proof i won’t actually accuse him of it.

    It’s worth noting, that at his website he once wrote an article denying that he was behind the Danish cartoons publicity in Denmark. Apparently there was some suggestion by someone that he had a hand in that because he knew what the reaction would be, and that Islamophobes could then use that to say
    “see, they’re extremists”

    He denied that, but rumours persist.

  • Darter

    Gotcha! Great work Zingel. 🙂

  • mrJinx

    Smashing, great sleuth work Zingel, how do you come up with these finds?! I remember you busting Robert Spencer a few months back on the f*** URL he had masking jihadwatch. Good work! Keep it coming. Pipes now walks the walk of photoshop shame like many creepy bloggers before him.

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