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Cradley Heath Mosque Burned to the Ground by Arsonists

Cradley Heath Mosque Burned to the Ground

A Mosque was torched and burned to the ground in Cradley Heath. (via Islamophobia Watch)

Cradley Heath Mosque Burned to the Ground by Arsonists

CRADLEY Heath’s Muslim community is appealing for help after its mosque was burnt to the ground by arsonists.

A fire engulfed the Cradley Heath Mosque and Islamic Centre in Plant Street on Boxing Day destroying the building and the religious countless books inside.

It is the second time in five years that the building has been targeted by arsonists and police are hunting the culprits.

The West Midlands Fire Service first reported that the blaze on Plant Street had destroyed ‘industrial units’ in Plant Street but when the smoke cleared it became obvious the building was a mosque.

The mosque was a thriving part of the community with 400 worshippers using it and classes of children being taught there.

The worshippers are now trying to find a new place to worship as the new Mosque they have being building alongside the old one will not be ready for use for several years.

Basharat Ali, secretary of the mosque and education centre, said: “This is not the first time we have been targeted, there was a similar attack four or five years ago.

“The building has been completely destroyed and all the books we use with the children have been damaged by water.”

“He added: “The new building is under construction, it is a shell inside and it is due to open in a few years.”

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  • Rufus Chucklebutty

    One down, lots more to go !

  • Joanaroo

    And here in the US, this looney toon Terry Jones (not THAT one!) wants to burn copies of the Quran on 9/11 and the idiot has a church which is more like a cult. He has a tax exemption, as all churches do here, yet he sells furniture from his church, yet the kids working there don’t make any money and are not allowed to have contact with people. No wonder Jones apparently had child abuse charges too.

  • Anjem

    It’s not the first mosque to burn, Many more will follow.

  • zuluboy

    Just an observation . If this mosque was attacked from outside how did it become gutted inside. You might think me cynical but was the mosque covered by insurance. A new mosque close by not touched it also had a guard in it why not have a guard in the mosque that was burnt.
    Strange no-one has been caught. Maybe the insurance will pay for the new mosque to be built faster than would have been possible before the fire.
    Insurance fraud – no muslim buissness men don’t do that do they. LOL

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Destroying is easy. Creating isn’t. Little wonder that the bigoted anti-Muslims have expressed support for such Islamophobic attacks. After all, the kind of intellect, learning, creativity and experience, among others, that are necessary for great works of creation are lacking, if not completely absent, in these odious Islamophobes.

  • IbnAbuTalib

    Grain. Does your chosen name correspond to the size of your brain? Hey, it rhymes! Grain Brain!

  • Grain

    Finally, they all need to be destroyed, they’re ruining Britain!

  • Yusuf

    @DrM “Lou and Lawrence continue to justify terrorist acts, shouldn’t these scumbags be banned?”

    It seems loonwatch has a liberal comments policy. IMO they should be banned. They’re here for no other reason than to spew their anti-Muslim hate propaganda.

  • DrM

    Masjids need to level up security, and deal with any criminals etc.
    Lou and Lawrence continue to justify terrorist acts, shouldn’t these scumbags be banned? It’s nothing short of retarded racism to insist that the rights and security of Muslim communities in one part of the world should be weighed against the rights of non-Muslim minorities elsewhere. Can the same sort of stupidity be used to justify attacks on Christians elsewhere for the daily crimes of Westerners?
    It all boils down to numbers…how many Masjids in the West have been attacked and destroyed versus Churches in any part of the Muslim world? I’d put the ratio at a 100 to 1.

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  • Schlaftius


    Sieg Heil, Heil Hitler.

    Long Live Chermany, Mozlemrein of course, ein volk, ein reich ein Fuehrer. Our Fuehrer is of course Bobo Spankster, as Pipes und Geller are Jews und not Aryans.

  • Schlaftius


    Ja Wohl, Lou, let us take ze Moozlemz und send zem to ze Auschwitz und liquidate zem. Zey are polluting ze purity of ze Master Race by raping our Aryan women.

  • Lou

    Wow! Looks like a message to me. Maybe just maybe they’ve finally had enough of you and your double standards.

    Lawrence was right, of course. As long as its the moslems burning down churches or killing infidels, hey no problem. Let it be tit for tat, though, and “waaaagghhhh, where is my mommy”.

  • Schlaftius

    This kind news puts a smile on the likes of Bobo Spankster and Barmy Geller and Pipes. This is what they have been working so hard for, for the destruction of Mosques, burning of Qurans and slaughter of Muslims in the West. And Islamophobia doesn’t exist?

  • nat

    Hey Lawrence. You’re a dolt.

  • Nissa

    Yeah, because those of us who have actually read Al-Qur’aan need some Muslim hating bigot to tell us what is in it.

    And shouldn’t you be pissed off there weren’t any cobras inside since we ruin everything and want to impose our beliefs on to people? No one asked or needs your fake sympathy.

  • Nabeela,Please accept my condolences for the destruction of Mosque in Cradley.Thank God,no body got hurt or killed.I hope you also have similar sentiments,when the Muslim fanatics burn Christian Churches in Pakistan,Egypt,Indonesia and other Muslim countries.Try to make friends with the Jews and Christian.You will not find this in your Quran.

  • Ustadh


    As of this day they have not captured the cultprits. I also think it is pretty shocking that a whole building like this went down, but after our mosque went down, and it was a large structure as well, I guess I am less surprised. It could have been really bad if people were inside.

    I hope they find those who did this.

  • Nabeela

    Ustadh, i’m sorry to hear that. I hope they caught the culprits?

    I’m shocked! How could a whole building like this mosque burn in Cradely Heath, and nobody alerted the authorities in time to call the fire services.

    I suppose it’s thankful nobody was inside. Suppose someone had been sleeping overnight in the mosque, as i know some mosques act as shelters too.

    CCTV footage must have been burnt. I hope the new mosque they use, will be in a built up area.

    My condolences to all in Cradely Heath who lost a place of learning.

  • Ustadh

    After 9/11, the mosque in our neighborhood was burned by arsonists as well. It doesn’t take much to cause destruction. It took a couple of years to rebuild but everyone pitched in.

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