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UK Jewish Group Urges Jews not to be Fooled by Fascists

LGF has a post on a UK Jewish council that is urging Jews not to be fooled by fascists and Islamophobes. Interestingly, Pamela Geller and Rabbi Jon Hausman don’t seem to have gotten the memo, as both are open and belligerent supporters of Euro-Supremacists such as Geert Wilders and Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE).

British Jewish advocacy group CST appeals to Jews not to take part in an upcoming demonstration by far right Eurofascists: Don’t be fooled by Islamophobia.

A small Islamophobic group, called Stop Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE), has called for 1,000 Jews to attend its forthcoming demonstration at Harrow mosque; and for each Jew to bring an Israeli flag.

This is strikingly similar to appeals that have also been made in recent months by the English Defence League (EDL). It is also essentially the same as opportunistic attempts by British National Party leader Nick Griffin to ditch both his and his party’s antisemitic heritage, by stressing his supposed new-foundsupport for Israel and Jews.

SIOE’s appeal for Jewish participation sits alongside this grotesque Islamophobic image on its website:

If a Jew cannot understand why the image is racist, or hateful, or bigoted then they should try imagining it as a synagogue: with blood dripping from a Star of David; with blood dripping down the rabbi’s pulpit; and with blood dripping from the mouth of a skull that wears an Israeli army helmet. …

CST has raised awareness of the activities of extreme Islamist groups in the UK for many years. But to demonise an entire community, every Muslim and every mosque, in the way that SIOE does, shows exactly the kind of bigotry from which Jews have suffered so often in our history. For SIOE to appeal to Jews tosupport them shows a complete ignorance of the Jewish experience of being on the receiving end of exactly this type of politics. …

Hatred, division, cycles of inter-communal violence, intimidation and polarisation feed the extremists on every side. They encourage social division and leave all minorities vulnerable. Anti-Muslim bigotry is a vital recruiting sergeant for both the far right, and its Islamist extremist counterparts. It generates votes for the BNP and, at the furthest ends of this political spectrum, it even provides the fuel for terrorism. British Jews should have no part of it.

The SIOE is trying to use British Jews for two purposes: 1) to give them cover and deflect accusations of fascism, and 2) to enrage any Islamists at Harrow mosque and try to provoke them to violence.

Insane shrieking harpy Pamela Geller is solidly on the side of the fascists, as always, and is freaking out at her hate site: Atlas Urges Jews Worldwide to Support SIOE, Ignore Dhimmi ‘Jewish Councils’ – Atlas Shrugs.


Onvce again leftist Jews lying and deceiving to advance the aims of the enemies of Jews andJewish life.

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  • james

    The veiw that words are works,is common among Jews , as a BNP member , I can imagine the same logic, as above being present, in the Jewish communitys, before the Second world war. Their seems a trend today, for jews to interlectise there own chattering, class mind set. Mean while in the real world, this 6th reich is going to distroy the western world, starting with, the Jews.As for myself and my life, I recall the fact that when my mother was ill, for six months,as I, as a 13 year old had to come home each night and cook the meal, in Auckland New Zealand, and was a manager at Heilenstine ,a mens clothing store, in Glenfeild ,the Jewish owners of that store showed ,nothing but kindness to her, us kids, and my dad ,in the 1960s.The bond that exist between the people of the book, old and new testament, are based on the
    Ten Commanments, As for islam their belief system is NAZISTIC in nature ,the reverse of the 10 laws, of the god of light,
    We Irish, have long memorys, as do the Jews, and like all people, who have suffered, we can laugh at our selves.May god go with you ,and hold you in his hand ,until we meet again.JC

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  • Paul

    15 people showed up for SIOE.

    That’s in line with their record. Here they are in Denmark, with about the same number:

  • Danios

    This is the key point here:

    “SIOE’s appeal for Jewish participation sits alongside this grotesque Islamophobic image on its website…If a Jew cannot understand why the image is racist, or hateful, or bigoted then they should try imagining it as a synagogue: with blood dripping from a Star of David; with blood dripping down the rabbi’s pulpit; and with blood dripping from the mouth of a skull that wears an Israeli army helmet.”

    Thanks for this article, Zingel.


  • Nabeela

    I doubt this party of loons will get much support from British Jews, who have been there far longer than the relatively recent Muslim community.

    They will attrracct a few i’m sure

    The thing is no society can be completely free from facists 100% there will always be those who veer to the extremes. It’s up to the majority to be vigilant and make people aware.

    If for example there were no Muslims in England at all, then rest assured they’d pick another target, they wouldn’t vanish, they’d just swap one facism and bigotry for another.

  • No To Dizzy

    To dizzy

    Your comment is totally ridiculous!!! What a moron you are.

  • dizzy

    The comment makes no sense as interpreted. Again.

    Paul notes that
    “SIOE is probably the most extreme” ly stupid, judging from their cri de coeur, which includes

    “If you do not attend this demonstration then you are prepared to see Jews removed from the world”

    And this comment –
    Walther said November 27, 2009 at 1:27 pm
    “I am from Lithuania, where Islamisation has just began. Our population is 3,34 mio., and we have 14 pakistani immigrants (according statistics dept. of Lithuania). Despite having a small number of pakistani immigrants, we already do have a very severe rape of lithuanian woman.”

  • Zingel


    Thank you for the information!


  • Paul

    It is strange to see how part of the American right have made support for European right-wing groups into a shibboleth. SIOE is probably the most extreme of all the xenophobic / populist / nationalist / anti-Islam groups in western Europe. But despite the call for 1000 Jews to attend, their previous record suggests that no more than 30 supporters will show up. They may not even be intending to come themselves, it may simply be an attempt to get publicity, and provoke a counter-demonstration, which makes them look important.

    But it also says a lot, that some Jews are willing to work with even the most bloodthirsty right-wing groups, so long as they are anti-Muslim. As I noted before, the loons that this site watches have a surprising amount of support – notably Geert Wilders, who has more support than any other party in the Netherlands. I think that Pamela Geller represents the gut feelings of many Jews, both in the US and in Europe.

    The political demands of the SIOE, if you ignore their rabid rhetoric, also have widespread support. If the mosque issues in London were simply put to a local referendum, then many mosques would be closed. The SIOE may be marginal, but support for some kind of mosque ban is not.

    It is also notable that anti-Islam groups have begun to pick up standard Israeli propaganda themes, and incorporate them in their own propaganda, even if they are not directly relevant. The SIOE talks about western media being biased, which is what you would hear from any Israeli spokesman. But even if it was 100% true, it still does not mean that Harrow Mosque in London is too big. Of course, for them it is all one big leftist-Muslim plot, so they might as well confuse the issues.

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