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Terrorism lives on in the Kahane Family: Grandson Arrested in Torching of Yasuf Mosque

17 year old Meir David Kahane's Grandfather

17 year old Meir David Kahane's Grandfather

From Richard Silverstein’s Tikun Olam.

Kahane Grandson Arrested in Torching Yasuf Mosque

Arutz Sheva, the settler’s news portal, reveals that Meir Kahane’s grandson, Meir David Kahane (which was also his grandfather’s full name), 17, was arrested and is a suspect in the arson attack on a West Bank mosque in the village of Yasuf.  The latter neighbors the radical Israeli settlement of Kfar Tapuach, where the young Kahane lives.  Both his grandfather and parents were murdered by Arab militants in separate incidents.

The Israeli police refused to name the suspect, though the Jerusalem Post identified him as a Kahane “relative.”  But Arutz Sheva seems less bound by such pledges of privacy and revealed the boy’s identity.

I should also remind readers that this is the same Kfar Tapuach where Kahane-wannabe Jewish terrorist, Ephraim Khantsis, was hanging out for the past four months telling anyone within earshot that Jack Teitel, another Israeli-American terrorist on trial for several acts of murder and maiming, was a good Jewish boy and the Palis only got what they deserved, etc., etc.  The IDF recently issued an order expelling Khantsis from the West Bank for six months.

Eden Natan Zenda, another Israeli Jewish terrorist who shot up an Israeli Arab bus and killed four, also lived in Kfar Tapuach after deserting from the IDF.  That place is a regular font of brotherly love.

Can we anticipate even bigger and better acts of hatred from the Kahane clan in the future?  Perhaps graduating from arson to murder to avenge their own parents’ murders?  Where will it all end?

H/t to Eileen Read.

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  • Nabeela

    lOL I had to laugh richard Silverstein describing Arutz Sheva, as
    ” the settler’s news portal” Richard has a way with words..:)

    I think it used to be housed at sea so the Israeli govt couldn’t get to it or something…

    Anyway, regarding this mosque torcher Kahane (how typical huh?) where did the IDF expellee’s go? if they had to leave the West Bank did they go into Israel? The secular Tel Avivan, hate the settlers, whome they see as religious fanatics, and unproductive with their strange ways…but i digress

    I suppose it’s hoping for too much to expect him to mend his ways..he may well change his extremist views..or continue like his grandpa and probably suffer the same fate, if not worse.who knows..

    By the way, one of the most notorious Kahane websites that glorifies these folks, where Joe Kaufman and co. hang around is Masada 2000, (i won’t link to it here, but anyone can do a search on the internet) which not only glorifies Kahanism, but has links with some film company that produces fake videos which they claim are Palestinian torture videos.

    Richard Silverstein had a hand in having Masada 2000 taken down, when they libelled him, but they set up somewhere else, outside the USA i think.

    This may be something for Loon Watch to follow up.

  • DrM

    Aw hoe cute, following in the footsteps of daddy and gramps, hopefully he’ll end up like them.

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