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Hey Fox and Friends Guy, Your Wife is a Moron And So Are You

The three stooges

The three stooges

You’re a complete moron if you watch this show, or if anyone you know watches it:

[youtube: 300 250]

This guy (and his wife) are so unbelievably stupid that it hurts.  Does he (and she) not realize that the Muslim Americans who are upset over this issue are not one and the same as Al-Qaeda or the Taliban? So this “mommy, they started it” routine doesn’t work.  It only works for those who view the world in a binary way, Team Christian vs Team Muslim.

And does something become legitimate to do because Al-Qaeda or the Taliban do it?  Way to take the moral high ground, douchebag.

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  • buke

    Fox news is not fair and balanced and i find it funny that people say they are when they say they are. News is not suppose to be funny, but it should have some fun, because lets face it, who just wants to hear about crazy things, and something funny. But fox reaches to people that are bigots, and racist, but not all are that way. I watch it to try to understand why they do the things they do. Some one asked why i disliked fox and i told them, 1. They do not report the whole story, even though its viewers do, because they look at fox as there friends, and they are not. 2 In regards to Islam, fox news knows nothing about Muslims,but they talk as if they do. So you uneducated people being told what to think and feel, and they are not smart enough to think for themselves. 3 when they have other people on there for instance, they have 4 people when they have a discussion, one will be to the left and the other 3 will be to the right. If the points of view do not go with the right, then they team up on the person to the left. I mean some of things that they say are flat out lies, there is no misunderstanding, they are lies. But what i really hate about fox news is that they try to put fear in people, they will lie to get people to fear. And its crazy. People are so scared they are like sheep. And Fox news is the black sheep, leading all the white sheep to slaughter.The Sheppard does nothing except sit back and laugh.

  • I actually watch Fox news even though they are vehemently anti-muslim. They provide incredible entertainment as it’s fun to watch them brainwash Americans into believing the outright lies they always seem to propagate. That is probably why they get so many ratings as people often watch them for entertainment purposes rather than news and information based on facts. Im shocked to hear that 49% of Americans actually take Fox news seriously! Wow, Rupert Murdoch has destroyed journalism in the US, if only you guys could see it from an outside perspective.

    Watch the following clip and judge for yourself if this is a news network to be taken seriously:

    I find it quite hilarious! LOL

  • Hassan


    Comment by Danios: Your comment was snipped because it was considered offensive to our Christian readers. Please keep in mind that although this site was designed specifically to combat Islamophobia, we are equally opposed to hateful comments towards other religions. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Hassan

    This is the same argument they repeat on the radio over and over- it’s the catch-all argument for those who don’t want to be accused of bigotry. “Hey, why should we stop doing it just because it makes terrorists mad? Don’t we WANT to make terrorists mad?”

    No matter what it is- profiling, hijab bans, indefinite detention, torture, extraordinary rendition, inflammatory movies, books, and articles… in the face of anything obviously offensive to ALL Muslims, they frame it as a specified offense to “Terrorists”.

  • Moral issues here

    Fox “News” hosts aren’t idiots. Yeah they’re biased, dumb, and really naive looking, but like Lou pointed out, they’re not idiots. Roger Ailes is the idiot. Rupert Murdoch is the idiot. These guys have right-wing agendas. For the record I don’t believe brown eyes, goody-two-shoes Sheperd Smith one bit. Remember Alan Colmes from Hannity & Colmes? Greta Van Sustren? They were SUPPOSED to be the neutral ones over at Fox “News.” Wrong. Alan left to pursue his radio career. Greta succumbed to Ailes desires and switched her view, most likely non-willingly, to more far-right. Sheperd may be critical of the way Fox “News” covers their stories, but sooner or later he will also accede to Ailes desires. It’s all about money baby. I trust Jon Stewart more than these fools. They’ve sold their souls to the devil aka Murdoch and Ailes. CNN is the only credible station left. Sucks that their views are going down in a spiral.

  • Imad

    @ danios:

    I don’t rly watch any news and normally CNN which is what my parents watch. But sometimes news is questionable. For instance, in 2004, AP news reported 66% of palestinean deats and 130% of Israeli deaths (excess number is due to repeats).

  • Danios


    What they say about anything is inaccurate, not just Islam. It is just a propaganda machine for the conservatives.


  • Danios


    Thanks for posting that. Fox News is to news as WWF is to wrestling. Obviously, it will attract more Americans, just as WWF does.

    But you didn’t quote this from the article:

    “A generation ago you would have expected Americans to place their trust in the most neutral and unbiased conveyors of news,” said PPP President Dean Debnam in his analysis of the poll. “But the media landscape has really changed, and now they’re turning more toward the outlets that tell them what they want to hear.”

    The last part is key: they just listen to outlets that tell them what they want to hear.


    Yeah, I saw that too. It’s…interesting.


  • Imad

    @ Lou:

    all that shows is that people trust fox news. That doesn’t mean it’s accurate. I’ve seen what they have to say about Islam, and it’s pretty biased and bigoted. I don’t really trust any reporters opinion, I just want to know what’s going on.

  • Lou

    Fox: Most Trusted News Network

    Heads must be exploding across the blogosphere right about now and I fully expect the fallout to be felt shortly.

    Public Policy Polling finds that Fox News is the most trusted News network, ahead of everyone else by 10 percentage points.

    49 percent of Americans trust Fox News with the next highest being CNN is 39 percent.

    A Public Policy Polling nationwide survey of 1,151 registered voters Jan. 18-19 found that 49 percent of Americans trusted Fox News, 10 percentage points more than any other network.

    Thirty-seven percent said they didn’t trust Fox, also the lowest level of distrust that any of the networks recorded.

    There was a strong partisan split among those who said they trusted Fox — with 74 percent of Republicans saying they trusted the network, while only 30 percent of Democrats said they did.

    CNN was the second-most-trusted network, getting the trust of 39 percent of those polled. Forty-one percent said they didn’t trust CNN.

    Side Note, just because liberal exploding heads amuse me, comes from TVNewser with “Fox News Finishes Week #1 in All of Primetime Cable”.

    Fox News was the top cable network in primetime last week, averaging the most total viewers between January 18th-24th.

  • Schmorgus

    Haha! Well, you know what though Danios, those two aren’t as stupid as they seem. They are acting stupid on purpose, at least Gretchin is, she was a valedictorian of her High School, went to Stanford graduated with honors, and went to Oxford, won Miss America 1989 playing a classical piece on a violin.

    Don’t believe me? Check out John Stewart,

  • imad

    if i remember correctly, i saw robert spencer on fox and friends also. and yes, bible passages should NOT be on rifle sights.

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