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UK: Michael Gove Opposes Mosque

Michael Gove Opposes Mosque

Michael Gove Opposes Mosque

The construction of a mosque is opposed by the  EDL and other right-wingers, a Conservative MP agrees with them. (via Islamophobia-Watch)

Michael Gove Opposes Mosque at Center of ‘Inflammatory Campaign’

A Conservative frontbench spokesman, Michael Gove, has opposed plans to build a mosque in his constituency after it became the target of an “inflammatory and offensive” online campaign.

The shadow schools secretary, who warned that the west was facing a “total war” from Islamists in his book Celsius 7/7, had initially refused to take sides in the dispute over proposals to build a mosque next to Sandhurst barracks in Camberley, Surrey. But this week he said he had been convinced that the strength of feeling was threatening the area’s “good community relations” and called on local Muslims to withdraw the application.

“The issue has become a flashpoint and people from inside and outside the community were making statements that I did not think would further community relations,” he said. “It struck me that it was best to ask the Bengali Welfare Association to withdraw the application and to consider how to improve the facilities for worship for the Muslim community in a calmer environment.”

A Facebook group set up to oppose the mosque has 6,834 “fans” and was criticised by one local organisation opposing the mosque as “inflammatory and offensive”. The Facebook group is supported by the far-right English Defence League.

The local Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate, Alan Hiliar, said Gove had “lost all respect” over the issue. “I reject Michael Gove’s decision to ask the community to withdraw their application on the ground that it’s ‘divisive’. To ask the Muslim community to withdraw the application is simply kicking the issue into the long grass; it resolves nothing.”

Guardian, 13 February 2010

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  • Les

    “I am an Indonesia which country was totally populated by Hinduism before Muslim conqueror.”

    What are you talking about? The Indonesians adopted Islam through trade with Muslims, not war. Perhaps you should be more worried about the foreign influence that owns your country’s economy and resources and forces your people to work for dog wages in other countries.

  • Dachlan

    If you are not agree with muslim, you must ISLAMOPHOBIA or Propagandist. I am an Indonesia which country was totally populated by Hinduism before Muslim conqueror. An Bali is only island left inhabit by Hinduism. I am a native Indonesian, and dont ask me if christian trying to build church here!

  • Muslim UK

    How many Christian citizens has Saudi Arabia got for it to even necessitate the creation of churches?

    The Muslims of the UK are British citizens & according to English/EU laws are ALREADY entitled to freedom of worship as equal citizens.

    When will mosques be allowed in all parts of the West including in the most secure parts of defence installations, in the Vatican itself & in your house?

    “Quran speaking with forked tongue” – strange anthropomorphism & illogical. Please substantiate your crazy assertions, if you believe what you have written. Ironic that “forked tongue” was applied by the victims of White Christian imperialism to their ethnic cleansers – a Freudian slip perchance?

  • Les


    It’s not my problem that you lack the intelligence needed to study the Qur’an.

  • @LES:The Quran seems like a rubber bendy toy which you can shape as you wish with different translations as and when required.No wonder the Muslims are at one an other”s throat and call one other Kafirs whom they do not agree with .It is insane not to be apprehensive of a deadly snake if you come across one!!!I am an Islam-o-phobe with sound reasons.That is called self preservation.

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