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Hollywood: Geert Wilders Movie Aborted: Yes We CAN!

Huib Reithof, a Brussels based blogger, historian and activist writes on the recent episode involving Geert Wilders and the Geller-Spencer axis. If our readers are unaware CAN, (Christian Action Network) a virulently homophobic and Christian supremacist organization which has had a long working history with Robert Spencer made a film, Islam Rising glorifying Geert Wilders.

Geller and Spencer both were giddy over their Hollywood debut, they had visions of red carpet treatment, sips of champagne and for Pamela maybe, mercifully some plastic surgery?

All kidding aside their Hollywood dreams blew up in their faces when the obvious despicable history of Martin Mawyer and CAN went viral in Holland and Europe. It was up to Geert Wilders to deliver the coup de grace as his carefully cultivated ‘legitimacy’ as the heir to Pim Fortuyn was threatened.

Huib gave us permission to reproduce his article with a few minor touches, enjoy:

LA Wilders Sanctification Movie Aborted: Yes We CAN*! by Huib Reithof

The May 1st launch of an one hour Wilders adoration movie, produced by Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and Martin Mawyat’s Christian Action Network (CAN) in Los Angeles (Ca), fell lamentably through, two days after its proud announcement.

The “Islam Rising” video features Geert Wilders, posing as an Old Testament prophet, calling off the numerous mene tekels on the wall of dhimmi-ridden Christianity. Among the illustrations: The unavoidable Ground Zero, loony bearded hysterics and Barack Obama meeting an Arab authority.

Outrage rose in Geert Wilders’ home country, Holland, after the announcement. In Europe, he never shows off with the extreme right. He never disowns their support either. Wilders pretends to fight for abortion rights and gay rights. CAN’s homophobic and pro-life agitation does not rhyme well with that.

At first, Wilders tried to play down the issue but last night, the “21st century Churchill” (Pamela’s description) met his Dardanelles (1915) against the modern Turks. He backed off, telling the news agencies that he “did not know” about CAN’s ideas, that he would NOT go to LA, and disappeared behind a “no-comment” wall. At the website of his political “party” (no members, only Pipes-money), the jubilant references to the movie and its launch disappeared all at once.

Spencer received a very “Dutch Treat”

Spencer had to call off the May 1st event. The damage to his cause is immense. “Going Dutch: Never More!” and receiving a “Dutch Treat” will best describe his inner feelings.

Our inner feelings are quite the opposite. Something like: “Yes We CAN”. What CAN couldn’t, we achieved.

We, the men and women who time and again exposed Wilders’ hypocrisy, finally met with some acknowledgment:

  • In Holland he is behaving like a middle of the road politician, denouncing a “dangerous ideology, the Islam”, denying that he is against Muslims or Arabs, adopting some progressive issues like women’s liberation, freedom of choice (abortion), gay rights, gay marriage and keeping the pension age at 65.
  • Outside Europe, Wilders associates with Christian fundamentalists, Great-Israel religious ultra-Zionists and American Birthers and Tea Party ideologues.

Why does Wilders do so? I think, that in his heart, he agrees with the ideas of his foreign sponsors. But he cannot win the vote in Holland with statements like he made in Copenhague last year (“deportation of tens of millions of Muslims out of Europe” and “the Palestinians already have their state: Jordania”). His racist rants in some US synagogues were not adapted for home consumption either.

But, I think, he HAD to tell his sponsors from time to time the things they want to hear from him, so he did, leaving out the subjects they would certainly have objected to, like abortion, gay rights, etc. Wilders chose his locations as far away from Holland as possible. Hoping that the Dutch are too dumb to see the difference. Hoping that Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and Avigdor Lieberman do not master enough of the Dutch language, to see the fraud.

Well, this is the beginning of Wilders’ exposure as a Fraud. The stream of US money that helps him to stay out of Dutch party funding control and to run a no-member “party” without inner political discussion will wither away. Good for Holland.

The Loony Right will have to look for another, more reliable hero.

The movie will just be a collector’s item.

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  • http://muhammadsalalaho3alayhiwasalam same

    I am a young man I’m not committed to religion, but I love Islam and I love Muhammad.This man is the best creation of God among humans and humans great in terms of the ethics of this man, if he wants to be the richest man in the world wants and if he wants to have a king to the king and if he wants to have all the women for it but did not want to have diedpoor and did not have anything, but Valley letter sent for it to this world and is the ruins of human destruction of the long awaited and is the end of this world originates day of reckoning that awaits everyone, whether Christian or Jew or Muslim, and held accountable each and every one on whatsaid. Day whereon neither wealth nor sons only come to God with a sound heart. This is Islam and this is Muhammad who wants to know Islam must first recognize Islam before he knows Muslamin ….. who wants to be in the path of truth that is right who wants to go to heaven this is the way. And who wants to have another road is the road to hell. You are free to yourselves that you want paradise there is only one way and is Muhammad, Islam and you choose

  • Muslim

    Tulips, Dutch?

    It may come as shock to those Looooons, but the Dutch love of Tulips came from ISLAMIC Ottoman Turkey. The noun “tulip” derives from the Turkish/Persian for turban. Oh no, another symbol of Islamic domination, mwah haha!

    I think we should pass that on & watch them to see if they will cut their noses to spite their face, or admit that Kulturkampf is ignorant hysteria?

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  • eslaporte

    There is a good body of research and publications out there that indicate that the “islamification” of Europe and the Netherlands IS NOT HAPPENING and IS NOT true. The most studied national population of Muslims are Dutch Muslims and this latest research indicates that they are a part of Dutch society as much bicycles, tulips and “Oranje.”

    This whole notion that “Europe is being islamified” is a sick myth that has been brought on by a genre of books about “eurabia” that have been written by authors in North America. This myth is being use by far-right parties across Europe, including the neo-Nazi Austrian “Freedom Party.” This myth was used by the Swiss People’s Party to scare voters into a minaret ban over just four minarets in the country.

    This “islamification” is a myth that needs to be exposed to the larger European public. I am currently doing a research project to do just that. This “islamification” myth is a moral panic – and the real reason why the European far-right has been making gains.

  • Vlad Tepesch

    The differences between Wilders’ statements in Holland and those in the US are FACTS.

    That Wilders gets his money from mainly US sources is also a FACT. (Daniel Pipes even boasted about the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has helped to contribute to Wilders.)

    Some more here:;

  • Hamza

    So, what if they’re homophobic? Isn’t it enough that CAN is batshit crazy. Why is it necessary for us Muslims to make common cause with perves in order to be deemed a “legitimate” minority?

    I guess what irks me is that you seem to be saying– these guys hate GAYS and Muslims, ergo they’re nuts.

    My personal view is that we don’t need to look to anyone else for our legitimacy. We’re here. Banding together with other “persecuted” minorities doesn’t make our case stronger. In fact, in this case, it will compromise who we are.

    That being said– this is a great site. Mockery is how you defeat the imbeciles. Good to know you guys are out there.

  • Durendal

    I don’t see any difference between Geert Wilders statements in the USA and his statements at home in the Netherlands.
    He’s been quite explicit in his view that “Judea and Samaria” should be part of Israel and that the Palestinians should pack up and move to Jordan.
    In his view Israel is simply to be destroyed because it’s not Islamic, not because of people getting denied basic human rights and getting kicked off there lands.
    His statements in support of gay rights have also been debated quite a lot in the Netherlands all the major papers speculated how his pro gay rights stance would play in the USA.
    The thing is that you will never ever encounter a politician with whom you will agree 100%.
    That simply doesn’t happen in real life.
    Geert Wilders policies are overall more progressive then any Republican or Democratic politican in the USA.
    It is not strange since Wilders arguments against Islam are based on progressive issues such as freedom of speech,woman rights,gay rights,minority rights, human rights all of which are denied under Islamic Sharia law.

  • Mahgoub

    LOL. The loons are probably crying in their beds. Being religious and arguing with a religion is like being a nerd and arguing with a nerd that he’s too nerdy.

  • Huib Riethof


    Nothing wrong with thinking “too much”. Not thinking enough, is much riskier.

    The differences between Wilders’ statements in Holland and those in the US are FACTS.

    That Wilders gets his money from mainly US sources is also a FACT. (Daniel Pipes even boasted about the hundreds of thousands of dollars he has helped to contribute to Wilders.)

    We have here no “assumptions”, but hard facts. That those facts are “ridiculous”, is not my problem. That is more of a recurring problem for Ms. Geller and her friends: “C’est le ridicule qui tue.” :)

  • Sir David

    I had a look on Atlas Shugs. its sooooooooooooooooo funny like entering an alturnative world. Where fiction becomes truth if you repeat it often enough. Where hate is the driver of all life and fear is oxygen .
    Where qualifications are irrelivent and the volume counts more than facts.

  • Lou

    You ignore the obvious. Wilders appeal is to a broad cross section of Nederlanders who see the writing on the wall. The only reason he needs associate with the more right wingers overseas is because at this stage they are the only ones that see the truth.

    We shall see if you are still banging your drum on Wilders demise after the elections.

  • TheAnarchist

    Looks like this Huib Reithof thinks to much and knows to little. Based on some slightly ridiculous assumptions calling someone a fraud … Well, good luck with that.

  • swaleh

    Robert Spinster knew all along that Mawyer is a hateful anti gay, a fanatical bigot and his argument that he cancelled the appearance bcoz of Mawyer’s “vitriolic” (as if he less vitriolic and evil) is quite laughable. Read:

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  • JustAFan
  • Garibaldi


    Thanks for the comments and tips! We got your other links and we will have an article out on it.

  • JustAFan

    What a bunch of loons!

  • JustAFan

    Check out the hypocrisy from her website comments regarding the event:

    Posted by: Pamela Geller | Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 02:25 PM

    I did not cave.
    I stood up for what I believe in.

    And just because you consider something immoral doesn’t mean you should go around heaping abuse on those that have a different view or those you you consider immoral.

  • Yes we can

    Hey LW. Can you guys do an article exposing MEMRI TV? They’re extremely biased. Their board of directors and so on are filled with Zionists and radical Jews who are trying to advance the Israeli hate agenda. Some of their top staff people work for the Israeli intelligence community. They selectively pick radical Muslims and translate it and call it “research”. It’s pure bs and they know it. It’s extremely outrageous. Their President is a Jew who purely hates Islam to the core. Yet it’s seen as a savior in the Islamophobe world. A New York Times columnist went as far as to endorse it. It’s sickening and their agenda must be stopped. They claim to be “researching” when in reality they’re intentionally making Muslims look bad. Just look at their website:

  • Swaleh
  • Rachael

    There are a number of people on Spencer’s site taking him to task for being soft on homosexuality. It’s amusing to watch.

  • Swaleh

    Demonic Ann Coulter failed to pass her evil and hate based message to Canadian students. They refused to entertain evil and chased her out. Watch

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