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Rachel bin Maddow Arrested for Being Member of Al-Qaeda


Rachel Maddow’s monologue is barely exaggeration.  It is almost exactly how the far right wing in our country operates. Enjoy:

[youtube: 300 250]

These neo-cons don’t actually believe in American values.  They don’t value our system.  They don’t support the adversarial system that forms the basis of our jurisprudential system.  These hatemongers don’t realize that in the American legal system, even Satan himself would get a lawyer and a fair trial.  That’s the greatness of our country.  Do these neo-cons not believe in the ideals of our great nation?

Instead, they want to adopt the ways of dictatorships…simply greasing people suspected of terrorism, or locking them up in gulags without fair trials.  These far right wing loons think that our system is not strong enough to withstand these terrorists, so we have to give up all our values.  (The terrorists want to destroy our values, and the only way we can prevent that is by destroying our values!) These neo-cons are quite simply un-American.

As a side-note: I can’t help but think that the only reason why Liz Cheney’s smear against the nine lawyers will be challenged (at least by some people in the media) is because those men are not Muslims.  When it comes to Muslims, such smears–six degrees of separation, guilt by association, etc.–are almost never questioned.   It’s open season against Muslims.  In fact, a smeared Muslim will have to spend the rest of his life defending himself and his name.

Lastly, I think it’s sad that “bin” has become associated with terrorist.  “Bin” simply means “son of” and is used by an entire ethnic group as the way they name and identify themselves.  It should be as offensive as saying “ching chang chong” or similar things.  But alas, you can nowadays say almost anything about and against Muslims.

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  • Sam Seed


    Your name says it all – You bring hell, you don’t want peace.

  • Danios


    How long will it take for this to penetrate your skull?

    What you didn’t know in your profound ignorance is that the Sunni resistance turned against the foreign Al-Qaeda elements long time ago. This is well known to anyone who follows the news. Clearly, this shows that the resistance is made up of a variety of groups, and you in your typical fashion, use broad strokes to smear them all. Typical of you.

    Again, on a scale of 1-10, what number are you? Please let me know.


  • Hellboy


    I didn’t mean that they’re literally funding terrorism however they have praised Islamic terrorism and supremacism.

    Translation by Danios: I just smear them.

  • Hellboy


    Your insults aisde I don’t support the war either however the ‘resistance’ are nothing more than mass murdering scum.

    “Al Qaeda fanatics plumbed to sickening new depths yesterday when they turned two women with Down’s syndrome into human bombs to kill 99 people in Baghdad.”

    Anyone praising a movement that routinely does stuff like that is a moron. Second of all a lot of them aren’t even Iraqis; a great deal of them have come from countries like saudi arabia and you are aware that the vast majority of Iraqis do not support the ‘insurgency’ right? I’m sure that not every ‘insurgent’ is a genocidial maniac however the actions of the ‘resistance’ (ie suicide bombing a shiite funera) show that it is a terrorist movement not a legitimate representation of the Iraqi people.

  • iSherif

    LOL! Hellboy was really torn apart there….

    Boy + Went to hell = Hellboy 🙂

  • Danny

    Hellbot – @ 12:47 am so you can prove that each of them supports terrorism. That is bold statement so bring it on we’ll take it to the authorities and they can prosecute.

    I wouild point out taht despite the Googled “evidence”, the authorities have not yet prosecute anyone of those people – now why is that? Could it be because you are a gullible plonker.

    To reinforce Danios’ point – LOON.

  • Danios

    “Wrong, Ken Loach for example praised the ‘Iraqi resistance’ (AKA the same people who bomb mosques and churches)”

    On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being stupid and 10 being really, really, really stupid, tell me how stupid are you?

    I”m thinking an 11 on that scale.

    You, as the loon you are, smear people by adding your interpretation, i.e. “The same people who bomb mosques and churches.” You know who else bombed mosques in Iraq? Let me give you a hint: it’s the red, white, and blue.

    Now before you smear me too, I wouldn’t say that I support the Iraqi resistance against the United States. That’s because I’m an American citizen, so all I can say is that I am opposed to the illegal war, and hope we withdraw, and I pray for peace. I am a lover of peace. I truly believe that when war breaks out, we don’t have to pick a side, one country or the other. We can instead opt to choose the side of humanity. It is better to be the one who brings about peace and reconciliation, not cheerleading for war and death.

    But even though I cannot say that I support the Iraqi resistance against the United States, I can obviously understand why Muslims and Iraqis in the region would hate the invaders. According to you, the vast majority of Muslims living in the Muslim majority world are loons, since all of them support the Iraqi resistance, knowing that every people have a right to defend their land from foreign occupiers. (I guess, being the loon that you are, you would have no problem with saying the vast majority of Muslims in the world are loons.)

    And let me break this down for you even further, since you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. There were tons of different groups of resistant fighters, and not all of them bombed mosques and churches. Just like I don’t think every single American soldier raped Iraqi girls, as some did.



  • Les – Thanks for the recommendations. I have written down those 2 names; if my finances improve (it looks like that would take a miracle) I’ll probably look for them in a bookstore or at I looked for them online, but couldn’t find them. I did bookmark a few more though; one of them (by Ahmed Ali) looks very interesting – a bit more ‘free’ in translation that others perhaps.

    Nat and Biz – Thank you for the kind words. I believe we will all be helped if we can keep our comments as ‘positive’ as possible, while still showing hateful attitudes and (sometimes willful) ignorance for what they are. If it’s possible to be kind in our criticisms, we ought to strive for it. I’m convinced God is always willing to heal those who don’t deliberately shut their eyes, stop up their ears, and harden their hearts. That, of course, is something each of us needs to watch out for.

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