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Jon Stewart Takes on Ground Zero Mosque Protesters

Hilarious Jon Stewart once again, this time taking on the growing anti-Muslim sentiment across the nation.

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  • Awesome


    If you think its wrong to build a mosque/cultural center there, do you also believe that it’s wrong to build anything else in that area, or just anything to do with Muslims? Whose sensitivities does this upset, besides people who either dislike Islam and/or Muslims, or hold Islam and/or Muslims as being collectively responsible for 9/11?

    So, basically, people’s ignorance and hostility towards Muslims and Islam (i.e. their “sensitivities”) should be respected in that area, because of a terrorist attack that happened there, which the government (and its media wing) just so happen to blame certain Muslims with a certain view of Islam for?

    Yet, people should be free to trample all over the sensitivities of Muslims as they see fit, without any repercussions?

    I don’t think so.

  • Sam Seed


    I think you should stop the dope, now.


    Pardon me for not giving a full dissertation on the history of the temple mount – so thank you for clarifying that. As to your assertion that it was a trash bin is questionable – where you got that conclusion from would be helpful to those reading and to myself since I need to “learn your history.”
    “In fact, the Koran refers to the Temple of Solomon and the temple that was rebuilt after the Temple of Solomon was destroyed as mosques, because they served the same purpose” for people who submit to the will of God(muslims) to worship.” ROBABY, are you asserting that the first two temples were not temples of the Israelite’s?

    The US constitution grants the freedom of religion of that there is no doubt – so yes one has the freedom to build a mosque if one so desires. But the constitution does not grant you permission to build it WHEREVER you want, that is left up to the individual states- is it not? And most states have rules and regulations against such buildings- in this instance one with a historical significance(which this building has)- do they not? Yes they do. Unfortunately, the very spineless officials in NY have brushed this argument aside and undoubtedly this project will continue.
    Do you not believe that this building has historical significance in US history? After all, one of the landing gear from the 9/11 attacks landed in that building, which in my opinion constitutes sacred ground and has a historical importance. Regardless of what is there now, why continue with such an OSTENTATIOUS building? Answer this, do Muslims build Masjids at sites of conquest or not? One can argue as to rather or not they are built out of necessity (to provide places to worship) or as a signifier of conquest. This to those who are willing to speak out against it is no doubt a signal of conquest – no doubt in my mind.
    I also find it interesting that the leader of Hamas – a terrorist organization- has stated the this Mosque MUST be built. What a minute – I thought this wasn’t a MOSQUE but a COMMUNITY CENTER? Regardless of what anyone claims this place to be – it doesn’t sit well with me or others.

    And since this COMMUNITY CENTER will be open to all…do you not wonder if at some point extremist within the Islamic community will find their way there? Do you wonder if their Muslim brothers will shun them and rebuke them for their extremist ways- and let others outside the Muslim community know of the existence of such extremists within their neighborhoods? Would they turn their own Muslim brothers into the government authorities if they thought they constituted a threat? After all, this is considered hallowed ground by other Americans so it will surely be attractive to those with extreme points of view.
    Conspiracy theory you say? We all thought a 9/11 wasn’t possible here either. And what’s with the Sept. 11th 2011 opening date? Talk about insensitive and indifferent.
    I personally don’t give a crap what religion you practice or what your beliefs are. I am not a Christian and I am certainly not a Muslim – just not my cup of tea.

    Also, For those who have mentioned the word hatemonger or bigot – I am neither- and those posting such are the ones that mention the word hate, which leads me to believe that they have a lot of hatred in themselves for anyone who does not share in their ridiculous ideologies.

    For those that say everything is just Peace and love – put down the dope your smoking and wake up. This is not a Utopian society and there will never be one. Conflict and disagreement will always exist – get over it.

    Anyone who doesn’t stop to question this project is blind and ignorant of the events of our time.

  • robaby

    TO DOPEHEAD AKA YOURALLDOPES: The temple mount was destroyed by the Romans and when the muslims conquered Jerusalem, the location where it was, was an empty space that looked like a trashbin, learn your history. Moreover, muslims knew the significance of this place, and in a way where building a third temple because like the first two temples, this mosque was dedicated to worship of the God of Abraham. In fact, the Koran refers to the Temple of Solomon and the temple that was rebuilt after the Temple of Solomon was destroyed as mosques, because they served the same purpose” for people who submit to the will of God(muslims) to worship. One last thing, stop comparing apples and oranges. America is not Saudi Arabia, and it has something called the US Constitution that guarantees freedom of religion unlike Saudi Arabia, so it is irrevelant whether Saudi Arabia allows churches to be built in Mecca or not.

  • IbnAbuTalib

    DOPE: ummm JD…what do you think was on the site before the muslims built the mosque there? Ever heard of the Temple of Solomon? there were actually two temples there before the Muslim conquest.

    By the time the Muslims got there, it was was a garbage dump. If anything, you should commend the Muslims for restoring the site to its sacrosanct status.


    by the way, perhaps you are aware of this story from the BBC…
    I certainly don’t believe that this happens at every Islamic center, but I find the circumstances of the NY center, questionable.

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