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Matthew Yglesias: Obama’s Porkilicious Taqiyyah

Posted on 20 August 2010 by Emperor

Great blog from Matthew Yglesias at ThinkProgress. He also links to Inconnu’s piece on Taqiyyah.

Obama’s Porkilicious Taqiyya

by Matthew Yglesias

Steve M at No More Mr Nice Blog falls for the White House spin hook, line, and sinker:

Anyone remember when candidate Barack Obama was getting grief for going to Philadelphia and sampling expensive Spanish ham? Doesn’t sound like something a secret Muslim would eat — nor is the honey-baked ham the Obamas served along with the turkey last Thanksgiving. The half-smoke he got at Ben’s Chili Bowl a couple of weeks before Inauguration Day is a sausage that’s half-pork, half-beef. Oh, and the beer at that beer summit didn’t quite comport with the teachings of the Koran, did it? But all that was just weaving a web of deceit, right?

I’ll admit that for a long time my own views were along these lines. After all, the very first time I met State Senator (and US Senate candidate) Barack Obama we were at a hotel in Boston (I believe it was the Westin Copley Place) on line at a breakfast buffet fighting for the tongs to grab some bacon. But then I learned all about taqiyya which proves that counter-evidence to the “secret Muslim” thesis only demonstrates how far the conspiracy goes.

7 Comments For This Post

  1. Aamir Says:

    It heartening to know ppl are waking up to the hate-filled agenda of the islamophobic nuts..way 2 go..

  2. NassirH Says:

    Pork! Beer! Obama is not a very good secret Muslim.
    Or . . . is that what he wants me to believe! Taqiyya!

    Obama is supporting the mosque!
    I knew it, he is a secret Muslim!

    Has any loon ever read Catch 22?

  3. Christian Right Monitor Says:


    Yes, it’s so convenient for Obama :)

    Oh I am so looking forward to when Obama drops his pretence and declares himself a fully fledged member of the Ummah. Maybe we will see the black and white standard of the The Caliphate with the Shahda flying over the White House.

    H’mmmm, what sayeth ye Lawrence/Halal Pork? ;) Do say you’ll join Obama for a Mecca Cola on the White House Lawn then?

  4. Mohammed Abbasi Says:

    We must keep quiet and wait until Shiekh Obama decclares an American Khilafah! Then the real Jihad will start… MUHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH! :D

  5. Ali Azizi Says:

    Ben’s Chili Bowl in DC is actually owned by Muslims. Apparently they’ve never even eaten the food they make there every day.

  6. mindy1 Says:

    save me save me… ;)

  7. Daniel Says:

    This reminds me of Dave Barry’s comments on how to prove you’re not an alcoholic: drink like a fish, because everyone knows that since alcoholics can’t drink in moderation and therefore must be teetotalers. Get blind, stinking drunk and you prove to the world you’re not an alcoholic.

    Oh, and another big indication that you’re an alcoholic is that you deny that you’re one.

    Really, have so many people gone completely idiotic to think that Obama is a Muslim? My opinion of my fellow countrymen continues to fall as I see the wide acceptance of nutty conspiracy theories.

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