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For years, Robert Spencer has seemed quite comfortable spewing his anti-Muslim polemic uncontested, and then LoonWatch came along and shattered that comfort to bits.

Now we introduce, a site that lays waste, once and for all, to the hate, deception, and fear-mongering that propels Spencer.

The site breaks down Spencer’s bio, agenda, and arguments, with more information than can be found anywhere on the web. It also has bios of Spencer’s “sugar daddy”, David Horowitz as well as Spencer’s “mystery man” Hugh Fitzgerald. The site’s format is a parody of JihadWatch, and in its creative imitation it also has a section on “What they say about Robert Spencer,” which is a comprehensive section on what politicians, scholars, academics, and humanitarians have said about Robert Spencer. There are also quotes directly from Robert Spencer himself, and they quite succinctly capture the loony, zealous and bigotted character that pervades everything Spencer does or says in relation to Islam.

Most importantly, the site will archive all the rebuttals (by the likes of Danios and others) of Spencer’s fraudulent books, articles, and arguments, as well as running commentary on his daily blog posts that expose the fallacy of his logic.

The world will finally have the perfect antidote to his venomous hate-blog. Make sure you read more at “Why”

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  • Terry


  • julian riotoni

    Spencer always steps back stating “hey folks i’m not the bad guy, i never inflamed this bigotry, hey guys im cool, dig it?” HE’s like a dirty old pervert hanging outside school grounds with a bag of candy.

  • We’ve been answering Robert Spencers bullshit for a few years now.
    Some of the stuff the guy comes out with, is so laughable that we eventually stopped lol .
    This is a very good idea though, hope it works out.

    I dont think Robert Spencer is the problem to be honest, he’s a dime a dozen.
    Its the dumb down idiots who sit there infront of the tv with their coke and hot dogs buying into his crap.

    Spencer is clever, he knows ‘his people and audience’.
    Its the audience that people should be concerned with.

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  • Ahmed

    “HA HA HA! Robert Spencer gets about 100,000 hits per day. How many do you get – about 50?”

    HA HA HA! Argumentum ad populum.

    “Knock yourself out. I do hope you are sticking your asses in the air and praying to Allah. That way the Muslim sewage might not behead you liberals first.”

    Insulting Muslims for no good reason? My, your words are powerful indeed.


  • Ahmed

    “I watched muslims cut off American, Nick Berg’s head,while he was ALIVE. American Jack Hensly, beheaded while alive. American Paul Johnston, beheaded while alive.”

    Key word: Muslims. Islam is not responsible.

    “Muslim AMERICAN Musamill Hassan, beheaded his wife. This man founded Bridges TV, to help portray muslims in a positive and moderate light. Obviously, cutting off people heads is what your average “moderate” muslim believes in.”

    He beheaded his wife because he was insane. There is nothing in the Koran that supports abominable crimes like that.

    “I have read the quran. To try and pretend to the average American that it doesn’t encourage violence against non muslims, is a lie.”

    Violence is only to be used in self-defense. It looks like you haven’t read the Koran.

    “The 6 year old brides”

    Only uneducated people do that; that isn’t supported by Islam.

    “to the cutting off of little girls clitoris”

    An abominable crime. However, that also has nothing to do with Islam.

    “, to legalized rape,,,”

    A fabricated law in Afghanistan. Again that has nothing to do with Islam.

    I suggest you read more if you want to know the truth.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    Nice 🙂

  • Dizz


  • Thanks LoonWatchers, we need your support on the new site:

    – Follow the site
    – Pass it around (email, listservs, shareware, etc)
    – Comment on the new site!

  • Amy

    Chris, you have not read the Quran. It doesn’t count when you go to hate/evangelical sites. We clear?

  • Justin

    Keep up the good work! I will follow the new site!

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