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Jon Stewart on Islamophobiapalooza

Stewart takes on the inanity that is the media and the absurdity that is disinformation central, Fox News. Lately the Islamophobes have been in a tizzy over Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s interview on CNN, claiming that he made a threat against America, Stewart exposes their fallacy.

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  • Yaman

    It came on More4 yesterday for the UK (Try 4 on demand), I found it hilarious, the ”Up dog” thing is so true..

  • Lo


    I know that the show is blocked in the UK but it’s aired on channel4 and UK viewers can watch it on its website. Try and check some of you local channels 🙂

  • Jack Cope

    Mindy1, I think that’s his main selling point 😛 If I didn’t laugh I’d cry… *sigh*

    It should work fine outside the US Marco, I’m out of the US and using Firefox, see if that does it for you.

  • RDS

    If only we can play clips of squirrels to the protesters and make them forget whatever it is they’re protesting.

  • Cynic

    Inb4 JihadBob trying to refute Jon Stewart by singling out his most irrelevant and miniscule point.

  • mindy1

    Random hulk hands bwahahaha. Good lord, the difference between what he said and what the media said he said is vast. This whole clip is funny because it’s true.

  • Sulayman F

    We need to make some sort of “Friends of Muslims” award and give it to Jon Stewart

  • Mudasir

    it works fine outside USA… try another browser

  • Jd

    Proves the point i always make(way b4 this happened)…..
    They will never be happy
    what we say and do will never be good enough whats the point.. They want us to condemn (A)then they will say it was not ___________ or ____________. The condemn hamas thing was a excuse when they do its going to be something else. Lets see if Spam Geller says anything about Cnn interview on her site

    Smear of Imam Feisal Raul

    Praising France Bans Muslim Veils (If they are the only country with such a ban, the devout will go elsewhere.) also Praising ban of muslims from france …..

    Endorse Ilario Pantano for Congress guy that said
    “My family and I traveled from our home in North Carolina to stand shoulder to shoulder in objection to this thinly veiled effort at marking Muslim conquest,”
    (same guy who empty two clips into POW he captured in Iraq after forcing them into searching there own cars for bombs and then shooting then for speaking in Arabic After emptying his magazine, he continued to fire. He later stated: “I then changed magazines and continued to fire until the second magazine was empty…I had made a decision that when I was firing I was going to send a message to these Iraqis and others that when we say, ‘No better friend, No worse enemy,’ we mean it. I had fired both magazines into the men, hitting them with about 80 percent of my rounds.”)Great guy wonder what things be like when he gets into office

    speech by Geert Wilders Mike Gallagher nope i don’t see it surprise surprise

  • Is there any other way to view the video? I live outside the USA and can’t watch them 🙁

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