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The Muslim Hordes Have Reached the Gates of Tulsa

US judge bars Oklahoma measure that targets Sharia law (AFP)

WASHINGTON — A federal judge has granted a temporary block to a new law approved last week in Oklahoma that bars state courts from considering international or Islamic law, after opponents challenged it on constitutional grounds.

The amendment to the state’s constitution, approved by over 70 percent of voters in mid-term elections, was to be temporarily stayed after the judge ruled Monday in favor of challenger Muneer Awad, a Muslim resident of the state and local chapter head for the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

“The amendment it will make once certified is a gross transgression of the establishment clause,” Awad said in his lawsuit, asserting the measure violates the US Constitution’s First Amendment’s clause that bars the government from making laws “respecting the establishment of religion.”

His lawsuit stated the measure is aimed at ensuring “Oklahoma?s courts are not used to ‘undermine those founding (Judeo-Christian) principles,'” and goes even further to denigrate Awad’s standing in the community by transforming the state constitution “into an enduring condemnation of plaintiff?s faith.”

The amendment, the lawsuit added, “singles out plaintiff’s faith, but no other faith, for special restrictions.”

CAIR, which is gearing up for a full hearing into the law on November 22, said Oklahoma’s move would prevent courts in the state from “from implementing international agreements, honoring international arbitrations, honoring major international human rights treaties.”

The measure was one of hundreds of referendums held across the country in the November 2 including votes on cannabis legalization and puppy farms. It was specifically intended to harm “an unpopular minority,” Awad said in his lawsuit.

“The goal was to stigmatize Islam by establishing in the public?s mind that Islam is something foreign and to be feared,” he said.

YoungTurks Take:

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  • Old BlueBear

    The judge is wrong. Here we have a clear case of the followers of a voodoo religion that glorifies death and destruction and would exterminate us all in the name of some “stone age shee-devil”. Being permitted to use our legal system to undermine our freedoms, and the the very basis of our WASP civilization. I would round them all up every last vermin and deport them, then Nuke them in the mid-east now before they get the bomb. Then take over their oil and anything else that is useful. And it’s about time to kick the UN out of NY. It is proving it is what most folk know it to be a talking shop for fat cats and fast lawyers “frocks” and a big drain on our economy.
    They are all just vermin.

  • Khushboo

    Go judge! shows that there’s still some sanity left here in the good ole US of A. 😀

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  • Justin

    I hope CAIR wins the lawsuit.

  • Jack Cope

    My faith is still in Lady Justice to sort this one out.

  • Dawood


  • JD

    Publix grocery chain pulls calendar that listed Muslim new year on Dec. 7 but not Pearl Harbor
    By Meg Laughlin, St. Petersburg Times, 1/8/10

    Bowing to complaints from angry customers, the Publix grocery chain has agreed to remove a free 2010 calendar from its stores that mentions the beginning of the Islamic new year on Dec. 7 but not the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.

    The flap started when South Florida radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman complained on her WFTL program earlier in the week that the calendar identifies Dec. 7 as the start of the Islamic new year. She told her listeners in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami to let Publix know if they were offended.

    “Not Pearl Harbor Day. Instead, happy new year, Islam, or some such?” she said on air Thursday. …

    Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., said: “Getting the calendar pulled is more about a cottage industry of Muslim bashers who seek every opportunity to demonize Islam than it is about Pearl Harbor Day.”

    “Certainly, no one has an issue with including Pearl Harbor Day,” said Hooper. “But that’s not what this is about.”

    Kaufman said she objected because she didn’t want World War II veterans “to be disappointed” and because she views Muslims as “an enemy who declared war on us,” Kaufman told the St. Petersburg Times

  • JD

    Speaking of Discrimination


    A prominent national Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization today questioned the legality of recent incidents in which United Parcel Service (UPS) flagged packages containing passports of American Muslims traveling on pilgrimage to Mecca (hajj) and turned them over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

    The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said 17 Virginia pilgrims missed their flight to Saudi Arabia when UPS failed to deliver the package containing their passports that had been sent to a travel agent in California to receive visas. The package was instead turned over to CBP officials. Only after CBP released the passports and agreed to cover the additional travel costs incurred by the pilgrims were they able to leave for hajj.

    (Wonder how long untill we have to wear yellow crescents on our clothes)

  • mike

    I am Muslim and I am proud to be American. American courts working properly how beautiful. Thank you judge for being just! Do you guys remember those Acts 17 clowns who tried to prove shariah is being implemented indearborn/ America? Well I guess they were trying to smokescreen the christian shariah measures being taken against Muslims..

  • mindy1

    Finally a Judge with common sense 😀

  • David

    Why doesn’t someone simply sponsor a bill worded identically to this one — but substituting “battei din” for “sharia courts” and singling out Jews? Wouldn’t that drive home the point?

  • Watcher4

    This was originally on the voting ballot to entice Islamophobic neoclowns to come out and vote.

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