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Spencer Supports Old Persian Dictator: Reza Shah

From Spencerwatch

Robert Spencer who has been ceaselessly attacking Reza Aslan for calling him out for being a bigot and an Islamophobe, (a fact which is a consensus amongst sane people) wrote an article not too long ago in which he claimed that Reza Aslan was somehow an apologist for the Iranian regime because a “genuine pro-democracy movement of free Iranians is on to NIAC.”

NIAC is an organization in which Reza Aslan is a board member it supports the growth of a Democratic Iran and the Green Movement. It is an understatement that whenever Spencer claims something is “genuine” it turns out to be a lie.

The so called “genuine movement of free Iranians” that Spencer is referencing is something called PDMI, and as we reported then it is an anti-Islam site run by a single anonymous individual who admires Reza Shah, the dictator who was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution of 1979.

If you don’t remember who Reza Shah is then this interview might give you some sort of inkling:

I am guessing this won’t go over so nice with your patrons the Chernick’s Robert.

We can now add to the crack-pot dictators, fascists and neo-Nazis that Spencer supports: Geert Wilders (Right-wing Dutch neo-Fascist), EDL (English Defense League),SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe), BPE (Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa), Ewald Stadler (Far right Austrian politician), BZO, Sergei Trefkovic (Serbian Nationalist, genocide denier), and Reza Shah.

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  • Troodi, not every site gives equal time to ‘opposing voices.’ Would it make much sense for a legitimate news outlet BBC or al-Jazeera to give airtime to, say, neo-Nazis, UFO conspiracy theorists or gang apolgists? Of course not. Loonwatch is a private website, and it runs articles exposing Islamophobic bigots. Robbie spencer and pam geller aren’t going to get their own blogs here. They already have their own websites, and if you like them, feel free to go there.

    As far as I’ve seen, nobody’s comments have ever been deleted or banned from this site yet. People like jihadbob and halalporker troll pretty regularly. If you want to comment than feel free to. In fact, I’d actually ENCOURAGE you to read some of the articles here and make up your own mind for yourself. But just remember that this is a privately owned site. You shouldn’t have the expectation that everyone is going to cater to your every whim.

  • Mosizzle

    Troddi, there are numerous opposing voices on this site. Perhaps you should read some of the articles and you will see JihadBob, HalalPork, MissManners (who even gave a death threat on this site against another commenter), Cheryl and others. Many have left after being utterly exposed and have never returned. Others are more persistent that even after being given a slap of reason, they decide they run off and start spewing more crap on another article.

    Judging by your comment I see that you are also an “opposing voice”. Welcome.

  • Everybody’s Dad


    Voices opposing indiscriminate targetting of Islam and Muslims, in general or support for the Shah? Well, actually there are a few in the 1st category but they tend to find us very disappointing since we actually provide an articulate and balanced view of the subject, relatively devoid of hate-mongering and wild theories of the kind that you find on JW and other loon sites.

    Its a wonderful life!…:)

  • Troddi

    Are there no opposing voices on this site ?
    Only “YES” people ?

  • NassirH

    Dan: Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the Tudeh party, not the “Tudor”?

  • Dan

    Lilly, you’re thinking of the Tudor Party.

  • Lilly

    Weren’t Reza Shahs actions influenced by communism?

  • Justin

    What a jerk

  • LaRoja

    He was a brutal dictator

  • “!The so called “genuine movement of free Iranians” that Spencer is referencing is something called PDMI, and as we reported then it is an anti-Islam site run by a single anonymous individual who admires Reza Shah, the dictator who was overthrown by the Iranian Revolution of 1979.”

    That “anonymous individual” may be Ali Sina. Readers may recall that Spencer is pretty chummy with Ali Sina who claims to be an ex Muslim, but is an Iranian atheist who now lives outside Iran. Sina runs a website at, One of websites that specialises in rebutting Sina is, it’s the same web address with a .com instead of a .org, which can be confusing

    It may even be Spencer himself behind PDMI. Or someone supported by the Horowitiz Foundation that is behind Jihad Watch

    As for the Shah, one of his more ugly traits was that he he was intolerant of practicing religious people. He did such intolerant things like forcing women who didn’t want to show their arms and legs to do so, or appear in public without hijab if they didn’t want to. The Shah was certainly no example of a democratic leader, and he was propped up by the US, which is why people were suspicious of him.

    Robert Spencer yet again makes himself look like a duplicitous fool. The definition of a democratic leader is someone who speaks for his people, and has the majority vote, not someone who is propped up by a foreign power, against the will of the people.

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  • Crow

    Once someone tried to tell me that the US had no part in the over throw of Mossadegh. I was hoping he was joking but I think he was serious

  • Mosizzle

    Italian anarchists….

    No doubt Chilean people and Swiss people are going to blame all Italians for these bombings. No wait…that only happens when the bombers are Mooslim.

  • Strange how Spencer isn’t all over this story. Gee, I wonder why…

  • JD

    /\Operation Ajax read about it

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  • This doesn’t surprise me, often I have people telling me how ‘wonderful’ the Shah was. Of course, if he was so wonderful why did the people get rid of him? The selective history of such people is rather shocking. And of course, the Shah’s nuclear plan was supported by the very people who are against the current one.

  • Syed

    Spencer also supports Spamella (of Obama is the love-child of Malcolm X fame).

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