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Stephen Colbert: Radical Muslim Snacks

Stephen Colbert

Colbert does it again. Hilarious!

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  • Just_Stopping_By

    “What I don’t see is any encouragement to prevent hate of Christians and Jews.” Would you be happier if Loonwatch said that anti-Semitism is just as bad as Islamophobia? Well, guess what? They did:

    I could go on with more documentation about Loonwatch rather than hearsay evidence, but why don’t you actually check before making claims about this site?

  • CriticalDragon1177

    A lot of people unfortunately seem to think that if you defend Muslims against anti Muslim bigotry, you must somehow support Muslims who want to murder Christians and Jews. If anything, its just a sign of their own bigotry.

  • CriticalDragon1177

    Ilisha is correct, “The Religion Of Peace” and their statistics are not to be trusted. Beyond that no one is actually killed by “Islam.” People are killed by Muslim Extremists, Islamists, Islamofacists or whatever you want to call them. However there are also, Christian, Jewish, Hindu extremists, extremists belonging to just about every religion on the planet with more than a few hundred followers, and many of them commit acts of terrorism, and murder in the name of their religion. Beyond that, Most Muslims don’t support, or condone terrorism, and killing people who disagree with them, contrary to what TROP has to say.

    We are not, nor should we be at war with Islam, and Islam is not at war with us.

  • Ilisha

    @Wade Myer

    The numbers cited on TROP are bogus: Working to Streamline the American Empire’s “War on Terror”

    I’m not sure how you’ve concluded we hate Christians and Jews, but I’m sure that’s news to our many Christian and Jewish visitors.

    As for death tolls, please see the statistics for America’s “war on terror.” While you’re looking at the statistics for Iraq, please ask yourself a question: What did Iraq ever do to the US?

    The answer is nothing.

  • Wade Meyer

    I see you have a great deal of encouragement to fight what you call ‘hate’ and ‘phobia’. What I don’t see is any encouragement to prevent hate of Christians and Jews. We seem to be your prime enemy as well as truth the enemy. This makes your organization as close to being hypocritical as anything I’ve seen.

    Try to explain to us please the 20,042 terrorist deaths since 9/11 and why we shouldn’t defend ourselves against Islam? Where is the widget that tallies the number of deaths evangelical Christians have committed hmmmmm? Did you know that on 9/11 there were more people killed by Islam on a single day than the entire era of Crusades?

    I wouldn’t go to that website if I were you. It contains documentation about modern Islam not here-say evidence.

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  • nod

    It is right to resist Islamophobia in Britain

    Stuart Weir, 22 January 2011

  • Lo

    It’s dated 25th January 2011, the episode with Amy Chua.

    Nation, recently Oklahoma passed a ballot initiative forbidding the use of Islamic Sharia law. Thank God. It is the only thing keeping Oklahoma’s huge Muslim population from instituting Burkha Night at the Tulsa Hooters. Unfortunately in other states Sharia law is still coming at us in a very creepy way.

    (CNN) “We are seeing Sharia creep along in all kinds of Western countries”
    (Fox) “Fear that Sharia law is creeping into the United States”
    (Fox) “There is something called ‘creeping Sharia'”
    (Fox) “Are you familiar with the phrase ‘Sharia creep’?”
    (?) “Could Sharia law be creeping into every day American life? Hidden inside a sandwich?”

    That’s right. A sandwich of death. And for once, I’m not talking about Arby’s. And that’s why threat number 3 is Radical Muslim Snacks. As usual, Pat Robertson is all over this meat menace.

    Pat Robertson clip:
    “Halal food itself is innocent. I mean, hey. What’s wrong with kosher? It’s fine, I like kosher.”

    Oh. There is no greater friend of kosher than Pat Robertson. I’d go so far to call him a Hebrew Nationalist. But Pat knows the danger of halal.

    Pat Robertson clip:
    “Halal is prepared according to the rules of Sharia law.”

    An important distinction, folks. To slaughter an animal under kosher rules, you cut across the neck of a conscious animal with a non-serrated blade in one clean attempt avoiding the spinal cord. But under halal… you cut across the neck of a conscious animal with a non-serrated blade in one clean attempt avoiding the spinal cord while saying the name of Allah. That radicalises the brisket. No problem you say. I just, I just won’t eat it. Right? That’s what the people in Britain thought.

    “A London Daily Mail investigation found that Britain’s major supermarket chains, fast food restaurant, even some hospitals and schools were serving halal food without telling those who were eating it.”

    They’re eating secret Muslim food. And that’s even worse than whatever it is the British consider food now. And folks. Halal has got America in its creepsides.

    “In the United States, McDonald’s, Walmart and Whole Foods now offer halal choices.”

    Not choices! Folks, we’re dangerously close to being served Filet al Fish by Imam McCheese. Vigilance!

  • Farlowe

    Falafel is better.

  • Mandy

    Can you at least tell us Canadians what day this is from? Pretty please?

  • mindy1

    XD XD OMG too funny, although the robots scare me more :/

  • Syed

    A transcript for the Canucks please 😉

  • AJ

    A breath of fresh air after all the negatives. May Allah bless Colbert and may there be more of him. Amin!

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