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‘Ex-Terrorist’ Fraud: Walid Shoebat Exposed Part 2

The expose on the fraud known as Shoebat continues on CNN:

Robert Spencer, watch out you’re next.

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  • corey

    I almost forgot that jihad watch consists of murder happy morons I remember they jumped for joy during that disgusting display at orange county, you know when the one muslims where just minding there own business while a congresswoman was entertaining the thought of calling the military to “send them to paradise”.

  • NassirH

    “jihad watch isn’t happy about the segment on cnn”

    The loons on JihadWatch won’t be happy unless someone drops nukes on majority Muslim countries, especially Saudi Arabia and specifically Mecca (Medina is often added for increased effect). Speaking of which, here’s Walid Shoebat mulling over his genocidal fantasies:

  • corey
  • It’s reassuring to know that most Americans reject Islamophobia, and in fact the last election overwhelmingly rejected the hate coming from Islamophobes. Republicans lost….

    Tomgram: Stephan Salisbury, How Muslim-Bashing Loses Elections

    Islam-Baiting Doesn’t Work
    It Failed in Campaign 2010 and Will Do Worse in 2012
    By Stephan Salisbury

    But as the 2012 campaign ramps up along with the anti-Muslim rhetoric machine, a look back at 2010 turns out to offer quite an unexpected story about the American electorate. In fact, with rare exceptions, “Islam-bashing” proved a strikingly poor campaign tactic. In state after state, candidates who focused on illusory Muslim “threats,” tied ordinary American Muslims to terrorists and radicals, or characterized mosques as halls of triumph (and prayer in them as indoctrination) went down to defeat.

    Far from winning votes, it could be argued that “Muslim-bashing” alienated large swaths of the electorate — even as it hardened an already hard core on the right.

  • Sam Seed

    God works in mysterious ways…

  • Isa

    People like this have no conscience. They are willing to sell out innocent people to make money. Just like Wafa Sultan. They realized that they could play the, “I’m one of their people, I know who they are!” card and people who are afraid to admit that they are prejudiced will jump on it and say, “No! I heard this from a Muslim/Jew themself! I’m not a racist!”

  • General Major!? They have those in the air force now? Major General maybe… and that’s a 2 star rank my good man 😛

    My fave is:

    “And how do you do that (protect Christians in other countries)?”

    “None of your business!”

    He sums the whole lot up in one line…

  • Skhan

    “um…uh…off the top of my head…there’s…let’s see…General Major…uhh…four stars…air force…”

    I think enough has been said. 🙂

  • Michael Akkawi

    Helping persecuted Christians in the middle east?

    Where’s that? My neighborhood is 50% Christian and not only are we friends, caring neighbors, and coworkers, but also share aspects of religious celebration.

    But anyway, his story was useful in one way, it taught me there’s always a wicked and dishonest way when I have no real profession to make a huge sum of money.

  • marco

    Isn’t it pathetic how these loons always find a way to accuse everyone who exposes them as working for CAIR and the omnipresent Muslim brotherhood?
    it always comes back to them.

    This pathetic sorry excuse of a human being has been exposed. He is getting desperate, knowing if if everyone was to ditch him – and all that money he is making from preaching hatred against muslims, he’d have to go get a real job.

  • Sam Seed

    He looks like a phony, talks like a phony, makes money like a phony…..clearly there’s money to be made being an Islamophobe.

  • Crow

    Don’t make me laugg…walid shoebat helping Christians, shoebat is only interested in helping shoebat. It’s like gellers…uh human rights group, if by human rights you mean spreading nazi type propaganda and hate.

  • Perseveranze

    lolol. Geert Wilders next CNN.

  • sahra

    LOL he’s “helping” christians the of east, while he’s “teaching” ……. Well you know the rest.

  • KnowingTheTruth

    LOL Shoebat has just responded to CNN on his website claiming that they were smearing him in his silly article that me made. No matter how many times he has been exposed, that criminal keeps on lying. Hey keep on beating the dead horse Shoebat.

  • Palestinian

    I have an idea of how to speed this up: Tell him he is facing prosecution and trial for his “crimes”, and see how fast he outs himself.

  • corey

    and finally walid and others will finally be exposed as a

  • Love it! Don’t stop there CNN, let’s watch them all fall lime dominoes.

  • Omar328

    Any idea about part 1? Anyone??

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  • Boostava

    Salaam alaikum,

    At 2:30, Keith is lying. I mean, clearly lying. When I was younger (and non-Muslim), I would do the same thing if my parents asked a question I didn’t want to answer. At 4:34 is the only time he tells the truth, eh? 😛

    Hopefully, Mr. Shoebat will be ruined by this and people will realize that he’s nothing but a liar and a hate monger. May Allah guide him and show him what he’s doing is wrong. We as Muslims need to remember that our Lord is greater than all things, and put our trust in him above all others. Regardless of whether this works or doesn’t work to end Shoebat’s lies, it’s all according to Allah’s will.

    Jazekallah Khayr to Anderson Cooper for doing this piece, and Jazekallah Khayr to Loon Watch for keeping us up to speed.
    Salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah,

  • islamispeace


    Just replace Bart with Shoebat. Ha ha!

  • Ustadh

    Walid the dweeb. He and Keith look so funny, they are caught off guard by the easiest questions.

  • Al

    [In his best Nelson voice] Ha-ha!

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