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Walid Shoebat: “Ex-Terrorist” Fraud Stealing Taxpayer Money

Walid Shoebat is well known as a fraud. CNN recently exposed him in a two part series for masquerading as a “terror expert.” The truth is that Shoebat is just one of many so called “terror expert professionals” who are banking big time on your dime when in fact they are impostors, no better then two-bit snake-oil salesmen.

Now there is a website documenting the fraud Shoebat is perpetrating: tip: Rick) Please follow the site, favorite it and share with your networks.

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  • John Cawrey

    Good…They finally exposed Shoebat, now they should do the same for Spencer, Geller, and the rest of the gang…

    It is such a shame that people who actually preach hatred against Islam and Muslims are allowed on news networks and even into the government. It is almost unbelievable that people like this are allowed to operate.

  • NassirH

    Oh the irony of Hopper’s comments. Looks lie he will ahve to eat crow. There’s also the fact that he can’t delineate what the shootings of civilians by the Syrian government or Al-Shabab’s actions have to do with Islamic doctrine — which is absolutely nothing, incidentally. Racist, reactionary (not to mention, delusional) Islamophobe indeed. Wouldn’t expect anything better from a fan of bats*** Shoebat.

  • Snoman

    Hopper Says:
    July 22nd, 2011 at 3:23 pm
    It’s critical that sites like Loonwatch continue to denigrate “two-bit snake-oil salesmen” like Mr. Shoebat, lest people draw the wrong conclusions concerning events of, well, just today.

    I hope this doesn’t mean this guy will stop posting here

  • Crow

    Oh hoppy your stupidity is astounding (actually not). It was a fascist christian zionist that did Norway shortly after Norway declared support for Palestine. No doubt he’ll be a new hero to the jihadwatch crowd. Also ignoramous the war criminals bush and cheney caused the deaths of endless thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan, where’s the outrage of the sainted, moral christian right? No where, because you hypocrites think the christian whites and zionist Israelis are superior to them. Right-wingers are truly repulsive, repugnant people.

  • Crow

    Oh hoppy, you ignorant idiot. You do know it was a christian zionist with nazi connections that did Norway right? In other words a hero to the jihad watch crowd. Also ignoramous why are you not upset about the endless thousands the war crimanals bush and cheney killed in Afghanastan and Iraq? Is it because you think youre superior to them? It’s not that bad because theyre not white christians or Israelis. You right wingers are truly truly repugnant, repulsive people.

  • corey

    @modern world
    does hopper have a brain?

  • Hopper

    Use your little brain.

    If China or Russia or South America (not impossible in the near future judging how America is on the decline real fast) were to invade the USA and station their bases and use drones to kill American civilians, how many Americans would be comitting terrorist acts against China, Russia or South America, or whomever the invading power was.

    REgardless of religion, there would probably be more American terrorists than there were IRA, or Basque, or Al Qaeda, or Stern, or Irgun, or Tamil Tigers…do you want me to continue?

    Ignorance, thy name is Hopper.

  • MrIslamAnswersBack

    Hopper but it was the Mainstream Media outlet CNN that exposed Shoebat for the fraud he is. Linking Islam to isolated random bombings and shootings is just typical of silly Bigots. How many shootings have young white men in trench coats or without trench coats been committed yet no link to all white men? Syrian troops killing on behalf of their SECULAR oppressive Regime has nothing to do with Islam, but I guess as long as their Middle eastern then to you Islam must be blamed. Al Shabab refusing to Allow aide into Somalia again nothing to do with Islam. Oh no sir, we surely wont allow racist, ignorant, reactionary fraudulent islamophobes to fool us, oh no we wont!!!!

  • Hopper

    It’s critical that sites like Loonwatch continue to denigrate “two-bit snake-oil salesmen” like Mr. Shoebat, lest people draw the wrong conclusions concerning events of, well, just today. For instance, some delusional folks may erroneously link Islam, violence, and the bombing and shooting in Norway, the slaughter of civilians by Syrian troops, and the refusal of Al-Shabab to allow aid into Somalia as millions starve. Well, racist, reactionary Islamophobes like Mr. Shoebat won’t fool us, no sir.

  • al

    I think the KFC and the clown face make him look a bit like John Wayne Gacy!

  • corey

    even though there are kosher foods on sale at stores and and applied to restaurants halal popcorn chicken recieved uproar, good god jw is full of idiots.

  • Isa

    Corey, the KFC bucket may have been there because there was a huge uproar by the Jihad Watch people when KFC decided to have “Halal” chicken in certain areas. This was “proof” that Muslims were “taking over” America.

  • The Military Religious Freedom Foundation has also been monitoring Walid Shobat, who was preaching his brand of Christianity to the military FEATURED BY
    CNN to Air Report on Taxpayer Funded Fake Former Terrorist
    Wednesday, July 13, 2011
    By Chris Rodda
    Selected Article Excerpts:
    • Tonight on CNN, Anderson Cooper will be doing “a special investigative report about a self-proclaimed former Islamic terrorist who is making good money from American taxpayers with a story that just doesn’t add up.” This self-proclaimed terrorist, Walid Shoebat, was one third of a traveling anti-Muslim sideshow called the “3 ex-Terrorists,” and is now a very popular solo-act on the Islamophobic fear-mongering speaking circuit. The other two members of Shoebat’s trio were Zachariah Anani, and Kamal Saleem.
    • As the research director for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), I first became aware of Shoebat, Anani, and Saleem back in early 2008, when they were invited to speak at the U.S. Air Force Academy’s 50th Annual Academy Assembly (scroll down for media coverage), on the topic “Dismantling Terrorism: Developing Actionable Solutions for Today’s Plague of Violence,” for a fee of $13,000.
    • After demands by the MRFF for equal time to counter the anti-Muslim screed of the Shoebat and his fellow self-proclaimed ex-terrorists turned evangelical Christians, the Air Force Academy eventually allowed MRFF founder and president, and Academy graduate, Mikey Weinstein, MRFF Advisory Board member and Islam expert Reza Aslan, and MRFF Board member and former Ambassador Joe Wilson to speak to (deprogram) the cadets.
    • While the Military Religious Freedom Foundation has made much progress with the military, including getting Brigitte Gabriel disinvited from speaking at the Air Force Academy, Islamophobes and frauds like Walid Shoebat continue to regularly speak to other government agencies, as will apparently be exposed on CNN tonight.

    Selected past MRFF-related media coverage of
    Walid Shoebat and his “Ex-Terrorist” colleagues:

    2/7/08 – NY Times – Speakers at Academy Said to Make False Claims

    2/13/08 – OpEdNews – US Air Force Academy Used “Former Terrorists”
    to Proselytize Fundamentalist Christianity to Cadets

    2/19/08 – Village Voice – ‘Reformed Muslim Terrorists’
    Preach Christ to College Kids

    2/27/08 – Anderson Cooper 360 Blog –
    Apparently, terrorism pays. It pays very well.

  • Thats’s a great site.

    I’m pleased to see so many professional websites like Loon Watch, Spencer Watch, and Walid Shoebat Watch, exposing these frauds and liars.

    Bloggers, please link and promote them all.

  • Can’t anyone sue him for this? how does it stand with the law?

  • Ustadh

    I think the Chicken bucket is perfect. Fat Shoebat.

  • corey

    why the kfc chicken bucket unless shoebat thinks they are a secret evil bad muslim terrorist organization that puts “accept sharia” spice in there popcorn chicken.

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